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A joining letter is written to the employer on account of accepting the job offer. The joining letter states the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the business/ company and also the candidate’s acknowledgment.

In the joining letter, the employee should write the joining date, hours of work, and many more. If a candidate does not want to accept the job then just write the reason for not accepting the job. A candidate can also write an email which is better than verbal communication.

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A joining letter should contain certain information in order to be effective. This includes the name of the person receiving the letter, designation, and address. If an offer letter is enclosed, the reference number should be included. The joining letters should also include any documents that are needed to start working. If the documents are not available immediately, they should be noted in the letter. The joining letter format should begin with the date and the receiver’s address. The next line should include the subject.

If the joining letter is for a job, it is important to provide information on the job. A simple letter can help convey your message to the applicant. The following are some suggestions for writing a joining-letter: *Stay away from grammatical errors. Arial and Times New Roman fonts are excellent options for this type of letter. Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling. If you’re unsure of any of the words or phrases, rephrase them or make them as simple as possible.

A joining letter should begin with a formal salutation. The salutation should include the person’s full name, designation, and official address. You should also add a subject line that says if you’re accepted or not. The letter should end with a statement expressing gratitude for the opportunity. This shows the employer that you value the new position and look forward to working with them. This is also an opportunity for you to showcase your skills and talents.

Joining Letter Samples

The candidate’s first impression, etiquette, and moral values come through in the joining letter. The letter is agreed by the HR administrator or the administration. The letter is addressed to the manager, these letters are signed with the letterhead. If the company’s work location is mentioned, the candidate needs to make several copies of the letter and send the letter to the location via post.

A joining letter is a bunch of happiness for an employee. When an employee joins an office the letter he gets at the time of joining as proof that he is an employee of the organisation is known as the joining letter. Here in this article, we have posted the various samples of joining letter. these joining letters are very much helpful for the candidates.

The format of the letter cannot be changed, all the topics mentioned below must be present in a joining letter:

  1. Address (of the receiver)
  2. Date of issue
  3. Subject of the letter
  4. Salutation
  5. Body and conclusion


Joining letter helps to convey the most conventional particulars of the candidate to the company/ business that offered the job. A good joining letter directly links the candidate to good career communication skills. Joining letter is generally written in response to an offer letter or an employment letter mentioning the terms and conditions of the company/ business. These joining letters are given by the company to there employee.

Since different occupations require different types of joining letters, read further to know their format.


A consolidation letter is presented to the organization after the candidate has been selected for the position. The letter necessarily has to mention the date of commencement/ joining the firm. The candidate has to make sure he/she analyses the following elements in the joining letter before submitting it to the organization:

  1. To check if the letter is intelligible and appropriate.
  2. To check for any linguistic or extraordinary errors.
  3. To check if the candidate’s opinions are short-lived.
  4. To evade the usage of inappropriate language, terminologies and practical expressions.
  5. To check the letter format and if everything is placed correctly.


Following is the format:

Date and place:


Recipient’s Name

Address of the recipient

Subject: Joining letter


Ref: Appointment letter number and date

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Subject body paragraph 1

Subject body paragraph 2

Yours sincerely/ faithfully,

Your Name

(signature and address)


1) –

2) –


The letter is not just about details and acknowledgement. Your joining letter determines the expectations the organization has from you. An accurately written joining letter will help you in many ways.


The essential elements of a joining letter for a job include:

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Contact details of the candidate
  • Terms and benefits

When the candidate receives the selection letter from the manager, he can make the choice of accepting or rejecting the offer. If the candidate accepts the job, he/she has to revert with a joining letter. The format of the joining letter for the job is given below:

Date: 21. 08. 2000

General Manager

Human Resource Department

Maratha Studio

30th cross, 5th main road, J.P Nagar

Bengaluru- 40

Subject: Joining letter

Sir/ Madam,

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Concerning your selection letter (letter no.) dated August 18th, 2020, I am happy to inform you that I want to join as a personal assistant in your studio. I abide by the rules and regulations of your company. I assure you that I will correctly perform my duties and responsibilities towards the company. I agree with the terms and conditions.

I request you to accept my joining letter.

Yours sincerely,

Elina Hazel


It is important to understand why a joining letter is essential. The letter contains all the basic details of the candidate which helps the company to understand how their requirements can be met. The joining letter must contain:

  • A consent letter
  • Terms and benefits
  • Job profile
  • Job details

These details are required in a joining letter, whereas, in a detailed selection letter, the following elements will be present:

  • Job title: The job position that the candidate applied for.
  • Salary: The salary decided by the company after negotiations will be confirmed by the candidate, he/she will further have to mention the confirmed salary in the appointment letter.
  • Commencement Date: The letter has to mention the date and time of commencement for the applicant to avoid confusion/ misunderstandings.
  • Conditions: Here, the applicant is informed about the terms and conditions of the company/ business for his job position. It could include hours per day, dress code, restraints etc.
  • Other Compensations: Here, the company mentions the rewards and bonuses that the applicant is capable of winning on account of reaching goals and completing tasks.


This is the format:


I (name of the candidate) hereby join the institution today on (date) after availing the (number of days) days earned leave/ commuted leave/ duty leave from (start date) to (end date).

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

(sign of the candidate)

(date of writing letter)

NAME (in capital letters)

ID no.:

Section/ Division:

Signature of Division head:


This letter is permitted for the applicant who has been selected to fill a teacher’s job position at a school. On receiving this letter, the candidate becomes a private member of the school. The letter contains the following elements:

  1. Address of the School
  2. Position and Salutation
  3. Date and Subject
  4. Body and Conclusion


Appointment letter is a proposal letter given to an applicant to join the organization. An employment letter is issued once the applicant confirms. The letter includes:

  1. Job title
  2. Job description
  3. List of contingencies
  4. Work profile and arrangement


  1. Offer letter:
  • Offers a position to the applicant
  • It is superficial
  • This letter is offered only after the interview process of the candidates/ applicants.
  1. Appointment letter:
  • This letter is a detailed employment contract between the candidate/applicant and the organization.
  • It is comprehensive.
  • This letter is offered only after the applicant’s probation period has been completed.

Here in this article we have written all the information related to joining letter we hope you find this article helpful. If you like the article do follow study woo.

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