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Paragraph On Computer: The modern and advanced electronic machine which is used by various types of programmers is called computers. The computer works when somebody who is operating the computer, is giving instructions to it. The information is stored in the computer’s storage, and we can access it easily whenever needed.

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Paragraph On Computer- 100 Words For Classes 1, 2, 3 Kids

An electronic device used to store, display, and process data is known as a computer. The computer has emerged a lot with the passing days with more modern updates and advancements.

There are three types of computers, which include analog, digital and hybrid computers. The speed, as well as the accuracy of each computer, is classified. The computer has several functions other than processing and storing data. It helps control the machine, organize the business, sell services and products, and definitely for academic purposes. The computer has found its way in our daily lives with its great usefulness.

Paragraph On Computer

Paragraph On Computer- 150 Words For Classes 4, 5 Children

A computer is an electronic gadget used to process and store and show information. In any case, this is an act of excessive simplification of what a computer as the gadget has developed to play out a few different capacities that surpass the above depiction.

Computers are commonly grouped into three kinds, dependent on how they process data. To this end, they have delegated the simple, digital, and hybrid computers. This characterization decides the speed and precision of every computer.

A computer can serve a few capacities besides the conspicuous capacity of storing and preparing information. Some of them are to control machine and hardware, to arrange business and adventure, to sell items and services, to direct research for scholarly purposes, and to many more.

The computer is now a member of our everyday lives. The innovation has discovered its way into all parts of our lives. Till the end, the computer will remain valuable in each field.

Paragraph On Computer- 200 Words For Classes 6,7,8 Students

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Now it is impossible in our life to imagine without a computer. The invention of the computer helped many people’s dreams change into reality. For lots of purposes, the computer can be used like storing information, programming, and developing software, calculation and email purposes, and many more.

A computer comprises a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, a CPU, and a UPS as essential parts. A computer is known for its abundant storage space.

Human is now mostly dependent on the technology, and the use of computer can be found in every field, from students for their academic purposes to office workers for their work.

For improving and learning professional skills, the computer helps students a lot. In the 21st century, people are seemed to be interested in more advanced computers with lighter, smaller, and powerful computers with high speed and accuracy. Not only school and office work purposes, but also computers can be used to control traffic, forecasting weather, educational and medical purposes, guidance and designing of spacecraft, operation purposes, examination purposes, detection of crime, and the list goes on. With the advanced necessities and demands of the people, Computer has also developed with time providing and satisfying us with all the needs.

Paragraph On Computer- 250 to 300 Words For Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 And Competitive Exams Students

The computer is one of the best creations of man. It is the most refreshing result of science and innovation that has made our lives so simpler. Computers are getting ubiquitous as we can find computers from anywhere, like from homes, schools, universities, workplaces, research centers to libraries, exhibition halls, and even emergency clinics. A computer is a machine that can store enormous measure of information and can carry out various responsibilities in a lot lesser time contrasted with people. It gathers contribution from users, processes it, and conveys the usual outcome as output.

The primary mechanical Computer was made by Charles Babbage. The significant parts of a computer are – Mouse, Keyboard, Central Processing Unit (CPU), and the Monitor.

In this day and age, people have gotten so subject to Computers that it is unimaginable for them to live without it. What makes Computers so significant is its use, productivity, and pure openness. The astonishing advantages of computers make it the most required innovation.

Computers are of incredible use in the field of Education. It assists instructors with planning introductions for workshops; students think it’s simple to work on their projects from their homes utilizing a computer. Every single money related exchange, representative record keeping, business forms are done through computers. Computers are utilized while directing clinical methods like X-rays, CT scans, MRI examine, and so forth. PCs are an aid to the defense office as they help identify approaching rockets, diagnosing bombs in this way help in sparing lives.

The computer is a superb endowment of science made by man to support humanity. Computers are administering the present reality, and these have certainly changed the lifestyle of individuals and the status of creating nations.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Computer

Question 1. By whom, the computer was first invented?

Answer: Charles Babbage is the inventor of the computer who was an English engineer in the field of mechanical engineering. He developed the programmable computer concept.

Question 2. Name the first computer.

Answer: The giant ENIAC machine computer discovered by John W. Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert was the first computer. It was built in the United States. It was similar to the Colossus. It was very faster and also very flexible.

Question 3. Explain the full form of ENIAC.

Answer: Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator is the full form of ENIAC, which used ten decimal digits words rather than the binary ones.

Question 4. What was the first virus for the computer?

Answer: The Creeper system was the first virus for the computer, which was released in 1971. It was filling up the computer’s hard drive, and it was developed by the BBN technologies in the United States.

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