An Open Letter Regarding My Request To Move Off Campus

An Open Letter Regarding My Request To Move Off Campus
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Sample letter to request living off campus

Dear Liberty University Office of Community Life,

I am writing to you in hopes of gaining permission to live off campus beginning next semester.

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I recognize that as a 20-year-old woman, I am not yet old enough to live without an authority figure enforcing my curfew and making sure my room is clean every other day. It is certain that I will fall apart without that Real Adult in my life—I might watch a movie at a friend’s house past the witching hour, or I might leave my books on my desk instead of reverently and neatly stacking them on the floor. I may even leave my bed unmade, prompting suggestions of carnal indecency to those who might see my wrinkled bedsheets through an open door. All these heinous crimes are simply bound to happen if I, a 20-year-old woman, were to be permitted to live without the supervision of the 22-year-old woman who has been placed in charge of me.

Of course, I also recognize that at the exact age of 21, everything about me changes on a fundamental and spiritual level. In addition to gaining the final set of American rights, I will wake up on my 21st birthday physically, mentally, socially, sexually, and spiritually mature enough to handle the full responsibilities of living on my own. Although the full scope of these responsibilities are unknown to me (since I am not of age), I can assume that it means that I will be able to keep my room clean, be asleep by 10 p.m., and never make eye contact with the opposite sex within 100 feet of a bed—even without supervision! At my current age, of course, I know that I am incapable of practicing these virtuous qualities without the rules protecting me. I remember that in the Bible, Christ was always in favor of extra rules that kept people from even getting close to breaking God’s law, and I am so thankful that Liberty University is following his example.

However, I believe that despite my young and irresponsible age, I have demonstrated qualities that would justify the dangerous risk of allowing a 20-year-old to live off-campus. Because of my high school APs, I am already a super-senior by credit, and I am currently working on pre-post-graduate work with Drs. Einstein and Currie. I know that I only have a 3.9 in my Honors coursework, but my full-time job takes a toll on my sleep schedule, leaving me occasionally unfocused for an exam. I am the President of, regrettably, only two Honors societies (Physics and Theatre), and my daily fitness routine has dwindled to a paltry one hour. I know that I am nowhere near as responsible as the 21-year-old sophomore who is still undecided about both his major and the benefits of bathing, but I pray that you will still allow me to live off-campus, as it is so much cheaper and quieter than living in the dorms.

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I beg you, Office of Community Life, please overlook the age of my birth certificate, and look instead at the age of my heart. I know that I have not undergone the mystical maturation that occurs at 12 a.m. on my 21st birthday, but I believe that, considering all the other things I’m handling right now, I just might be capable of taking care of myself as well.

Respectfully, Reverently, and Legally Yours,

Rebecca PickardEditor’s Note: The day after I posted this article, I found out that I was approved to live off campus (yay!)

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