IELTS Reading 1 – Passage 1

Video Practice test 1 ielts

Reading Tip: matching headings

You should read the headings before reading the text to focus your mind on the main ideas you need to look for.

  • Reading paper for this section

Questions 1-9

The Reading Passage has nine paragraphs A-I.

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Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below.

List of Phrases i Island legends ii Resources for exchange iii Competition for fishing rights iv The low cost of equipment v Agatti’s favourable location vi Rising income levels vii The social nature of reef occupations viii Resources for islanders’ own use ix High levels of expertise x Alternative sources of employment xi Resources for earning money xii Social rights and obligations

1Paragraph A

2Paragraph B

3Paragraph C

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4Paragraph D

5Paragraph E

6Paragraph F

7Paragraph G

8Paragraph H

9Paragraph I

Reading Tip: multiple-choice questions

  • Multiple-choice questions will commonly include four choices, which will be related to the information mentioned in the text. A process of elimination of the incorrect answers is useful in helping you to reduce the number of errors you make.
  • You should read the question carefully, and then consider the information given for each choice. The ideas in the choices may not be mentions at all, be irrelevant to the question, refer to someone or something else, or be the opposite in meaning to the text.
  • Through understanding and eliminating incorrect choices, you have a better chance of choosing the correct answer under time pressure. A 50/50 chance is good, eliminating all the incorrect answer is best.

Questions 10-13


Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D.

10What proportion of poor households get all their income from reef products?

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A12% B20% C29% D59%

11Kat moodsal fishing

Ais a seasonal activity. Bis a commercial activity. Crequires little investment. Drequires use of a rowing boat.

12Which characteristic of present-day islanders do the writers describe?

Aphysical strength Bfishing expertise Ccourage Dimagination

13What do the writers say about the system for using the reef on Agatti?

AFish catches are shared equally. BThe reef owner issues permits. CThere are frequent disputes. DThere is open access.


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