What To Say To Someone Who Has Betrayed You?


“It’s hard to tell who has your back from who has it long enough just to stab you in it” – Nicole RichieIn the realm of relationships, there can be no greater pain than betrayal. It is hard to forgive someone who betrayed you, be they your spouse, long-term boyfriend, best friend, sibling or parents. Harder still is being able to figure out what to say to someone who betrayed you.

Being let down by a person you have placed your trust in, can be heartbreaking. It can really leave you at a loss for what to say to someone who has taken advantage of the trust you put in them. After all, what can you possibly say to them that could undo the damage? Or them to you for that matter?

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The saddest thing about betrayal is that it shakes your core and it takes away your ability to believe. It leaves you feeling cheated and inadequate. This mistrust then seeps into other aspects of life as you are unable to form healthy relationships. There will always be a niggling doubt or suspicion even when you meet someone new as these negative emotions are deeply embedded into your being. And these are just some of the psychological effects of betrayal.

Being Betrayed By Someone You Love

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There are various forms of betrayal in relationships. Constant lying, keeping secrets, revealing your secrets to others, disrespecting your values, backstabbing you when you need them the most, playing dirty politics at work to get ahead…these are all different shades of betrayal. The result is the same: a deep pain in your heart and difficulty in regaining trust in relationships.

The betrayed definition is underlined by a sense of loss and hurt, however, not every betrayal has the same impact on your psyche. Being betrayed by someone you love, for instance, is far more difficult than being cheated upon by a business partner or colleague at work. The latter makes you angry but the former hurts your sense of self. In both cases though, the reaction of the person at the receiving end is similar.

As new-age guru Deepak Chopra says, you’d either want revenge on someone who betrayed you, wanting them to suffer as excruciatingly as you did or you would want to be the better person, rise above the pain and forgive them.

But here’s the catch. According to Chopra, neither of the responses are solutions. The desire for revenge makes you feel as terrible as someone who betrayed you, while forgiveness, if not done with closure, amounts to being condescending toward them.

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How To Get Over The Hurt When Someone Betrays You

So what should you do to heal a betrayed heart then? When you feel terribly let down by a person you held in high regard, your aim should be to recognize what you feel and deal with it. Do not deny your hurt. The best way to heal a betrayed heart is to learn to rebuild trust, albeit with caution.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Just as your hurt is personal, so is your healing. But there are some steps you can take to get over all those terribly negative feelings and find some peace again. Here’s what to say to someone who betrayed you to be able to heal and recover from the setback:

1. ‘I am angry with you and I won’t deny it’

The worst thing you can do at this time is to pretend ‘all is well’. Sasha found that her partner had been lying to her about finances, spending more than they could afford and then concealing his extravagant ways with one life after the other. Naturally, the financial infidelity in the relationship felt like a crushing breach of trust but she went about like it was business as usual waiting for him to come clean.

All because she didn’t fully grasp what does betrayal do to a person and how bottling it all up can make a bad situation worse. His constant lying caused her to resent him more and more, and this eventually drove them apart.

Remember that all cannot be well when you cannot trust someone again and the very foundation of your relationship is shattered. Let your anger and frustration out. Dig deep into the recesses of your mind through meditation or by talking to someone empathetic.

Write out what you are feeling, it can be a cathartic process. Once you know exactly what is hurting you and you list out your feelings towards someone who betrayed you (is it disappointment, shock, anger, hurt?), you can work towards resolving them.

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2. ‘I do not want you back’

One knee-jerk reaction that people often indulge in is to go to any lengths to please their betrayer. It is probably because they don’t want to accept what happened or they may be partly feeling guilty for the betrayal. At other times, they may have a misguided fear of losing the person altogether if they dare to voice their disappointment.

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Evaluate the future of the relationship

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Now, someone who betrayed you has indirectly told you that your feelings and concerns don’t matter to him or her too much. If it did, he or she would not have stabbed you in the back. So just go ahead and tell them what you feel. There isn’t much sense in being with someone who betrayed you and can’t be trusted. This is especially important if they’ve betrayed your trust in the past or show no remorse for it.

3. ‘It is your loss entirely’

When you get cheated upon, it is natural to want to have nothing to do with the betrayer. You may want to just cut your losses and move on, however, difficult it seems. While the decision of whether you want that person in your life or not is yours to take, do not end it without having a conversation.

Let your partner or friend know how shocked and hurt you are. So, what to say to someone who betrayed you to convey how they’ve made you feel? Tell them that what they did has left a deep scar on you. Reiterate your own sincerity and if need be, remind them of the things you have done for them. Most importantly, let them know that you walking away from their lives is their loss.

