Your best teacher is your last mistake


Learning is after all trial and error. Making mistakes doesn’t make us less capable, because making an effort in life also brings failures. On the mat, yoga is a learning laboratory where the goal is the process of trying the pose. Say you fall: The growth happens when we learn from the falling and apply it to our next attempt. Hence you learnt from the mistake you did, and then you will apply that learning the next time. You won’t do repeat the same mistake again. It taught you, the mistake taught you to not do something you did wrong earlier. That exactly what a teacher does right?

A real winner is not the one who succeed but the one who never quits. It is very well said that “Galti karo, galtiyaan karo par ek galti ko baar baar matt karo” Your best teacher is your last mistake, simply means that try to learn from your last mistake and try not to repeat it again. To err is human but one can avoid to repeat the same by learning from their past experience as self experience is the best one. Generally, you think about what you did wrong last time, and you know not to do it next time. so you learn with experience what works and what doesn’t. If you stand on the spiny chair and then you fall, Next time you know to stand on a still chair. You learned a lesson. That mistake was your teacher. If you buy orange gum and its gross, next time you will buy mint gum. You learned not to buy gross orange gum.

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Mistakes are simply undesired outcomes to a choice made. So next time make a different choice and remember what was desired and undesired. So,we all can learn a lot from our deeds and it can serve as our best teacher. We are human and no human are cent-percent perfect. One can’t go through life without making mistake. It should be common for common people. You shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes in life but main thing to keep in mind is, whether or not you learn from your past mistakes? If you keep making the same mistake again and again, you’re not learning life lesson well.

Imagine that you’ve forgotten umbrella despite of seeing cloudy weather outside, reached office late and then faced pressure all day long. Would you repeat that mistake again tomorrow for the similar weather condition? Nah ! Similar phenomenon follow in every decision(either it be minor or major) that we take in life. No one will be there to teach you such lessons. You need to learn from past experiences and improve yourself everyday. Machines now a days are learning from their mistakes.

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You can learn a thing by 1. listening to a lecture/speech, 2. Reading a book / Article 3. Watching a video of description 4. Open Discussion on the thing 5. Doing it yourself But, it’s the mistake you did, makes you learn thoroughly while trying to do the thing by yourself. And you need not to worry about remembering the thing, because you do not forget the learned things by doing mistakes easily. The teachers form a blockade around your ill future that it cannot cross paths with your potential and capabilities and that is why choosing your teacher is like looking for a needle in a haystack .

But every time its not as easy as it seems . sometimes we stumble upon a person who claims to be a teacher but isn’t. And sometimes its destiny which makes you meet your true best teacher.. one person or personality whom we would like to imitate for our entire life. Therefore, its aptly said that “A good teacher may teach you well to be successful, but A Great teacher will inspire you to be significant in life.” Cheers1

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