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DMV CA Permit Practice Test

One of the best ways to make sure you’re ready for your California written permit test is by taking a California DMV practice test. If you’re looking to pass the California permit test, DMV test practice is vital. Taking some time to run yourself through practice questions can really help when it comes to passing the exam. With a permit practice test, you’ll get a feel for questions you will face in person at any DMV California location you test in.

A DMV CA permit practice test utilizes questions from the actual CA permit test. All of the questions and driver’s license test answers that appear on the site are crowdsourced and submitted by your peers. We check them for accuracy, but these are essentially the exact questions you will see on the DMV permit test.

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Need a faster alternative to a practice test? Our premium DMV CA cheat sheet is built for those looking to pass the test easily and quickly without drilling on practice tests.

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California Learners Permit Requirements

With an alarming number of accidents involving teenage drivers, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has put into place a Graduated Driver License (GDL) program. There are several things that will be required of you in order to get your California provisional permit (also referred to as a learner’s permit). Here are the things you need to make sure you have in order before heading to the DMV for your written permit exam.

How Many Questions are on the CA Permit Test?

The permit test at the CA DMV consists of 46 multiple choice and true or false questions. These questions cover topics such as rules of the road, alcohol awareness, traffic safety, traffic violations and fines, car preparedness, road signs, and distracted driving awareness. Nearly 25% of the questions you encounter will cover traffic signs as the exam is known to be highly visual in that area. To pass the exam, you must answer 39 of your 46 questions correctly. That means you need to answer 85% of your questions correctly to pass and receive your permit in the state of California.

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One of the valuable things about finding our site here at is that we crowdsource the questions from the CA permit test. All of the questions you see on our site have been part of the 46 questions administered at the California DMV during a real permit test. These questions aren’t subjective and they certainly aren’t made up by us. These are real questions that you can find at your California DMV at this very moment. Don’t forget, you can also get a CA DMV written test cheat sheet for a minimal cost.

How Much Does the Permit Test Cost in CA?

The permit test at the California DMV costs $38. You will have three attempts to pass your test. If you fail your initial exam, the California DMV requires you to wait 7 days prior to taking your examination again. Once your exam is passed and your $38 is paid, you will be issued your provisional permit. The $38 paid covers your provisional learner’s permit and driver’s license. If all of the requirements for your license are not met within a calendar year, your application will be considered void. Once voided, you must repeat all of the steps mentioned below. Don’t let that happen. Trust us, it’s not fun.

How Old Must Someone Be to get a CA Driver’s Permit?

For new drivers looking to get their California provisional permit, an age of at least 15 ½ is required by state law. If you are younger than 17 ½ years old you will be required to take a drivers education course either in person or online with an approved provider. Here are the steps needed to accomplish this.

Take a California Driver’s Ed Course

To sign up for a California approved driver education class make sure that it consists of the following:

  • 25 hours of classroom instruction. This classroom instruction may be completed through:
    • Classes at a California Secondary School
    • A state-licensed and approved professional driving school and associated coursework.
    • An online drivers education program like Aceable or cinemaboxhd.orgh, as long as it meets the requirement of 25 hours.
  • You must complete 6 hours of hands-on driver training. This training is restricted to 2 hours per day behind the wheel. (If you’re observing another driver in the car, that time does not count toward your requirement of 6 hours.)

*If you’re at least 14 years old but less than 18 years old AND can prove a hardship of some sort, you can apply for a Junior Permit. For steps and restrictions, review the Application for Junior Permit (Form DL 120).

Take Your CA Permit Exam

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If you have completed a Drivers Education program in the state of California, it is now time for you to head to the local DMV to take your permit exam. Make sure to take some of our practice tests before you go. As noted above, an 85% pass rate is required to get your learner’s permit so practicing beforehand makes a lot of sense.

Before you head to the DMV, make an appointment to ease your waiting experience.

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You have the choice of whether to apply for a REAL ID-compliant permit or a standard permit. A standard permit will only upgrade to a standard license. A standard license will NOT be valid as federal identification after May 3, 2023.

Here’s what to bring to your appointment:

Learn More: ISBN 13: 9781438007656

  • Your completed Driver License or Identification Card Application.
    • Double check that your parents or legal guardian have signed the application!
  • Proof of Social Security number. It will be verified with the Social Security Administration while you are at the DMV.
  • Your birth certificate, or a certified copy of your original birth certificate.
  • Proof of identity and lawful U.S. presence (e.g. unexpired U.S. passport, Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization, original or certified birth certificate).
  • Proof of your California residency with:
    • 2 documents for a REAL ID-compliant permit.
    • 2 documents for a non-compliant permit.
  • Certificates stating that you either have:
    • Completed Driver’s Ed.
    • Completed driver education and driver training.
    • Are enrolled and participating in an approved driver training program.

If you’re over 17 1/2 years old, but not yet 18 years old, you do not have to provide certificates of completion for driver’s education and driver training. However, you must wait until you’re 18 years old to take the driving test. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Pass a vision exam.
  2. Pass the written permit test.
  3. Have your picture taken.
  4. Provide a thumbprint.
  5. Pay the application fee.

Get it all done? Congratulations! It’s time to get behind the wheel for more experience.

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