When will the Russia-Ukraine war end? How the conflict could finish and latest news on peace talks


Efforts to end the Ukraine war have intensified in recent days, as the human and economic toll increase from Russia’s invasion.

Ukrainian and Russian negotiators will begin peace talks in Istanbul later on Monday, a senior Turkish official said, bringing fresh hope of a resolution to the conflict.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin agreed in a telephone call on Sunday for Istanbul to host the talks, which Ankara hopes will lead to a ceasefire.

The war so far has killed thousands and driven more than 10 million Ukrainians from their homes – including almost four million from their country.

In addition, the World Food Programme has warned that the war could cause a a hunger and malnutrition crisis across the world, as Russia and Ukraine produce about 30 per cent of the global wheat yield and more than half of the global supply of sunflower oil.

Could war end soon?

Mr Putin’s invasion has not gone to plan, with the Ukrainian army and government not collapsing in the immediate aftermath of Russian troops entering the country.

In addition, Russia’s offensive has stalled in many areas.

Nato has made clear it will not get involved in the war directly by enforcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine or by deploying troops, meaning it is extremely unlikely Russia will suffer an outright military defeat.

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That means the conflict is likely to end either through a peaceful resolution or through prolonged conflict.

What is latest with peace talks?

President Erdogan’s office said the Turkish leader spoke to Mr Putin on Sunday and that the two agreed the next meeting between Russian and Ukrainian officials should be held in Istanbul.

Turkish media reported that the two teams are expected to arrive on Monday afternoon, with talks likely to start in full on Tuesday.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said his country could declare neutrality and offer security guarantees to Russia to secure peace “without delay” in the new talks in Turkey.

Mr Zelensky added that only a face-to-face meeting with Mr Putin could end the war, which is in its second month.

He has suggested as much before, but rarely so forcefully.

What could it take to end it?

There are several issues that need to be resolved before any hope of a ceasefire.

Russia has long demanded that Ukraine drop any hope of joining the western Nato alliance, which Moscow sees as a threat.

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Mr Zelensky previously said that the question of neutrality, which would keep Ukraine out of Nato or other military alliances, should be put to Ukrainian voters in a referendum after Russian troops withdraw.

“We must come to an agreement with the president of the Russian Federation, and in order to reach an agreement, he needs to get out of there on his own feet … and come to meet me,” he said in an interview that Russia barred its media from publishing.

Earlier negotiations, both by video and in person, have failed to make progress on ending the war.

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How is the war going?

While the war continues to take an enormous toll, Russia’s offensive has stalled in many areas.

Its aim to quickly encircle the capital, Kyiv, and force its surrender has faltered against staunch Ukrainian resistance – bolstered by weapons from the US and other Western allies.

But Mr Zelensky has made increasingly exasperated pleas for Western countries to do more, including sending fighter jets, accusing political leaders on Sunday of lacking courage.

Countries from the Nato alliance have been hesitant to give Mr Zelensky some of the more powerful equipment he’s begged for, for fear of triggering a much wider war.

Moscow now says its focus is on securing the entire eastern Donbas region which has been partially controlled by Russia-backed separatists since 2014.

A high-ranking Russian military official on Friday said that troops were being redirected to the east from other parts of the country.

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