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I love to travel. The excitement of planning and visiting different places brings me such joy. All three of my daughters seem to have inherited this “Wanderlust gene” from their father and I as well. Throughout these last twenty years, I have often thought about writing a book about traveling with young children and then traveling with teens, but I missed that opportunity since they are grown. Maybe I will still write that book about traveling someday, but for now I decided to interview a few people on their favorite place to travel and why. Please add your favorites in the comments so I can add them to my list of places that I want to see.I hope you enjoy reading everyone’s favorite place to travel as much as I did!

Some favorite travel locations:

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“The favorite place I’ve visited is Singapore. Why? It’s warm, clean, extremely safe, and very beautiful.” -Joe

“My favorite place I’ve traveled would have to be Mexico because the wildlife and the scenery is breath taking. There is so much culture and tradition that is intertwined in every aspect of daily Mexican life that can be felt at the core of their being.” -Chris

“My favorite place to visit is London. After living there for a few months, it feels like a second home where I can enjoy authentic and non-touristy experiences; there’s always something exciting and new to do in a city with so much history.” -Marc

“My favorite place was Budapest because I got to fully immerse myself in the culture.” -Taylor

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“Dubrovnik, Croatia (Old Town) because it was straight out of a fairytale and unlike any other place I have ever been! Positano (Amalfi Coast), Italy because it was the most beautiful beach I have ever been to and such clear water. It was also full of little shops and restaurant. And lastly, Iceland because there are many amazing beautiful spots to discover all of across the country and so much is still untouched by man. Reykjavik, Iceland is a very cute city as well.” -Sydney

“One of my favorite places I have traveled to is Santorini, Greece. I love traveling to cultural cities rich in history, but I’m also drawn to warmer vacation spots with sandy beaches. Santorini was a great combination of the two. I loved experiencing such a picturesque landscape with beautiful weather pieced together by ancient history and a great cuisine.” -Morgan

“I have to say Brazil, because every time I go there, it feels like going back to my roots.” -Joao

“After reviewing numerous locations that I have traveled to the best one and most visited is my hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania. We moved away from Erie in 1978 due to a promotion for my husband leaving behind both families and all of our longtime friends. If any of us two parents and three kids got homesick, we would go home for the weekend. It was an eight-hour drive but as Dorothy from the wizard of Oz said, ‘There’s no place like home.’ ” -Barbara

img_8600“I have been lucky to have traveled to many places in my life, but my favorite trip was to the Grand Canyon with my three daughters for my 50th birthday. I had always wanted to go there to see it’s beauty, but sharing it with them for such a special celebration made it even better.” -Susan

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