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This part is 5-6 minutes You will probably be with one other student One examiner asks you some questions. The other listens. You should be able to: – talk about where you come from and what you do (job or studies). – answer general personal questions, e.g. about family and friends. – Answer questions about your daily life, interests and likes. – In Part 1, it is important to know the alphabet in English. You may have to spell your name or address.

~ Try to think of at least two more questions for each topic

TOPIC 1. Giving personal information1. Whats your name, please? 2. Could you spell your surname for me, please? 3. What town do you come from? 4. And whats your address? 5. How do you spell that, please?a) b)

TOPIC 2. SCHOOL6. Whats the name of your school? 7. Do you like going to school?8. How many subjects do you have at school?9. What is your favorite subject?10. Do you have much homework at home?11. Do your teachers often give you much homework?12. How much time do you spend doing your homework every day?13. Do you have to take extra classes?14. How do you travel to school every day?15. How long is your summer vacation?a) b) TOPIC 3. AT HOME16. How many people are there in your family?17. Do you have a large family?18. Do you have any brothers and sisters?19. Do you have a pet?20. How often do you do housework?21. Do you have your own room?22. What is your favorite room in the house?a) b) TOPIC 4. HOBBIES AND INTERESTS23. What sort of music do you like?(movie) / (TV programme)24. Do you often listen to music in your free time? (watch movies) / (watch TV)25. What is your favorite song? / type of music? (movies) / (TV channel)26. Do you have a computer at home?27. How often do you surf the Internet?28. Are you interested in shopping?29. What do you often go shopping for?30. Do you usually read books?31. What kind of book is your favorite?a) b) TOPIC 5. FREE TIME32. What do you usually do at weekends? 33. What do you do in your spare time?34. Do you have much free time?35. What did you do last weekend/yesterday? Did you enjoy yourself?36. What are you going to do next weekend? a) b)


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TOPIC 6. TRAVELLING37. What do you think of your hometown? 38. Which other towns have you visited in your country? 39. Have you travelled to another country? 40. Which country would you like to visit? Why? 41. Did you go away on holiday last year? 42. What did you do on holiday? 43. Have you ever been to other towns in (your country)? 44. Where are you going on holiday this/next year? 45. Do you like travelling? Why/Why not?a) b)

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TOPIC 7. SPORTS46. Do you play any sports?47. Do you like sports?48. Who do you often play [sports] with?49. Are you sporty?50. Are you good at sports? / What sports are you good at?51. Do you often watch sports on TV?52. Do you think playing sports is necessary?53. Are you a member of any sports team?54. What do you think is the most popular sport in the world? / In your country? / Hometown?55. What is the most expensive sport, do you think? / dangerous?56. What is your favorite team sport? / sport star?57. What do you do to keep fit?58. Do you often do exercise?a) b) TOPIC 8. FOOD AND NUTRITIONS59. What is your favorite food?60. What did you eat this morning?61. What do you often eat for breakfast? [lunch / dinner]62. Do you often eat fast food?63. Are you a good cook?64. At what times do you usually eat your meals?65. Did you have breakfast / lunch today?66. Do you always eat vegetables?67. Do you always eat dinner with your family?68. Do you eat fruit every day?69. How often do you eat in a restaurant? (How often do you eat out?)70. Is there any food that you really dislike to eat?71. What food do you think is unhealthy?a) b)


TOPIC 9. FRIENDSHIP72. Who is your best friend?73. Why do you like him / her?74. What do you often talk to him / her about?75. Do you have a lot of friends?76. When / Where do you play with your friends?77. Why do you think a friend is necessary?78. What qualities do you think is necessary for a true friend?79. How often do you hang out with friends?

TOPIC 10. HEALTH AND FITNESS80. Do you pay much attention to your health?81. Do you often visit a dentist?82. Do you do exercise every day?83. Do you often catch a cold?84. What should people do to keep fit, do you think?85. Are you in a good health condition?86. How many meals do you have each day?

TOPIC 11. EVERYDAY LIFE87. What time do you often get up?88. What do you often do in the morning? [afternoon / evening?]89. What time do you go to bed?90. Do you have a timetable?91. Do you often stay up late?92. Do you watch TV every day?LONGER TALKS93. Talk about your family / class.94. Talk about your daily life.95. Talk about your hometown.96. Talk about your house or flat. 97. Talk about your diet. 98. Talk about your best friend.99. Talk about your favorite films, books, TV programmes, sports.100. Talk about your favorite travelling cinemaboxhd.orgCVIET., JSCPage 1

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