Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Treatment

Ramsay hunt syndrome natural treatment

Ramsay Hunt syndrome affects the facial nerve. It occurs when shingles damage the facial nerve, leading to facial paralysis. Ramsay Hunt syndrome may also cause hearing loss in the affected ear. Many Ramsay Hunt syndrome treatment options are available.

By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Babak Azizzadeh of The Facial Paralysis Institute, people dealing with Ramsay Hunt syndrome can find the best treatment.

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Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Natural Treatment

Research into the use of natural treatments for Ramsay Hunt syndrome is ongoing. To date, the effectiveness of acupuncture, herbal medicine, vitamins, and other natural treatments to address Ramsay Hunt syndrome remains unknown.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome can cause discomfort, and lifestyle and home remedies may be used to alleviate this issue. These remedies include:

  • Keeping any areas where a rash is present clean to avoid infection
  • Applying a cool, wet compress to ease pain caused by a rash
  • Using ibuprofen or other over-the-counter medications to manage pain

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In the event that Ramsay Hunt syndrome makes it difficult for a patient to close either of the eyes, applying moisturizing eye drops can be beneficial. Also, ointment can be applied to the affected eye at night, and an eyepatch or tape can be worn over the eye as needed.

For those who believe they are dealing with Ramsay Hunt syndrome symptoms, they should consult with Dr. Azizzadeh before they consider natural therapies or other treatment options. Dr. Azizzadeh can perform appropriate testing and evaluate the severity of the patient’s facial paralysis symptoms. If Dr. Azizzadeh believes a patient’s symptoms will not subside on their own, he can perform a surgical or non-surgical procedure to treat these symptoms.

Selective Neurolysis For Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Selective neurolysis is a one-of-a-kind Ramsay Hunt treatment – and one of the best Ramsay Hunt syndrome treatments ever developed. Pioneered by Dr. Azizzadeh, selective neurolysis involves meticulous mapping of the facial nerve. Dr. Azizzadeh then selectively reduces facial nerve activity to help recreate a natural smile.

Botox For Facial Paralysis

Botox is a safe, effective treatment for Ramsay Hunt syndrome. It reduces tension in areas of the face that are hyperactive, as well as treats unwanted muscle movements in the face. Additionally, Botox treatments may be used in combination with neuromuscular retraining to help a Ramsay Hunt syndrome patient achieve the best-possible results.

Masseter Nerve Transfer

The masseter to facial nerve transfer is one of the most cutting-edge Ramsay Hunt syndrome treatment options. It involves making an incision near the front of a Ramsay Hunt syndrome patient’s ear, followed by sewing the facial nerve and masseteric nerve together. That way, a Ramsay Hunt syndrome patient can restore his or her natural smile in the months following the procedure.

Cross Facial Nerve Transplant

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A cross facial nerve transplant is a two-stage Ramsay Hunt syndrome treatment. Initially, nerve grafts are harvested from a Ramsay Hunt syndrome patient’s lower leg and attached to his or her facial nerve. During the second stage, the gracilis muscle free flap is harvested from a patient’s inner thigh and connected to the cross-facial nerve graft and artery or vein in the neck. This ultimately helps a patient restore natural facial movements. Meanwhile, a Ramsay Hunt syndrome patient may also require physical therapy following a cross facial nerve transplant procedure.

What Is the Best Treatment Option for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

The ideal treatment for Ramsay Hunt syndrome varies based on the patient and the extent of their facial paralysis. To determine the best course of action, Dr. Azizzadeh consults with a patient, reviews their medical history, and evaluates their symptoms.

Initially, Dr. Azizzadeh may recommend antiviral drugs, corticosteroids, or other medications to treat pain associated with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. These medications can provide short-term pain relief and may be used in combination with a surgical or non-surgical procedure to treat Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Dr. Azizzadeh develops a custom treatment plan for a Ramsay Hunt syndrome patient. The plan is designed to help a patient simultaneously reduce or eliminate their symptoms and minimize the risk of complications.

Want to Learn More About Treatment Options for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome? Contact The Facial Paralysis Institute Today

Dr. Azizzadeh can offer insights into different options to treat Ramsay Hunt syndrome and help a patient decide which treatment is ideal. To schedule a Ramsay Hunt syndrome treatment consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh, please call us today at (310) 657-2203.

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