Letter for Booking Room in Hotel


Sample letter to the hotel for booking of rooms for stay, meeting, date, etc. You are writing a letter to the hotel manager for room booking with advance payment online locally or in an abroad country. Usually, hotels book rooms in advance because, on the spot, there may be no place. So you can use the below letters to book rooms for your boss, company, party, partner, event, or any other purpose.

Letter to Book a Family Room in Hotel

Dear Sir,

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I would like to book a family room at your hotel where we will stay during the tour. Please book a room with a double bed and email me the details so I can pay for it.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Booking Hotel Room Message Sample (Revisiting Same Hotel)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am planning to come to (name of the place) again on (date) for three days. Staying at your hotel during the first visit was a great experience, hopefully, it will still be good. But this time I am coming on a solo visit for which it would be better if I could get a single bedroom. Please book my room and don’t forget to give me the same deal as before. I will be grateful to you.

Regards,Your Name

Email Letter for Booking of Executive Hotel Room

Dear Manager,

I want to book two hotel rooms for our company guests from (date to date) with breakfast, lunch, and dinner services in any of your restaurants. Kindly share the available room details with the rates and payment mode. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Hotel Room Booking Confirmation Letter

Dear Manager,

Thank you very much for sharing the details of the room’s availability and rates. I want to confirm the room number (mention the numbers) with services. Your rates are relatively higher than my expectations, and I request a discount on the final payment. Kindly acknowledge the confirmation. I will be grateful to you.

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Your name

Write an Email Letter to Reserve a Room in Hotel

The hotel manager (Room Reservation)

Dear Sir,

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I am writing this email to reserve a room for tomorrow. I will visit your city for a business tour, and I’ll need a place to stay. Your hotel has a good reputation for the services you provide. Hence, I would like to book a room for two days in my name. The room should be airy and well-maintained.

I will pay the charges as soon as I arrive there.


Yours Sincerely,


Letter for Hotel Resrvation Confirmation

The Manager,Pearl Continental.

Dear Sir,

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I wish to apply for a reservation of two rooms in your hotel on 30th November. As we have planned our trip to the hill station at the start of the summer vacation for our children, we need to stay in two-room, i.e., one for the couple, and the other for children. Furthermore, you are requested to please complete the reservation process and let me know its confirmation by tomorrow so that I can apply for leaves in my office. I am also depositing the room charges online through the internet banking facility as mentioned on your website.

Thanking You,

Marlowe Conrad

Letter format for Booking a Hotel Room

The manager, Sea View hotel, LA

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Dear sir,

I am writing this letter to you to reserve a room in your hotel. I want a double bedroom with an internet connection and in-room services. I will be arriving in LA on 5th June, and our departure date will be 9th June. I am informing you of this a month before to avoid any inconvenience. I have attached my ID card copy along with this letter. Thanks


MR. Mark John, Miami

Letter to Confirm Booking of Room in Hotel

The Edge HotelUnited States of America

Respected Staff,

I am William. I booked a room yesterday for the stay of 3 people. I am writing this letter to confirm my booking status as I will be arriving this afternoon, and I need to get the room immediately. So kindly inform me about the status of my booking process.

I hope you will reply to me soon as to save me from any inconvenience.

Thank you


Rooms Reservation Email to Hotel Manager

The Manager,Hotel Name

Dear Sir,With my friends, who live across the country, I want to visit the infamous hike mountains and the snow. So I searched for a hotel where we could stay and read about the facilities you provide and the customer ratings. I hope we find your services the best in town.

I would therefore happily like to book three rooms for almost nine persons throughout the Christmas break, kindly reply with the confirmation.

I can plan the advance payment for the bookings as well.

With thanks,Your Name

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Email Letter for Booking of Hotel Room

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