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4. ‘Thank you for teaching me what not to accept’

What to do if someone betrays your trust? Remember that every negative incident occurs to teach us a lesson, so treat it as one. When you are dealing with someone who betrayed you, treat it as a chance to learn some important lessons from the failed relationship. Perhaps your cheating partner or friend taught you not to be so wide-eyed about your trust.

Maybe it all happened to teach you the importance of boundaries. This experience may wisen you up when you enter your next relationship, ensuring you won’t make the same relationship mistakes again. The lessons may even benefit you in other aspects – like your career and family relationships. You will learn to value yourself more.

5. ‘I will try to move on gracefully’

While you need to acknowledge your anger and learn your lessons, you should also learn to let go. It doesn’t mean you forget the incident; just focus on the positives from it. Karl found out that the woman he was engaged to had a whole other life he knew nothing about. She had been through a messy divorce, and had just erased her past, down to her identity, and moved across the country to start afresh.

When her ex reached out and told him everything about her past, Karl was shattered. “On some level, I understood her need to protect herself. But that didn’t change the fact that my entire relationship with the woman I wanted to marry was based on a lie. So, I told her I couldn’t continue this sham and wanted to move on without making things messy. It was what I needed to heal a betrayed heart, and she understood,” he says.

On the other hand, if someone who betrayed you is sorry for what he or she has done and you both are ready to reconcile, do so with full awareness. Things may not go back to how it was before but don’t carry it in your heart for too long. Never rehash the incident in the future. If you have an argument later, try not to throw it in your partner’s face. Be graceful; truly move on from the episode.

6. ‘You are not important, my recovery is’

What does betrayal do to a person? It can hinder your ability to trust others and may even impact the way you form relationships in the future. This is why it’s vital to focus on your own healing in the aftermath of a breach of trust.

Do not linger too long on the pain caused by someone who betrayed you. Try and make a concrete plan to recover and be healthy again. The best way to get over a betrayal is to be happy and successful so focus on things that would make you come alive again and resurrect the neglected parts of your life thus far.

Your life is much more than your relationship (though it may have seemed otherwise when you were cheated upon). You have your friends, career, family and a whole future to look forward to.

Enroll in some class that you wanted to do, learn something new, take that solo trip, and most importantly, try and meet new people.

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7. ‘I will seek a true friend who is unlike you’

These are times when you need a true confidant. While life may or may not present you with an opportunity to set things right with someone who betrayed you, you can certainly seek a friend who has perhaps gone through the same pain and has come out of it successfully.

It will help to realize that you are not the only one who has suffered a betrayal. If your hurt is too extreme, do not suffer in silence and hesitate to seek professional help. A counselor will help you process the pain and look at the situation objectively. It aids healing.

8. ‘I will not obsess over your betrayal’

This is something you need to say to yourself more than someone who betrayed you and can’t be trusted. Reiterate this over and over until you learn to put a full stop after the period of mourning over the relationship is over. It is very difficult to get over a betrayal but obsessing over the past is not going to help the healing process. Meditate and attain mastery over your thoughts and make peace with your past.

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Acknowledge the after-effects of betrayal

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Observe and acknowledge the after-effects of a betrayal but do not hold on to them for too long. The pain then seems like a drama that will irritate even your well-wishers as you come across as self-righteous and aggrieved all the time. Every step you take should be toward healing and not getting stuck in the same place.

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9. ‘I will love me more than I loved you’

The road to faith will be slow since your trust would have been destroyed by someone who betrayed you. It’s okay, you will slowly fit the pieces of the puzzle one by one. First, try to have faith in yourself by not judging yourself too harshly or holding yourself responsible.

Then, identify people who win your confidence while gradually detaching yourself from those you don’t get a good vibe from. Respect your instincts. Whatever you do, keep yourself at the center since there is no better way to heal a betrayed heart than to practice self-love.

Betrayal or disloyalty can be life-altering. But the choice is up to you whether you want to emerge stronger and wiser from it or if you want to wallow in self-pity, paint the rest of the world in the same brush and don’t deprive yourself of the love and friendship you richly deserve. Choose wisely.


1. What causes someone to betray another?

There can be several reasons for betrayal. Selfishness, insensitivity to the needs of the partner or friend, the requirement to protect self-interest, greed are some of the factors why a person betrays another.

2. How do you deal with a person who betrayed you?

You should definitely communicate what you feel to the person who betrayed you. Let him or her know the hurt that his or her actions have caused. Figure out the reasons why they let you down and judge if they deserve a second chance.

3. What is the ultimate betrayal in a relationship?

The ultimate betrayal in a relationship is having an affair with someone your partner knows. Letting your partner down in a crucial moment in their life is also a very hurtful and insensitive thing to do.

4. How to get over betrayal by an ex?

To get over the betrayal by an ex, learn to detach yourself from the feeling. Invest in yourself, practice self-love and healing and slowly learn to trust the right person again. There is no better way to get over betrayal than by being happy.

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