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Birthday, TAdaaa! The most exciting day of everyone’s life. A day full of fun and eat. Here in this essay paper, we are going to cover a birthday topic that is My most memorable birthday, so let’s jump into the topic!

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Birthdays are a lot of fun. Your friends come together to celebrate your life and have a great time together. In my short life, I have seen a few birthdays. For the most part, they have been all the same. My parents send out the invitations, my friends dress up and come at the appointed hour, we eat a lot of food, play a lot of games and have a lot of fun.

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One of the problems with birthdays though, all the good ones seem to melt together. It is hard to distinguish one birthday from another. They all seem to have a common theme and one good party is the same as the one previous to it and the one previous to that one.

Sometimes it is hard to pick one but not this time. I have one particular birthday that has stood out in my memory and while it does not haunt me it does not leave my memory banks. It is just kind of there reminding me that not all birthdays are memorable for good reasons. This particular birthday was not marred by accidents, injuries, or disasters. And the memorable part came after it was over.

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It all took place on my 19th birthday, a year out of high school. I was a freshman in college at the time and my friends who attended were my classmates. It was not an exotic affair, just friends gathering together to celebrate a birthday over a nice dinner in town.

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None of us had a car so we took the bus to the restaurant. This particular restaurant was not that expensive but it was very birthday friendly. That allowed us to have a good time without disturbing other dinner guests. I do not remember what we ate but it was good. That much I do remember about the food. the cake was shaped like a heart because my birthday falls on Valentine’s Day.

I have become tired of heart-shaped cakes as I seem to have one every year. My birthday wishes now are to get a different shaped cake next year. Before they presented me with their gifts they had to sing Happy Birthday to me which I appreciated but thought they could have skipped that part.

Of course, they did not have to but friends being friends always give something nice to their buddy on their birthday. This part I enjoyed immensely but it did not separate this particular day from all the previous ones. I always received gifts n my birthday.

I am not sure how long the party lasted but it could not go to late as our college had a curfew and we had to be back by 10 or we would be in trouble, birthday or not. By all accounts, this was not a memorable birthday. It was the standard party most people receive on their special day. Good friends just gathered together for a great time of fun and food.

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What made it memorable was the news I received after I returned to my college dorm room. My family had called with sad news. One of my best childhood friends had passed away earlier that night. We were friends since before we went to elementary school and we faced school life together. He was more outgoing than I and he had a lot of friends.

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What made it hard to fathom was my friend did not have a dangerous or contagious disease. Nor did he take a lot of risks when participating in different activities. No, he died of appendicitis. It had burst before the doctors could save him.

Maybe I would have understood it better if he had not died from such a simple medical procedure. There are times I think about my friend and that keeps this birthday standing out above all the rest.

So how was this essay on My Most Memorable Birthday, do share your thoughts on the comment section, I will love to see your comments!

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