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National Animal Tiger Essay: Here you will get an Essay on National Animal Tiger in 500, 250 and 100 words to improve your writing skill. This long and short essay on the national animal tiger may be used for Lower as well as Higher Standards.

Tiger is a fantastic animal that attacks the forests of the world. The tiger is found in many places across India and is often frightened by the visibility of predators that seek them out. The reason for killing tigers is also human greed and thought.

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The Chinese usually make medicines from nails and other parts. The skin is sold at a hefty price. Despite its strength and hardiness, the tiger is one of the most threatened creatures in the wild. However, there are regulations related to the care and conservation of such species in India and worldwide.

So, let’s have a look at the national animal tiger Essay in a different word count.

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National Animal Tiger Essay 500 Words for Higher Standards

Tiger is the national animal of India. We all know about tigers somewhat. But, there are many things about the tigers that not everyone knows. So, in today’s essay, we will talk about the tiger. And of course, that will be the discussion, as our national animal.

The tiger is an animal of the wild. They live in the forest. Tigers are carnivores. Also, this animal belongs to the cat family. Usually, they prefer to be alone. There is even a saying that the cat is the aunt of the tiger. They love to eat fresh blood and flesh.

Body Appearance of a Tiger

They have four legs and a tail. Not only that, they have black stripes on their seats. The claws on the tiger’s feet are very sharp. In addition, their teeth are powerful. These animals have a total of four teeth. In it, two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw. These teeth are rugged and long. With the help of these teeth, they eat carnivorous animals.

The body of an adult male tiger is about 10 feet (3.05 m) long, and that of a female tiger is about 8 feet (2.44 m) long. Even their tails are about 3 to 4 feet (1.22 m) in length. This animal has brown and black striped spots all over its body.

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tiger national animal essay

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The tiger is powerful and can run very fast. It can run an average of about 73-75 kilometres per hour. A tiger can jump up to 6 feet (1.83 m). So, their tails maintain the balance of their body in hunting.

The living Place of Tiger and their Hunting

Tigers are found in forests such as West Bengal, Sundarban, Assam, Central India, Tripura, etc. Even tigers are found in zoos also.

Tigers are wild animals, so they attack and kill various animals such as deer, zebras, etc. Moreover, many times when hungry, the tiger attacks a nearby village and hunts and eats the cows, goats, etc. A tiger eats about 40 kg of meat at a time. But, on average, it consumes about 150 kilograms of meat throughout the month.

Many of us think of the seed of the tiger in Africa. But, it is not correct. They are usually Asian continents. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the biggest in Asia. This Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India.

Types of Tigers in the World

There are mainly six types of tigers in the world. Such as Bengal Tiger, Sumatran, Siberian, South China, Indochinese, and Malayan Tiger.

At present, excessive deforestation is causing a shortage of wildlife habitat. Not only that, many people go hunting tigers in the forest. As a result, the number of tigers is decreasing day by day. Therefore, the government needs to be more severe so that no one can kill wild animals in this way. And, if someone attacks or kills them, they will get punished.

National Animal Tiger Essay 250 Words

The tiger is a wild animal. It is incredibly violent. Tigers are carnivores, so they do not eat plant foods. They belong to the cat’s family. The tiger has four legs and a tail. Their toenails are very sharp and prominent. With these nails, they first attack an animal to prey on it. If you see the tiger’s paw print, you can understand a tiger in that place. So, those who go to the forest keep an eye on whether there are footprints.

Moreover, the tiger has four teeth. There are two teeth in the upper jaw, and the other two are in the lower jaw. These teeth are very hard, and because they are sharp, they kill and eat big animals with these teeth. Not just animals, they often prey on humans.

Fresh blood and meat are their favourite foods. So, they often go to different localities for fresh food. Then, from there, they caught various cattle and ate them. An adult tiger loses about 40 kg of meat throughout the day. And eat 150 kilograms of meat in a whole month. Tigers often prey on zebras and deer. Thus, tigers execute their food.

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essay tiger national animal

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Mainly, tigers live in forests such as Assam, Sundarbans, etc. But, moreover, at the zoo, we see leopards or tigers like that. Cheetahs are white and have dark striped spots. However, tigers are yellow and have brown or black stripes on them. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the most popular in the world. This Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of our country.

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National Animal Tiger Essay 100 Words

The Royal Bengal Tiger is a national animal in India. The Royal Bengal Tiger was mostly found in the Sundarbans. They are similar to other tigers. Only the size of this tiger is a little bigger. The tiger has four tails and four teeth. Their seats help during hunting and keep the body in balance.

Typically, the weight of an adult tiger ranges from 65 kg to 143 kg. They are about 8feet (243.84 cm) to 10 feet (ca. 305 cm) in length. Not only that, their tails are about 4 feet (121.92 cm) long. Fresh meat is the favourite food of this animal. For this reason, every animal and human being is afraid of this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the tiger called the national animal?

Answer: The magnificent tiger, Panthera tigris, is a striped animal. It has a dense yellow coat of fur with dark lines. The combination of grace, strength, agility, and immense power has earned the tiger its pride as the national animal of India.

2. Why is the tiger not the king of the jungle?

Answer: When scientists at Oxford University found that tigers have larger brains, lions may face difficulty to the varieties’ long reign as king of the jungle. “However, the cranial volume of a tiger is more significant than that of a lion.

3. Is the tiger afraid of lions?

Answer: The University of Minnesota’s Lion Research (UMLR) Center says the plan has been delayed because of fears that native tigers will kill the lions. But in the wild, he says, tigers and lions fight pretty differently. However, a lion alliance of 2-3 males would have a clear advantage over a lone tiger.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the National Animal Tiger Essay, ask in the comments section.

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