Essay On My Favourite Animal | My Favourite Animal Essay for Students and Children in English


Essay On My Favourite Animal: People of ages are very fond of animals. Everyone likes to spend time with their pets. Being in the same environment with your beloved pets can cheer you up when you feel low and have a companion to confide in. Just like people, animals too show their affection through many gestures.

Though we know that there are several dangerous animal species, humans commonly adopt some of the least dangerous ones. Many train their pets. They teach them little tricks and also to behave to get more familiar with human life.

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Long And Short Essays On My Favourite Animal for Students and Kids In English

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Long Essay On My Favourite Animal 500 Words In English

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Unlike humans, animals respond with all their love and affection. They would never harm us with malicious intentions. Regardless of its birds or animals, pets have a special bond with their masters.

But when one asks me which is my most favourite animal in this world—a dog always comes to my mind first. Dogs wrap a blanket of security and love for humans. Many adopt dogs because of their wealthy lifestyle, some to increase their home’s security. However, many do it for their unconditional love for these furry friends.

One of the features that make me love dogs is their loyalty towards their master or companion. I still remember the day that my father adopted a dog into our family of four. My dog, Zozo, is now our 5th family member. A dog’s loyalty is unprecedented.

Most dogs have a very soft fleece of fur, and, it makes it so comforting to pet their soft body. They share their warmth with us emotionally and physically as they are one of the most affectionate among all the domestic animals.

I like to have fun and play with my dog. I usually go on regular walks with him, and whenever I am sad, he sits by my side, and that comforts me with his cute antiques. I feel dogs understand human emotions better than some humans themselves.

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Dogs have a great sense of love, but they are way more than some cuddly buddy. Dogs are super smart too, with a killer sense of smell and sight and sharp instincts. There are several breeds to these animals, and, all of them have unique features and characteristics.

Some breeds of dogs like German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Bloodhound, Dutch Shepherd, and the retriever breeds are trained to be in the police. Investigation Departments keep Dogs as a security agent to find a critical solution to a problem.

Dogs are pretty smart that they catch up the things very quickly. These trained police dogs find and detect things like drugs or search up human body scents with their strong olfactory senses. They also amp up the security of every household.

When we talk about a dog’s eating habits, they are all carnivorous and, so they love to eat meat, fish, rice, bread, and a few other eatables.

Few super loved breeds of dog are the Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Beagles, Poodles, Rottweilers, German Shorthaired Pointers, and Yorkshire Terriers.

If you ever decide to adopt or even buy a dog, remember it’s a great responsibility. Dogs are super loyal and lovable, so, you ought to love and care for them as much as they love you. Dogs deserve all the love and care from their masters.

To conclude my essay on my favourite animal, I would like to say that all animals are precious and we should love and respect all of them as they are as much a big part of this world as we are.

Essay About My Favourite Animal

Short Essay On My Favourite Animal 150 Words In English

Short Essay On My Favourite Animal is helpful to students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

A dog is a furry mammal who walks in all its four limbs and we humans are already very familiar with this creature. They are my favourite animal and are found across the globe in different breeds. They are the most common household pet.

People generally like dogs because of their faithfulness, intelligence, watchfulness or just their extremely adorable looks and lovable behaviour. They are one of the smartest species of domestic animals with sharp sense and smell and sight.

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They provide security in a household. Few breeds of dogs are also trained in the police and military to assist them in catching criminals. Few prevalent breeds of dogs are German shepherd, retrievers, bulldogs, poodles, beagles, etc.

Dogs are super loyal to us humans and are great companions in general. Therefore, they are rightly called “Man’s best friend”. So we should take care of them and give them the ample amount of love that they deserve.

10 Lines On My Favourite Animal Essay In English

  1. Dogs are furry mammals who walk in all fours and have sharp teeth and a tail.
  2. Dogs are super faithful and loyal to their masters.
  3. A dog is an intelligent pet.
  4. Dogs are of different colours, usually brown, black, white and reddish-brown.
  5. Dogs are of different sizes too.
  6. Dogs are of various breeds and are found globally.
  7. Dogs are carnivorous.
  8. A dog has powerful sight and smelling senses.
  9. A dog is the best security guard, as they are great at policing.
  10. Most dogs are very cautious while sleeping, and they wake up at the slightest movement.

10 Lines on My Favourite Animal

FAQ’s on My Favourite Animal Essay

Question 1. Which is the lowest maintenance dog?

Answer: Greyhounds are quite low maintenance. Surprisingly these stars of the racecourse are amongst the most low maintenance dogs.

Question 2. Are dogs colour blind?

Answer: Dogs don’t see in black and white, but they are what we would call “colour-blind,” meaning they have only two-colour receptors (called cones) in their eyes, whereas most humans have three.

Question 3. How old should a puppy before I can take him home?

Answer: 8 weeks of age.

Question 4. What family does a dog belong to?

Answer: The dog is a domesticated carnivore of the family Canidae. It is part of the wolf-like canids.

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