3 Reasons why the examiner records IELTS speaking test

3 Reasons why the examiner records IELTS speaking test
3 Reasons why the examiner records IELTS speaking test

3 Reasons why the examiner records IELTS speaking test

It is commonly seen that IELTS aspirants get scared when they see a recorder in the IELTS speaking room. Most of them get nervous, confused and even forget the answer to be delivered. You should not worry as we will discuss 3 Reasons why the examiner records IELTS speaking test.

The primary reason for recording is to assess the examiner on whether he/she graded the test correctly. Second, it is used when you apply for revaluation. Thirdly, it is for quality improvement.

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Now let’s discuss it in detail

Assess the examiner – Recording in IELTS speaking is done to keep an eye on the performance of the examiners. Through this checking authorities of the test conducting organizations check the performance of the examiners and see either they follow the proper pattern and give scores to the students accordingly. If in case they are found violating any exam pattern then their license can be canceled and they have to go through training again. In this way the recording helps to assess the examiners.

Revaluation – These recordings are used for revaluation of the test. If you are not satisfied with the scores given to you and you go for EOR or revaluation to remark your test. Than your recorded test will be sent to senior examiner for evaluation and he will hear your performance and grade your test. So this is the other reason for recording the test. By this mean the organizations also successfully keep the backup of your test for future references.

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Quality improvement Third reason is the improvement in quality of test. The test conducting organizations always try to improve their system of testing and these recordings act as data for them. By hearing these recordings they try to identify the loops in the system so that they can work on them and make their testing system sound.

So, you should not be afraid when examiner starts recording your test. As it is your ‘extra weapon’ should you need revaluation and be used for improving quality of the test.

There is another frequently asked question about IELTS speaking test, which is about the given 60 seconds before cue card. Let us discuss it now-

IELTS Speaking: the most important 60 seconds in IELTS

In speaking test the part 2 is a cue card and it is considered as the most valuable part of the test. In this part 2 a card with a topic is given to the test taker, and 60 seconds are allowed to prepare it these 60 seconds are most important in the speaking test. In this one minute you have to prepare the topic and speak for next 2 minutes.

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The IELTS Speaking Part 2 question asked are general like it can tell to talk about a friend, a possession, a place, an advertisement or an invention. These topics can be answered easily and don’t need any specific knowledge to answer them.

How to get ready in 60 seconds?

Now the question here arises is how a person can get ready to speak for 2 minutes in just 1 minute. First of all read the topic carefully and understand it, the card have three or four bullet points which will help you to answer the topic accurately. Don’t think to say the truth you can justify the question by generating any story or by sharing any experience of your friend or anyone in your circle. To know how to utilize these 60 seconds in detail click here.

Hope this content will help you in scoring good scores in IELTS speaking.

Thank You 🙂


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