IELTS Education Related Vocabulary: Words, Phrases & Questions



Through this blog you will learn:

  • The essential education related vocabulary you need to work on for the IELTS exam.
  • The best tips & resources to learn education related vocabulary.
  • How to use these vocabulary words in sentences correctly.

It is common in the IELTS exam for the students to be asked about their schools, universities, and subjects in various exams. So they need to be aware of the essential vocabulary related to education. They can do so by learning the common words and collocations in the category. This will allow them to write and talk about their education or university background successfully.

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The goal of this blog is to provide you with everyday words and collocations related to education. It’ll take you through the essential education vocabulary you need to work on for the exam. Plus, it’ll also benefit you when encountering the topic in real-life situations as well.

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Read on to gain knowledge about the words and phrases related to education that will help you ace your IELTS exam.

Education is a topic that gets discussed massively in our surroundings. It is all about learning skills and knowledge. Some different educational methods include teaching, discussion, and storytelling.

Here are the words and phrases that will help you expand your vocab about Education to help you score higher.


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In addition to the ones mentioned above, here are a few more education words with examples and their related collocations.


To learn about vocabulary related to themes Covid or travel, amongst others, you can go through our blog.

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