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We are living in an era that is surrounded by technology. From the computers that we use for work, to the phones that we use to interact and now the machines we use to stay fit, technology is everywhere and we are using it like never before. Although there are certain advantages associated with it, people often believe that technology has done more harm that it has done good. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to technology that might be asked in the Section III of IELTS.

How can technology make our lives easier?

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Technology is the application of scientific principles for the practical purposes. For example, we are using watches to get time, mobile phones to stay connected, Internet to grab knowledge etc and thus our life is made easier than before. Living without these amenities might have not affected our lives as in we would still have been living, but certainly we should have stayed in the primitive age. Technology has changed the way we study, work or even spend money. Gone are the days when we were limited to the physical resources we had, now there is so much more that we can get irrespective of whether it is around us or not. Technology has helped us in getting a better life standard with much more efficient tools and devices to help us in every possible way.

What are some great inventions you know about?

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There are some great inventions that have been done in the human history so far. From fire, to tools, agriculture, electricity, internet, software, computers, engines, we surely have come a far way from where we began. But, I think the most important invention till date has to be the invention of fire. I think it was after it that humans realized that there are things that they can find out and make his life, they started inventing things like wheels which are the fundamental inventions for any of the communication system. The recent one, which has radically changed the world, has to be definately the invention of computers and internet. It is because of them that we are able to stay connected with so many people and learn so much more.


Why should we restrict the use of mobile phone in public places?

Mobile phone, undoubtedly, is an important invention in the history of man kind but it surely has some detrimental impacts. Using mobile phones in public may appear indecent or it might cause irritation to others. Like, if there are three people sitting quietly in a park and then there is this guy who is talking loudly on phone, it takes away the peace of the entire atmosphere. Or if you are in a temple, the phone rings and imagine that happening for lot of people. The sound causes disturbance. Moreover, since public spaces are very crowded, there are more chances of accidents accidents happening.

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Why mobile phones are gaining its popularity? Mobile phones are gaining popularity because they are easy to use and carry. You have a computer and camera in a device equivalent to your palm. Moreover, they are more affordable for the public and come without any legal more, it is more convenient than other means of communication when it comes to contacting the other person. I believe since a person gets everything, from internet, to camera, to interaction, mobile phones are gaining popularity and they definitely go a long way.

Can you do without your mobile phone?

Yes, I can go few days without my mobile phone because no matter how much important it is, I am not very much addicted to it and I believe that there are things that can be surely put on hold. Because, while enjoying the present moment, one hardly needs to be worried about the future or the past. Even more, when I am working I prefer to put my entire focus on work.

In the present era that we are living, I think it is almost impossible for me to do without a mobile phone even for a single day. I need it not only for communicating but also for passing time by playing games of using internet application and there is so much more to do.

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