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When you are well prepared your luck favors too..!! In this competitive world where English is a global language and recognized by many countries. To open the door of opportunities in other countries IELTS is considered as the best gateway for improving communication skills and high scores in IELTS exam will let you gain more points and enhances your English to prepare you well to represent yourself. The IELTS test opens the doors for aspirants to study abroad. Smart English Lab academy is one amongst the best academies for providing IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh and other major cities of India. With an experience of many years in IELTS coaching, Smart English Lab Academy ensures to provide supreme services to all the candidates

Smart English Lab- BEST IELTS COACHING CENTRE IN CHANDIGARH, PUNJAB, GUJRAT and other major cities of India

Smart English Lab is one amongst the best institute for IELTS coaching in Chandigarh and other major cities of India in terms of practical guidance and coaching. Our professionals prepare the candidates well for all the four modules. We provide the separate training sessions through special IELTS Listening classes, IELTS Speaking classes, IELTS Reading classes and IELTS writing classes in Chandigarh and other major cities of India. Our expert team prepares the candidate by providing aid in language acquisition as well as IELTS tips and tricks to crack it with high bands. We are happy to announce that Smart English Lab is now the preferred place for the students to take IELTS Training in Chandigarh and other major cities of India.

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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a mandatory test to be cleared by all non-native English speakers to ensure that they understand and speak the language in the accent that is accepted by other countries.

Proficiency of the candidate is checked using four parameters (modules) namely listening, speaking, writing and reading.

A candidate is assessed by certified examiners so we, at Smart English Lab ensure that the candidate is well prepared for all these branches and prepare the students to face the examiners through practical training and mock interviews and tests.


  • Academic
  • General Training

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For candidates aspiring to seek professional purpose or study undergraduate or postgraduate levels, the Academic modules are to be followed.

Candidates wishing to migrate to other countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and UK) for professional purpose should opt for General Training module.


Duration of IELTS test is 2 hours 45 minutes in which Candidate is assessed by certified examiners on all the four modules. The speaking module is conducted exclusively, scheduled by the organization under which the exam has been registered. The highest band that can be scored by a student in IELTS is 9.

Listening Test: This test includes the multiple choice questions, short answer questions, sentence completion and table completion based questions. Smart English Lab academy also provides IELTS listening classes in Chandigarh to improve the listening skills of the candidate to improve their overall score in IELTS test.

Writing Test: If your writing skills are good then you can score high in this section if no then need not to worry as Smart English Lab experts are there to take out from this difficulty by providing their IELTS Writing Classes in Chandigarh and other major cities of India.

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Reading Test: Reading test includes questions on the identification of writer view /attitudes, phrases, labeling a picture or diagram and various other question types. At our institute, we provide you with the best IELTS Reading classes in Chandigarh and provide the good ambiance to read.

Speaking Test: Speaking test covers face to face interaction with certified examiners. Smart English Lab understands that candidates issues concerning with the speaking and provide special IELTS speaking classes to get a good score in this section also.

The results are declared on the 13th day after the test. If the students are dissatisfied with their result then they can apply for Revaluation as well within the time span of 6 weeks from the date of their test.

Over the past couple of years, we have a good success record in the IELTS test. Many students have cleared it in the first attempt and have got 7 Bands. Our success is with our IELTS trainers who are professionals and put their level best to guide the students in the best way.

WHY Smart English Lab ACADEMY FOR IELTS TRAINING IN CHANDIGARH and other major cities of India

  • 100% practical orientation for IELTS exam.
  • Skilled and experienced IELTS trainers
  • Customized learning modules with the latest material
  • Follow the skill-based approach to make masters in the English language.
  • Excellent success rate compared to other IELTS Institutes in Chandigarh and other major cities of India
  • Best tips and tracks to the candidates to score more bands
  • Individual attention
  • Updated material for Practice on the daily basis
  • One to one interview sessions and practice sessions
  • Doubt clearing classes for weak students by experts
  • Affordable coaching rates

Therefore, all your dreams of going abroad are dependent on the number of bands you manage to get in the test. Unlike other institutes, we aim at delivering the top-notch training to the students. Come to us for quality teaching and guidance we assure you that we will reach up to your expectations. We will serve you better and will provide you with quality coaching facilities.

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