The computer will soon replace the book. Express your views either for or against this statement. 

The computer will soon replace the book. Express your views either for or against this statement. 
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The computer will soon replace the book

“The computer will soon replace the book”

For the Motion

Computers have already taken a major role as an information resource today. Computer technologies such as hypertext and the Internet remove the geographical constraints of print media and allow for a new method of distributing and reading documents. Books will always be affordable, concrete source of information, but the next ten years will bring computers that are faster to access comma as convenient to use and that hold more information than books. With the Internet, one piece of information is accessible from millions of computers around the world. Researcher may need to travel no further than her computer to find a document in a virtual library 3000 miles away. In next 20 years, print media may not be able to keep up with the exponential growth of information. Because the density of information on a computer is far greater than that of book, the Internet already holds more data than any physical library. Typical computer hard drive can hold around 2000 novels. In addition to this seemingly unlimited storage capacity, computers also provide much faster access to information. For example, looking upwards in a dictionary may take a few minutes while computers can give the definition for any word and pronounce it for you, immediately. The computers speed and space will make it is necessary Technology as we move into a new Millennium. The future will bring even greater advantages to the computer over the book. Soon, computers will have screens that are crisper and more comfortable to view than a printed book. With new technology, computer screens will no longer strain the eyes and it will become feasible, even desirable to read an entire novel on a computer screen. Technology will soon produce a computer that is as compact, durable and comfortable to read as a book, but that could contain thousands of books in electronic form. Although computers will never completely supplant books but we may soon rely on them more than print media. Computers will meet our needs for information storage and distribution and will be convenient way to hold more information in less space than today’s book. Thank you.

Against the Motion

Computers will never replace books. However useful the computer be, it is absurd to imagine it replacing books. Computers any day is far more expensive than books and do not work on fresh air but power through batteries and mains. One cannot lie in bed and read them leisurely and of course if milk or syrup spills on them the damage could be much more.

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Computers have viruses and are not completely dependable but a book in a self is very dependable. It does not make you strain your eyes as computers. If I would write a novel it would be in paper. An e-novel can be tampered and I would never know the original unless I have the printed one with me. A book somehow has a belongingness. We can make our notes as well as turn to specific pages without really having much problems. One can sleep with a book on our bed side and wake up in the morning to read it.

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Moreover with the help of computers, student simply copy paste and the matter is complete. The pride of a library and collecting first edition as well as autographed books of the author will have no relevance. A book reveals the nature of a person but with a computer no one knows who is an avid reader and who is not. The printed books can easily be read and stored. Students can write their notes and refer to them. They can easily be destroyed and can be upgraded. The computer troubles its users.

While a book is perfect relaxation. The joy of placing your hands on a book and reading through its pages is ecstatic. Books can never be replaced. No one is going to put computers into the hand of kindergarten students and then the rural areas can just about afford books. Imagine the cost of dishing out computers to every aspirant of knowledge. So, let’s forget about such an idea and leaves realistically. Books may have delimitation but they can never be superseded by computers. No one wants to lose the joy of reading a book, and the end pronouncing to oneself that, it is finished. Thank you.

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