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You must have traveled to some or the other place. We all do. Travelling is that one thing that allows us to explore not only about the place but so much about ourselves and the people we travel to. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to traveling and their possible answers.

Do you like to travel?

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I love to travel, to explore new places and meet new people. It is so much fun for me and something I really love doing.

Where was the last place you visited on a holiday?

I remember going to Nainital with my father few months back. It was an amazing trip. The weather was great that day and we were on our bike, driving at a very slow speed, enjoying the journey and boating and eating corn and drinking tea. It was surely one of a great day.

What kind of places have you visited in your life?

For most of the time, I have visited only the places near to my granny’s house or the places where my father got located. But, since I have started working now, I am going to places I really want to. So, recently, I went to Mysore and I am planning to go Bhubaneswar next.

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Which place would you really like to visit? Why?

I would one day love to visit Kashmir. People say that it heaven on Earth and I want to see and experience Kashmir for myself. I want to meet the people and know what is exactly in their minds regarding the heat in between India and Pakistan related to them and how is it like to live in what is considered to be heaven on Earth.

What is the best place you have ever visited?

For all the places that I have ever visited, I would say, Mysore was really beautiful. It is truly one of the safest cities that I have come across in my life and also very peaceful and full of history and culture. So, there is this Mysore palace and then Jagmohan Palace. Also, there are so many near by cities to it. You can go to bangalore or koorg or the waterfalls. It is truly amazing. The weather is great, people are nice and food is truly amazing.

Has a foreign visitor ever stayed at your home?

Well, not really, but I would always welcome any foreign person to my home and country.

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What is the best way to save money while travelling?

I think the best way is to plan. When you have planned the entire journey, it becomes easier for you to travel cheaper because you know so much more about the journey. You know the places, the train tickets, the bus tickets, you know. So, you wait for some time and then take the best option.

What are some of the problems of long distance travelling?

I think the only problem with long distance travelling is that one tends to get bored after some time. But, if you are with your friends and your family members, I think there is no issue then. Apart from this, the other issue at hand is that some people tend to have some sort of ailments and travelling long distance is quite tiring.

Has the way people travel change over the last few decades?

I think it surely has changed. Their was a time when people preferred trains over flights. But with flight rates going down and so much offers being provided, also the economy of the country rising, I think people are now taking flights for longer distances. Even more, the economic condition of middle class people has risen, so now you can see them travelling in a better condition, as compared to the one may be a decade back.

What do you do while travelling?

Well, it all depends. If I am travelling alone, I tend to either read books or listen to music. I often also start writing about things here and there. But, when I am travelling with my friends or family members, we are mostly talking and playing games through out the journey. It is like when I am alone, I am usually making notes and doing some serious travel blogging thing, but with friends it is more about making memories.

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