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I know many sad stories of college students who write about non-interesting sports research topics such as the usefulness of teamwork or the history of football. Here in Homework Lab, I’ve got 21 students from the U.S. who came to us with D and even F marks for sports research paper topics, banned as hackneyed by their professors. For my students, I used to create a list of 10-20 topics to select when they started the essay. Today, I publish my collection. These are 100 best research ideas, based on academic articles and research, which will surely work for you. Feel free to check them below! 👇

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Update 24 Oct: I’ve wiped out some old topics and introduced fresh ones. The list is ready for 2019 season!

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Sports Research Examples by Homework Lab Geeks

Why reinvent the wheel if you can take a look at the wheels made by your peers? Before you start browsing currently unused and unique topics, it is worth checking essays that have already passed college and high school grading with success 📝. You can use them as a source of inspiration and fresh ideas for your own writing!

  • “Miller Park Baseball Stadium” essay example is devoted to the unusual theme: infrastructure for sports. It considers even such intricate factors as weather, the safety of workers and the behavior of sports fans — it is a good sample for sports management research.
  • “Nike’s Marketing Communication Mix” paper example explores how Nike penetrated the market by helping athletes to perform better, and what solutions were required. Apparel matters for success, and sometimes even more than you think.
  • “Critical Analysis of Sidney Crosby by Kristi Allain” exemplifies how sports research can be used to analyze identities of athletes — and how venerable heroes affect national culture. Sports psychology and culture students would like to check it!
  • “Nutrition and Fitness” Essay reminds of usually forgotten topic — food, supplements and nutrition of athletes are regulated by many organizations! The paper points out that restrictions are needed to save human lives in some situations.
  • “Fitness and Wellness Essay” example — a great source of physical assessment information and tips to be used by nursing, rehabilitation and sports safety students.
  • “Fraud Examination: 2015 FIFA Corruption” paper refers to the topic of fairness in sports competition research — and how virtues of equality are violated by officials for their profits. Must-read for those who look for interesting sports research topics.
  • “The Value of Physical Exercise and P.E. Classes at School” provides empirical evidence on why sports education is being developed in the U.S — and why there are still problems (spoiler: because of parents and Maths).
  • “The Construction of National Identity in British Media Coverage of Sport” is an essay example about the impact of media on how competitive sports are being developed, and on the society in general.

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Haven’t found the idea you were looking for? Below, you can find additional 98 sports topics — with explanations on where to use them. They are unique and pretty unused by college and high school students, so feel free to proceed 👇!

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Browse and download essay examples from the most full and up to date Free Online Essay Database at Homework Lab. All the examples of college essays have been donated by the students to boost your writing creativity.

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💊 Research Topics On Sports Injuries

In healthcare studies, students are required to focus on sports injuries and avoiding them in athletic practice. In my experience, the best option is to write about injury prevention and post-injury care, and never on emergency help. Unless you are a nursing student, you are not expected to be an expert in medical emergency services. On the sports field, every action after an injury may have dramatic consequences for athlete health — and your tutor is not likely to be forgiving to your mistakes.

Following topics are entirely predictable — you will find enough sources to write about, and you are likely to enjoy your research. After an update, I also added some safe emergency topics. During 3 years of my work as a Geek, they did not cause any problems.

