5 Sample Reservation Letters | Format, Examples and How To Write Sample Reservation Letters?

5 Sample Reservation Letters | Format, Examples and How To Write Sample Reservation Letters?
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Restaurant reservation request email sample

Sample Reservation Letters: Reservation is a term that refers to booking a place or a spot at an event, a conference, for an activity, or even at a resort. Letters of reservation are, therefore, a request to book a location that an individual can take up upon receiving confirmation. This saves the hassle of last-minute panicking in case there are no more spots left at a place or an activity that has a limit on how many people can enter or participate. Usually, this can be done with a phone call or by filling out a pre-made form. People can easily just call or fill out the form in time, and they have their spot. But in this article, we will talk about how to write a letter making a direct request for a reservation, should such a need arise.

There could be multiple scenarios where you could need to write a letter for reservation. For example, if you want to arrange a function or such at a location that has been used for another purpose solely. If you need to make a reservation at a site in a foreign country, or if you need to travel to a place that is remote and said location isn’t accessible by any means other than post. In all these cases, you would require a letter of reservation written to the management or whoever else is in charge of the places.

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If you need to write such a letter and have not done this before, there is no need to worry as it is a relatively simple letter to write. This sort of letter can be official or unofficial, depending on the details of the need. The letters should be direct, simple, as well as to the point without beating around the bush. It is vital that you mention all the correct details required of everything that you are requesting when you are requesting it and for what. If you want to ask for a service that they do not usually offer, it is best to mention that in the letter itself rather than doing so after reaching and potentially being let down.

Make sure you put in all of the personal details as are required so that the recipient of your letter can contact you with the confirmation or whatever other communication may be required. In this article, we will look at five different sample reservation letters. You can use the templates of any one of those as you see fit to write your own reservation letters if need be.

Reservation Letter for a Hotel Booking

Lavelle Inn

3433 Harwich Port

Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Dear Lavelle Inn,

Kindly note that I would be traveling to Harwich Port in Massachusetts on the 10th of November 2021, and I would require a room for two people for three weeks.

I would like to make a reservation for one of your ocean-view suites that is inclusive of two beds. The price on your website for one of these rooms is $200 per night, and I would pay accordingly for the duration of my stay there.

Please call me at 284-445-3344 to confirm and verify my resignation for the same.

Thank you,

Julia Devin Marquez

Reservation Letter for a Hotel Booking

Letter for Reservation Confirmation

Bon Resort

3433 Harwich Port

Beverly, Massachusetts


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Dear Bon Resort,

I am writing this letter post the conversation we had earlier about the reservation of your resort for the reunion on the 20th of September 2021. I would like to confirm the reservation at Bon Resort in accordance with the schedule mentioned.

Please make reservations for the same on the day mentioned. I have attached with this letter a receipt with the advance payment. The menu for the food that I would like to request has also been attached.

I hope that all the arrangements will be made before we arrive according to all that has been requested and all that we’ve spoken about. Please contact me if the need arises.

Thank you,

Robert Stark


Letter for Reservation Confirmation

Letter Requesting Reservation at a Restaurant

Au Bon Pain

3433 Salem



Au Bon Pain Mangagement,

I would like to request for the reservation of tables at your restaurant for a large group of 30 people. This is for the 28th of June 2021, at 5 pm. We are a traveling amateur boxing team, and we would like to rest after a match and enjoy a high-protein meal. After this, we would be moving on to another time.

We don’t have the means or resources to provide for our own meals as of right now. This is why we have been getting in touch with local restaurants that have been recommended to us to see if they can accommodate all of us with the food required. That would be a full steak meal for 30 individuals, with sides to go along.

If this is possible by your staff, then we would be more than willing to make a deposit with you and pay the remaining amount on the evening itself. Do get in touch with me if you acquiesce to our request at 345-687-8493 or at [email protected]

Thank you,

Yu Hinata

Letter Requesting Reservation at a Restaurant

Reservation Letter to Host a Seminar

XLR Hotel

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5958 Cambridge,



XLR Hotel,

We would like to make a request for the use of your resources and conference facilities for a seminar that is scheduled for the 17th of July, 2021, from 10 AM to 5 PM. The seminar is about money management to get out of loans and to save for retirement in a failing economy.

We would need access to space for at least 100 people. As well as a projector, a mic, a sound system, as well as lunch for the people attending.

If this is possible and you are willing to accommodate our request, please get in touch with us at 4394-4342-348 or [email protected]

Thank you

Jack B.

Reservation Letter to Host a Seminar

Reservation Letter for a Christmas Ball

Green Theory

5958 Olive Garden,



Dear Green Theory,

I would like to make a reservation with you for ten people for the Christmas Ball that has been arranged by your restaurant on the 20th of December this year. I would like that our party to be seated towards the middle of your restaurant so we can easily see what is happening on the stage, while not being hurt by the loudspeakers on the side.

I have included a cheque that would cover the total amount for the required seats. If you’d like to get in touch for anything, please call 454-462-5643. I look forward to the Ball and the excellent food, company, and entertainment.

Thank you,

Janice N.

Reservation Letter for a Christmas Ball

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