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If life could only be as simple as following a recipe, we’d all be much happier. However, unlike food based recipes, life doesn’t provide you with standardized ingredients as each lives their unique life.

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It means we must ‘cook’ with what we have and see what we can come up with it. Depending on our knowledge of our ingredients and the objective we wish to will establish how difficult it would be to ‘cook up’ our desired results.

However, just like cooking…life has a lot of similarities. For instance, while some people like to follow the recipe to the core, others like to experiment with the ingredients creating their unique take on something that might have been passed down from generation to generation. We can see this as the traditionalist versus the progressive. One likes to keep the way things are while the other doesn’t fear to embark in new terrains.

Neither of these two options is necessarily wrong, especially if the final result remains a tasty dish that will remember.

Now, speaking about my favorite recipe, I think it’s difficult to pinpoint. Similar to life, I like variety however if I were forced to think of my absolute favorite recipe it would have to be my stew.

You see, a stew is just like life, a mix of different elements that come together to make something truly delicious. Additionally, making stew isn’t difficult. It’s almost like making soup except instead of leaving it watery we thicken it up with milk and flour.

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Stew – The Dish of Life

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I usually make my stew with a wide variety of vegetables, spices and tie it together with a thick sauce. So what you’ll need to make your very own stew will be the following:

  • Two chopped Potatoes or 7 small full potatoes
  • 1 Onion
  • Carrots
  • Corn on the cob
  • Garlic
  • Green pepper
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomato
  • Zucchini
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Knorr Beef Broth
  • A half a kilo of beef (chopped in blocks)
  • Assorted Herbs and Spices
  • Milk
  • Flour

The process is quite simple.

First, you fill up a big cauldron with water. Don’t fill it up too much because the vegetables will be taking up space.

Then, you’ll begin to through in all the plants based on how long they cook. I usually dump in the onions, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob and a block of beef broth at first. Then, I wait for about 30 minutes before I dump in the mushrooms, green peppers, garlic, and tomatoes in it.

At this stage, I take out a frying pan and start to brown the meat cubes. It’s recommended to spice the beef cubes before throwing it into the water. Some people like to skip this bit. However, I find that pre-spicing the meat makes it a lot tastier.

Once you have finished browning the meat, you throw it in with the rest of the mixture. Add some salt and pepper at this stage as well.

After about an hour or so, it’s time to thicken the entire dish. The way to do this is to take a bit of flour, like 1/8th of a cup and 3/4th of milk and mix it well. Be sure to get rid of all the clumps of flour in the mixture.

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Once mixed, add it to the stew, and you’ll instantly see the color change to a light brownish color. If you want it thicker, just repeat the milk/flour mixture step and add it to the mix. Don’t overdo it either; it needs to be thick, but not so thick it’s solid.

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And in about 20 more minutes you should be ready to eat your very own stew.

The Stew of Life

Why do I think stew is most representative of life? Because just like stew, life comes with different elements (people, places, opportunities) and they are all mixed. Some take longer to mature than others, meaning that you need to understand the purpose of each ingredient before cooking.

We learn that certain things synergize. We hear it takes patience to get the right things in life, just like a stew.

Each and every single ingredient is important to achieve the final result. A life fully lived is like a stew that has brewed to perfection, it’s a divine gift we should all enjoy.

I hope that throughout this essay, recipes help us achieve our goals, and while life doesn’t come with a recipe book, we do have teachers, masters, and parents that provide us with some insight. Sometimes we should follow their advice, and at other times we should simply do our own thing. If in the end, your stew tastes as magnificent as your life… you’ve done a spectacular job!

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