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Marriage is that beautiful relationship that we all, at some point of time in our lives, want to be part of. There are so many romantic movies that we see and then so much that we think about, but then there is a different opinion about it as well. There are some who think marriage is just a bond that ties people by force. No matter what the opinion of people be, we shall today have a look at some of the questions related to marriage and their possible answers.

What is the attitude towards marriage in your country?Marriage is regarded a very sacred relationship in my country. When two people decide to get married, either by their own choice or by their parents wish, it is usually a big deal and you can see preparations starting off months before the actual day of marriage. People, families and everyone reunites and it is more very glamarous and yet traditional.

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What are some of the advantages of marriage?

Marriage, according to me, brings a lot of stability in a person. So, like I have seen so many broken and shattered people regaining life after marriage. They know that there is someone to comfort them and it is really beautiful. You can share your sorrows and happiness. Yes, this is possible even when you are not married, but with commitment, I think comes more of love.

What are some of the disadvantages of marriage?

I think it depends on the person you get married to. So, if the person is too bossy and you don’t love your partner, it is a living hell. There have been cases of depression, marital rapes and lot more and it usually happens because the society burdens the individual with the relationship. So, like may be the marriage did not turned out well, it becomes difficult for people to get out of it, which makes it a issue.

Do you think people should be allowed to get divorced?

I think definitely yes. Often, it so happens that we get married but get to know the different shades of the person later on, which they might have been hiding for such a long time. May be it become intolerable and I think every individual should have the full right to do what they want to with their lives. Not allowing people to take divorce may take away the liberty from the individual.

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Do you plan on getting married?

Well, I think I am too young for that. Right now, my entire focus is on making myself a better individual, capable of taking better decisions. So, that is where the focus lies. But, definitely if I ever fall in love, I will get married.

What presents are suitable for weeding in your country?

Well, most people give things that help the new wedded couple in starting a new life. So, you can see people giving clothes, cookery items, furniture, etc. Some even go on to give lavish gifts like a holiday tour. But, it all depends on how close the individual is with the couple getting married.

Do you think money spent on wedding is wasted?

I think too an extent yes. But then for those whom wedding is a very big deal, I don’t think there is any problem in doing a wedding in grand size. After all it is an individual choice.


Why do non-religious people choose to get married in churches?

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I think because when you are getting married in a church there is no religion as such involved. Obviously, Christianity is there but then the vows that people take there are more of individual and away from lot of customs which often come along with a Hindu marriage.

How long should a couple wait before getting married?

I believe at least a couple of years, so may be like 2 or 3 years. Because, in that period of time, you get to know enough of the person. Although, one can never guarantee of what is going to happen, but still if you know a person for more than three years, I believe you know them enough to actually go on and lead a beautiful life together.

What is the secret of a successful marriage?

Well, I thought it is trust and love and care but I have now come to realize that for any relationship to work there is only one thing required and that is determination. One has to have that firm will that no matter what, I am going to spend my life with this person. Because, when you have that sort of will it becomes easier to live life. Obviously, this will should be from both sides, else it turns out to be a mere obsession. Also, I think it is important that people talk. Because, when couples stop talking to each other, half of the relationship is then and there over.

Should unhappy couples get divorced?

I believe, one should give their 100 percent to a relationship. So, if the relationship is not working, I think first step should be an attempt to make it work out. But, if one sees no hope or their are trust issues, I think it is better to get divorced.


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