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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Photography: Learn how to answer questions about taking pictures in IELTS Speaking. Get band 9.0 by applying techniques when answering questions. Below are the sample answers on how to express your ideas when talking about photography.

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Do you like taking pictures?

(Answer 1)

Yes definitely! Photography is my first love, I can’t imagine my life without taking pictures. In fact, I’ve invested in high quality cameras such as compact digital cameras with viewfinder because I want to capture perfect shots.

(Answer 2)

Well, who doesn’t want to? Of course, I do! I enjoy taking photos of landscapes with buildings, people, animals, trees, among others. Taking photos is my ultimate stress-reliever.


Definitely [adv.] – without any doubt

First love [expression] – a thing, a place, or an activity of which one is fondest

Invest [verb] – (based on the answer) to use more money in order to get a better camera

Compact digital camera [noun] – or Compact system camera; it’s a point-and-shoot camera

Viewfinder [noun] – a device on a camera in which it shows the field of view of the lens; used for framing and focusing the photo

Capture [verb] – (based on the answer) to record images Landscape [noun] – scenery; terrain; environment

Ultimate [adj.] – (based on the answer) the only way to relieve stress


i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a positive answer and described what photography was in his life. That’s a very good way to make his answer a bit longer. Also he used some topic vocabulary words (compact digital camera; viewfinder; capture; shots) in order to get a better mark on the criterion, Lexical Resource. Make sure to add topic vocabulary words in your answer.

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker answered in a creative way by asking a question instead, then he transitioned to giving a positive answer and talked about what kinds of photos he enjoyed taking. Then he ended his answer by giving a conclusive statement to make his answer concrete.

When do you take photos?

(Answer 1)

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Well every time I travel, I make a habit to take lots of photos in order for me to keep great memories. Also, I enjoy taking photos of people, especially my loved ones during important events such as birthdays, wedding, graduation, and family reunion.

(Answer 2)

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Well most of the time I take photos when I come across some places with magnificent scenery. I’m a person who loves to be close to nature so it’s expected that my camera is always ready whenever I go hiking. As you know, nature never ceases to amaze us so a camera in my pocket always comes in handy.


Make a habit [expression] – to begin to do something regularly

Loved ones [noun] – people you love usually member of the family

Come across [phrasal verb] – meet or find by chance

Magnificent [adj.] – striking; very beautiful

Cease [verb] – stop

Amaze [verb] – surprise greatly

Come in handy [phrase] – turn out to be useful


i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker talked about the time when had chances to travel and why he took photos during that time. Also he added his answer by mentioning some special occasions in his life. The latter helped him extend his answer longer. ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker focused his answer on talking about spending his time with nature. He gave the examiner an idea of his personality, which was the reason why he took photos during the time when he’s close to nature. The way he ended his answer sounds so natural! A great way to wrap up his answer.

Which do you use when taking photos, a camera or a phone?

(Answer 1)

I usually use the latter because it’s convenient and user-friendly. I don’t need a special skill to understand the technicalities when taking photos. I just simply tap the camera application on the phone and click the button to start taking pictures. And that’s a no-brainer!

(Answer 2)

Well I always go for a camera, either a digital camera or DSLR because the quality of photos taken by those is incredibly superb. Also, I’m a tech-savvy, I enjoy tweaking the functions of the camera that can make my photos look jaw-dropping. I know some smartphone cameras are good but for me they can’t beat the quality of compact cameras or DSLR.


Latter [adj.] – later; the second choice (based on the choices)

Tap [verb] – press

No-brainer [noun] – something that requires little effort Superb [adj.] – excellent

Tech savvy [adj.] – proficient in the use of modern technology

Tweak [verb] – adjust; modify

Beat [verb] – defeat

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Jaw-dropping[adj.] – amazing

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Compact camera [noun] – point and shoot camera

DSLR [noun] – digital single-lens reflex; a camera that combines the optics and mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor


i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker started his answer by using a very good expression ‘the latter’ (the opposite is ‘the former’), this is very useful when you are given two choices. Use this kind of expression instead of mentioning the given choice. It does help you improve your mark in Lexical Resource. He talked about the reason why he liked using phones when taking pictures clearly and ended his answer with a great expression as well.

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker chose camera over phones and explained his reason. He’s able to use some very good topic vocabulary words in his answer that helped him explain his answer in a more spontaneous way. Topic vocabulary words plus collocations can surely help you get a better mark under Lexical Resource, just make sure you really how to use the words or expressions.

Do you want to take professional lessons of photography?

(Answer 1)

Well I don’t need it. Nowadays, almost everything can be learned through the internet. There are plenty of tutorial websites or videos on Youtube teaching people on how to use compact cameras or DSLR the right way. Thanks to the advent of the internet, people do not need to spend money just to acquire knowledge in photography.

(Answer 2)

Yes, I have a plan to take the course professional photography because I want to know the techniques in photography. I want to understand how to use my camera well in order for me to capture perfect shots. I’m also interested to know the techniques in black and white photography, macro photography, kinetic photography and many more.


(The) advent (of) [noun] – an invention being made

Macro photography [noun]photography producing photographs of small items larger than life size

Kinetic photography [noun] – an experimental photographic technique in which a photographer uses movement resulting from physics to create an image


i.) ANSWER 1: The speaker gave a direct negative answer and explained how he needed not to learn professionally. He presented a very realistic argument saying everything could be learnt on the internet. He could teach himself without enrolling to a certain course of photography. Realistic answer and spontaneous!

ii.) ANSWER 2: The speaker gave a positive answer and explained his reason as to why he wanted to study photography professionally. Also he provided some topic vocabulary words of photography. That surely helps him get a good mark in Lexical Resource and at the same time helps him give a good impression to the examiner as he really knows what he’s talking about.

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And that’s the latest topic of IELTS Speaking Part 1 Photography! Now that you know some techniques on how to talk about photography, make sure you have confidence in expressing your thoughts.

Best of luck to your exam! Be Natural! Breathe Confidence!


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