Cue Card A public building you would like to visit Cue Card


You have to talk about a public building you would like to visit

You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

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I like to explore new places and there is one place which I have been planning to visit for quite some time now. The place is Alpha shopping mall. I got really interested to visit this mall after one of my friends visited there and told me all about it and its main attraction points and advantages for a shopper and foodie like me.

The mall opened only two months back and has already become a popular place among local residents to hang out. The biggest advantage of the shopping mall is its central location which makes it easily accessible to all the people of the city. But for me, the main attraction is the options that it would provide me. I am not a brand conscious person but I don’t mind wearing branded clothes either.

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I am not willing to pay exorbitant price just to put a brand name on my clothes. For me, there should be a balance between the appearance of clothing and the price I pay for it. And that is why I would love to visit this place because it would give me that perfect balance. As my friend told me that all the major clothing brands have their outlets in this mall.

Every time he visited these outlets he could easily find some offers running which allowed him to make good purchases within his purchasing power. He told me that I might not get the best of the lot but I would definitely get decent clothes at reasonable prices. He has already gathered a nice collection of clothes, shoes and some accessories, all thanks to the shopping mall.

There is one more reason why I would like to visit this mall and that is its food court. My friend simply loves the place for the options it has which he told we would not normally find at local food joints. We can choose from all the popular cuisines including Indian, Continental, Chinese, Mexican, Mughlai, Italian and many more. From the description of my friend, this place sounds really interesting and refreshing and I am sure I will soon give it a visit.

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I’ve always been an aviation geek, so I’d like to visit the new airport that’s being built in airport isn’t open yet but has been under construction for donkey’s years now, far longer than the architects and planners originally anticipated.

It’s become something of a laughing stock among Berliners who have been promised this new transportation hub for forever and a day. One of the reasons why it’s been so delayed has been due to technical problems with the building. For example, the fire detection system was found to be faulty by the fire department who were doing an inspection. The problem proved to be anything other than an easy fix and I believe the entire system had to be removed and replaced.

I think one of the reasons why this is on my list of places to visit is because I want to see if it lives up to all the hype, or whether it’s just a run-of-the-mill airport. My guess is it’s going to be the latter. Obviously the experience of travellers, especially frequent flyers have been factored into the design, so I’d expect it to be very easy to navigate, quite modern, and with a large number of shops and amenities to help people pass the time while they’re waiting for their flight.

There have been quite a few new airports that have been built around the world in recent years, and I’d like to visit some of these other ones just to have a wander around and see how they stack up to the more run-down airport I usually fly from.

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