You are part for a travel group. The group has 5 boys and 3 girls apart from you. It is your turn to plan a vacation during the Christmas holidays


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You are part for a travel group. The group has 5 boys and 3 girls apart from you. It is your turn to plan a vacation during the Christmas holidays.

Sample 1:

This essay is about the strategic planning I would do for planning a perfect holiday. Planning a perfect holiday is all about choosing a destination for a vacation of nine people. I would make sure that all the members of the group enjoy and agree with that destination. I would make sure that all members of the group have full agreement on the location and the way a vacation is organized. Manali would be a great location as it has a lot more to offer. Accordingly, I would book the train/Plane tickets for nine people.

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Christmas is cold time and having proper accommodation during winter is the most important aspect. I would make proper bookings for a stay in a hotel for nine separate rooms and I would choose the hotel on basis of our budget and feedback and starring. The proper outline of a budget is really important to avoid misunderstandings and complications during the holidays. I would book a hotel and proper food organization. I would also ask my companions to have proper packing so that they can pack some climate-friendly clothes and avoid the hassle and bustle at the eleventh hour. I would also take care of proper discounts so that we could spend more on enjoying than other expenses. I would take care that the menus I have selected are healthy and no member is allergic to any food.

I would make a proper schedule after I decided the locations that we would see and activities that the whole group would love to do. I would make a proper schedule which would include the time and place. For the sightseeing and adventurous activities, I would schedule them in the day and during the night I would go for bonfires and some other aesthetic and relaxing activities. I would take care of the proper booking of the transportation system for nine people to travel from one site to another. Bookings might get tough although several online sites and applications are available that provide a lot of information but finding the affordable and nice place and ways are going to take research and it would be time-consuming. I would also include some entertaining performances like dance or opera shows that might add to the value of holidays. I would also book the tickets in advance for the sights we would see so that it can save time and we could enjoy more. During holidays I would ask the members to follow the safety measures during the adventurous activities. I would take care of food arrangements for the whole group and other accommodation-related problems at the time so that my companions can enjoy the holiday without any obligation.

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Holidays if planned become easy. I would take care that my companions feel like enjoying Christmas so I would arrange things in such a way that they do not miss the Christmas vibe during the holidays like arranging a Christmas tree some baked traditional cookies and food items. I would arrange for a Christmas eve party to make them feel more joyful. Christmas Holidays are really important for everyone so I would give my best to make the trip successful. The whole trip made me learn the importance of planning and handling the responsibility of a group. It was a new experience and was overall it made me learn the prevention that should take to avoid the problematic situations.

Sample 2:

January 12, 2021 by Isha Deep

Christmas Holidays are that one thing everyone looks forward to every year. This is the time of the year when everyone makes plans with their families, friends, or acquaintances for fun getaways and vacations.

For me, it is a vacation with my travel group. It is a small group of nine people, five boys, and three girls apart from me. For the past three years every year, we plan a Christmas trip where one person is responsible for planning the whole trip so that there is less chaos. This year it was my turn to plan the trip, I was really excited and nervous at the same time because it was my responsibility this year that everyone has a great time and there are no mishaps but on the other hand, I was excited too because I got to choose the locations, activities, and everything. For this year I chose a trip to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer because winters are the ideal months to visit these beautiful cities in Rajasthan.

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I informed everyone about my plan they were all on board with this plan, so I made a rough travel itinerary including the places to visit so that they can have a look at the plan and I could book the tickets and get reservations. When all of them approved, it was time for the real task “Bookings” because the year before there were some issues with the hotel reservations which lead to last minute hotel search, and a day was wasted. So this time I decided to book an Air BnB which was rated four stars and had hundreds of reviews so it was secure for all the nine of us, it had 5 bedrooms,4 washrooms, and a kitchen. As there are four girls and five boys, five rooms were perfect as there were two rooms for girls and three for boys with attached bathrooms. I booked our tickets from Delhi to jodhpur a month prior so that we could get tickets at a cheaper price.

Our four-day trip started at the Jodhpur airport. For the first day, we first checked in our beautiful Air BnB and freshened up to left for Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan. Mehrangarh Fort is an architecture miracle located a hundred and ten feet above the ground overlooking the beautiful Blue City. All of us were speechless. All the members got busy capturing the beauty of the place and traditional Rajasthan that surrounded the fort. After that, we left for a traditional Rajasthani Lunch which we thoroughly enjoyed with Rajasthani folk music. Then we visited Umaid Bhawan and called it a day by visiting the local markets near the Air Bnb. Later in our jodhpur trip we visited the war museums and saw a beautiful sunset at the Gadisar Lake .Did a lot of shopping at the local markets.

On the third day we left for the Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer which took approx five and half hours. The route we took was really beautiful , on the way we saw migratory birds in Khichan Village and several ancient temples. We reached to the Sand Dunes by the evening. There we had beautiful evening of bonfire and rajasthani cultural folk dance and music. Had a alot of fun while dancing with the amazing traditional fork performers in the sand dunes around the bonfire. Next morning we did camel rides and Jeep Safari in the Sand Dunes of the Thar Desert. We ended this trip with an wholesome Rajasthani lunch.

This was an amazing trip with lot of beautiful memories .I loved the people there have preserved their traditions soo beautifully and our passing it on to their next generations through music, recipes and art. Planning this trip gave me a lot of confidence in taking up responsibilities. Something i want to keep in mind for next trips is to visit more local places and to have more authentic travel experiences.

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