  • Brain concussion of athletes. Should be athletes with suspicion on concussion removed from the field?
  • Treating acute and chronic overstrains in athletes. What is better: massage, injections or ointments?
  • Athletic varicose disease. Causes of development, signs, methods of prevention.
  • Anti-doping control in sports: What is the most performance-affecting drug in the world?
  • Athletic pharmacology. What is the best medication to cure injuries and facilitate post-traumatic recovery?
  • Overtraining. What are its symptoms, how it affects competition and how to avoid it?
  • Sudden death in sports. What impacts on-field mortality of athletes and what sports organizations do to mitigate the issue?
  • Overwork & fatigue in sports. How can trainers help athletes to work more productively and avoid exhaustion?
  • Acute pathological athletic conditions. What severe diseases can develop due to sports and training, and how they can be avoided without medication?
  • Recovery after the illness. How athletes turn back on track after catching flue, cold or other diseases?
  • Do athletes live shorter than ordinary people? What impacts the life expectancy of people of sports?
  • Thermal and solar strikes during sports competition.
  • Dislocation in sports. Is it an unavoidable plague of active sports?
  • Fear of injury. Do athletes who were traumatized once feel anxiety during the play?
  • Masculinity and injuries. Some sports research topics suggest that male athletes incur much more traumas and wounds than their female peers. Is that true?
  • Breast traumas. What threats await for female athletes in competitive and active sports?

I received the feedback that these ideas had been useful for nursing and healthcare students too — so, feel free to use!

📊 Research Paper Topics On Sports Management

Management topics on sports revolve around three things: organizing people, providing athletes with everything they need, and connecting sports organization and stakeholders to enable competition. Don’t think that it’s too easy, though — management tutors like graphs, statistics, and science. They are also not likely to tolerate some extreme ideas like maximization of sports event funding at the cost of fans’ safety and sports dignity. Below, you will find topics where you teacher just cannot force you to sweat😓.

  • Management of sports club. What is needed to create a sports hub for professional athletes and the community?
  • How to save costs on sports. Which facilities and services for athletes are too expensive, and how can savvy managers save funds?
  • Where to find money for sports events? Sources of funding, sponsors, charity, donations, and issues of ticket selling.
  • Community awareness of sports. How to attract locals to your sports organization and why do you need it?
  • Women in sports. Is there any ceiling that prevents the career development of women in sports industries?
  • Efficiency management in a sports organization. How can a non-athlete manager know that everything goes right in a sports club?
  • Relationships with philanthropists in sports. What drives sponsors to fund sports, and what can be done to retain and attract them?
  • Cost-benefit analysis of the sports industry. Can sports organization be a profitable and sustainable business?
  • Global warming and sports (I know that it is unexpected). Does environmental change affect sports and what shifts can we expect in the future?
  • Sports accessibility. What are difficulties of providing access to physical activities for seniors, children, and people with disabilities, and how to overcome them?
  • Ecology of water sports. What to do with wastewater from pools?
  • HR and recruiting in sports. How to find good athletes for your team if you don’t have $1,000,000?

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Do you want to learn an advanced research method to apply statistics to your research? Afraid of maths and hate calculations?

We created a human language guide on chi-square test that everyone can use. Tested on 8th-graders — no math is needed, online tools provided! Term papers nailed.

⚛ Sports Science Research Topics

If your major is not sports or you are pursuing a degree in sports education, then you are likely to be assigned to a science research paper. The primary point of such topics is to find the connection between sports and some field of study — be it psychology, economics or chemistry. I added some ideas for the 2018-2019 academic year that are easy to research.

  • Connections between sports and the economy. Are nations that invest in sports are more successful that sports-hating countries?
  • Why do some countries refuse to host the Olympics? Can major international events become a burden for the national economy?
  • January Club in sports. Why children who born in January become more successful in sports than kids born in other months? (It’s a true fact, besides, and called a Relative Age Effect).
  • Can athletic success be inherited? Genetics and heredity in sports.
  • Sports regulation and performance of athletes.
  • What hormones are the most important for athletes? Biochemistry of winning sports competition.
  • Athletic nutrition. What do top athletes eat to remain strong, fast and steady?
  • What traits of character are needed for an athlete to win? Sports psychology research has a lot of papers on the topic, so you’ll have a good time writing about it.
  • Empathy in sports. Is the ability to understand other people necessary for athletic training?
  • Sports for an animal. 🐶 Can a dog athlete earn more than a human sports practitioner?

Did you expect such topics, hah? They are really scientific, still not boring. For more science stuff, check sociology topics below, in the 8th section of our post. 👇

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