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My Favourite Animal – Essay 1


Humans are fond of animals. With some of the significant dreams in life, owning a pet is also one. Pets are not only a sense of happiness, but they also prove to be a family member.

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Though there are several dangerous species, humans adopt the ones that are among the least dangerous. People train their pets. The training is given by either the owner himself or someone virtuoso. It helps them to behave as similar to humans and even to be more familiar with human life.

Let us see some of my favorite animals. Those like the animals a lot, but dogs, rabbits, and horses are my favorite ones.

My Favourite Animal – Dogs

To start the list with the most common pet which I believe in. The dog comes first. Dogs are a sense of security and love for humans. Some people opt for dogs because of their wealthy lifestyle, some to increase their security. However, for some, it is the sense of love.

My favorite animal is a dog. I love dogs because they are very loyal. They have very soft skin, and I love to move my hand on their furry body.

I still remember the day when my father gifted me with a dog. It was my 10th birthday, and on that birthday, my father gave me such a precious gift.

I like to have fun with my dog. I usually play with him, and when I am sad, he sits by my side, and that makes me happy.

Dogs have a sense of love, are food friends, and are smart investigators. Investigation Department keeps Dogs as a security agent to find a critical solution to a problem. Dogs are too smart that they catch up the things very quickly.

Dogs with intelligent power are trained and used by the police and army to smell the traces of criminals and, in the investigation, work either indoor or outdoor.

Dogs are among those rare pets who do not care for their own life when serving their master. They are ready to die in a hard situation just to save their master’s life.

When we talk about the fooding habits of Dogs, they usually love to eat meat, fruits, fish, rice, bread, and other eatables.

All these capabilities of dogs make me love them so much.

My Favourite Animal – Rabbit

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My favorite animal is Rabbit. Rabbits are so beautiful that people like to keep them as their pets. For some houses, Rabbits are the center of attraction.

They have long ears, soft furry body, and twitchy noses. Rabbits also love to chew on everything. With such smallmouth and their regular chewing habits, it seems even cuter.

Their favorite fruit includes fresh vegetables, grass, and some fruits like pineapple.

When we talk about their sleeping habits, Rabbits usually sleep during day and night and are awake at the time of dawn and dusk.

My Favourite Animal – Horses

Another capable animal who is always ready to take on the fear is Horse.

We often talk about dogs when it comes to training and security. However, Horses are also capable of helping humans in those tough times.

Though horses are not as intelligent, they are as fast as the wind, in some situations. People may ride on the back of horses either to cover a certain distance or to fulfill their habits.

I love horses because there is a real example of bravery. In past times, horses were used in battles to chase the enemy or to kill them.

On the other hand, horse riding is another luxury habit nowadays. People are fond of horse riding, and they even keep them as a pet at the homes.

Love for horses will never end because of its friendly nature. It is beneficial and useful to human society. Like all other big animals, i.e., camel and elephant, horses are also used t carry loads. Horses are beautiful and brilliant creatures. Their highly bushy tails always mesmerize everyone and is a center os attention.

Horses are of many colors like white, black, brown, golden, burgundy, or a mix of any two of these. It is a tall animal and comes under the mammal category.

If you own a horse, you will realize how quick this mammal is. Horses are very aware and alert of the surroundings. In addition, when we about its power, horses have a majesty body, which is so powerful that it can even break the door within seconds.

Horses are known around the world for their sharp memory and intelligent power. Along with being a smart animal, horses are a real example of calmness. They genuinely love peace and harmony.

You ever wondered how horses are too fast! The durable and long limbs of horses help them to speed up as fast as possible and to travel distance within a short period. Because of their strength and endurance, they are used to fight wars. We can consider them as the right worriers.

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They are considered as a symbol of royalty because of their beauty,

Along with their features, god also has provided them with an add on advantage of universal shoes. These shoes help them to run on any kind of surface, i.e., either uneven or plain.

To sum up, horses are fore – footed gentle domestic animal. They can be tamed easily with polite nature.


With thousands of species around the globe, these are few which can be trained and treated a friend. It is made possible just because of the nature and intelligence power of the animal.

Humans are considered as the wonderful creatures made by god. Animals also lie in the same bracket. When tamed and treated properly, both the humans and the animals could be of great use.

However, we should be well aware of these animals. This is true that they are helpful and friendly, but sometimes, because of diseases and disorders, they may harm their master. Though this is too rare to happen, the precautions taken in advance are of great importance.

Be aware and treat well! We have got wonderful gifts from god.

My Favourite Animal – Essay 2

Here is a collection of short essays on the topic – My Favourite Animal.

1) Dog

My favourite animal is dog. I like dogs because they are very loyal. I love to pet dogs and move my hand through their soft fur. A dog is a loving companion for life.

This is a picture of me with my pet dog Casper. I have great fun playing with him every day. My pet dog sits by my side when I am unhappy. He is the most precious gift I have received for my birthday.

My Favourite Animal - Dog
I have great fun playing with my dog every day.

2) Cat

My favourite animal is cat. They are the cutest pets in the world! I love their wet noses and fluffy tails. The paws of cats are like soft cotton balls. Most of all, I like the fact that cats are always curious and distracted. This makes them very silly and funny at the same time.

My Favourite Animal - Cat
Cats are the cutest pets in the world.

3) Turtle

My favourite animal is a turtle. I have a pet turtle that lives in a terrarium at home. We change the water in the terrarium frequently, as this keeps my pet healthy. My turtle is always hungry and likes to eat the canned turtle food we buy for him. Watching him swim around in the terrarium is a very beautiful sight.

My Favourite Animal - Turtle
I have a pet turtle that lives in a terrarium at home.

4) Rabbit

My favourite animal is rabbit. They have beautiful long ears, twitchy noses, and soft furry bodies. Rabbits love to chew on everything, and their favourite food includes grass, fresh vegetables, and fruits like pineapple. Rabbits usually sleep during the day and night. They are awake at dusk and dawn.

My Favourite Animal - Rabbit
Rabbits have beautiful long ears, twitchy noses, and soft furry bodies.

5) Horse

My favourite animal is a horse. They are herbivorous animals that feed on hay, grass, herbs, and some vegetables. Horses can form friendships with humans, as they are social animals. They are known for their majestic movements and speed.

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My Favourite Animal - Horse
Horses can form friendships with humans.
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