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Joining Letter: Joining letter is a letter for the chosen candidate, revealing his willingness to accept the job, offered by the company’s owner. It might include the recognition of having a job also. The job hunt procedure ends with the joining letter of the selected applicant. After choosing a candidate, a company grants an employment letter mentioning the terms and job-profile of the designation. On getting the job guarantee from the company, the candidate may take or reject the job proposal.

A conventional knowledge delivered through a particular candidate to the organization with respect to job declaration is considered as a linking or a good career communication. It is issued whenever the specified candidate has continued at par with the employment letter declaring the profile and conditions of the occupation. Read on to find more about Joining Letter after transfer, Joining Report After Transfer, Joining Letter Copy, Joining Letter After Promotion, how to write joining letter.

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What is A Joining Letter – Format of Joining Letter

When a candidate receives the job proposal from the company and as a result, wants to join, he/she marks with a joining letter. The person starts his work as an operative of the community through the task that he undertakes. The appointment letter contains the following details like:

  • First impression
  • Etiquette
  • Moral values

Joining letters are signed with the letterhead addressed to the manager and agreed by the Administration or the HR Administrator, authorized to hire the candidate. In case the candidate gets the work location, he/she must mark a copy of the despatch and post it to the firm. The format must comprise:

  • Address to which the letter is sent
  • Date of issuing appointment letter
  • The subject of the letter
  • Salutation
  • Body and conclusion

How To Write a Joining Letter for School?

Before understanding how to write a letter in English, you must recognize whatever exactly is a joining letter. A conventional of letters delivered by the nominated interviewee to the corporation related to the job is termed as a joint letter or an occupation identification letter. It should contain the following:

  • A consent letter
  • Terms and benefits
  • Job details
  • Job profile

A professionally addressed appointment letter normally holds all the information one requires to know about that particular job, this includes important elements like

  • Job Title: The official employee’s designation and job role for that particular position.e
  • Commencement Date: The letter needs to inform the applicant of the starting date and time to avoid all possible misunderstandings.
  • Salary: The salary for the selected candidate is normally stated explicitly in the job appointment letter and the method of payments, frequency of payments, this will be important for the candidate to examine and accept or open a room for discussion if there will be any.
  • Conditions: Here are introduced all the rules to abide within that particular position, this can be dress codes, punctuality and all other kinds of restraints required for the position.
  • Other Compensation: These are the reward that will be presented by the company when certain objectives are reached, such kinds of rewards or compensation will also be listed in a job appointment letter.

These elements and more of others like holidays, benefits will all be described in this particular document.

Writing a job appointment letter can be an amazing and monotonous work to do, especially for one who is busy and requires no time to waste making this kind of documents. This is why you must use templates as examples that will guide you to make a professional joining letter.

Format on How to Write a Job Joining Letter in English

The format of a joining letter in College is as follows:


To Recipient’s Name, (Designation, Address).

Subject: Letter for Joining on Duty (An Intimation for Joining on Duty)

Dear/Respected Sir/Madam,

Ref: Appointment Letter Number and Date

Subject Body Para 1

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Para 2

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Yours faithfully/sincerely, Your Name, (Signature, Address)


1) —

2) —

Job Joining Letter Format After Earned Leave


I (Name of the candidate) hereby join the Institute today on (date) (Forenoon/Afternoon) after availing the (number of days) days earned leave/commuted leave/duty leave from (start date) to (end-date).

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Signature (Sign of candidate).

Date: (Date of writing letter).

Name (in capital letters).

ID No:


Signature of Head of the Division/Section

Joining Letter Sample Format

An outstanding job is not just about getting a joining letter. There appear to be many supplementary papers that you require to provide to your manager, among which joining letter is to be added. An accurately written joining letter can aid you to mark a notable mark in the view of your supervisor as well as the company. Here are some samples of such letters:

Joining Letter Format for Job

The job search procedure stops through the joining letter of the appointed candidate. After picking a contender, the company directs an appointment letter to communicate, declaring the terms and conditions of the work culture. On accepting the selection letter from the manager, the candidate may accept or else refuse the job proposal. Here is an attached sample:

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Date: 30.01.2020

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General Manager Human Resource Department Vijaya Rashtra Bank 30th Main, 6th Cross, Jayanagar Bangalore – 29

Subject: Joining Letter from Employer


Concerning your appointment letter (letter no.) dated March 1st, 2020, I am happy to inform you that I want to join as a Probationary Officer in your esteemed Bank admitting the terms and conditions specified in the appointment letter. I give the assurance that I shall correctly discharge my duties and responsibilities. I also promise you that I shall abide by all the rules and regulations of your organization.

I hope that you would be kind to grant my joining letter.

Yours Faithfully, (Mohan Kumar).

Individually appointment letters and the joining letter bestow an essential part in the growth of employment but are quite different concerning each other. An employment letter is an approved text issued by the organization to the candidate who has been selected probationally. The items one must-have on a joining letter are:

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Contact details
  • Terms and benefits

Job Joining Letter

The qualified candidate presents a consolidation letter to the organization declaring as evidence of getting into the job offered. It also describes the date of joining the firm. Though a piece of correspondence as well as additional authorities, the candidate need to present a letter of joining in a predefined format. The following is to be analysis before presenting a joining letter:

  • Confirm that your featured opinions are short-lived.
  • Keep it appropriate and intelligible.
  • Evade the usage of inappropriate language, terminologies and practical expressions.
  • Check for any linguistic and extraordinary errors.

Joining Letter for School Teacher Job

It is a permitted letter released from the company in the name of functioning. After getting this authorized text, he/she starts as a private member of the school/institute. The employee is supposed to go to the service at the appointed time, input his labor, as noted in the employee agreement of the firm. The Joining Letter Format for College Lecturer should be as follows:

  • Address of the school
  • Position and salutation
  • Date and subject
  • Body of letter
  • conclusion

Appointment Letter Format

A proposal letter is issued to give an applicant, the offer to join the organization. An employment letter is issued whenever a candidate joins the company, which is a confirmation of employment. It should include the following:

  • List of contingencies
  • Work profile and arrangement
  • Job title
  • Job description

Difference Between Offer Letter and Appointment Letter

Offer letterAppointment letter1. Offers a position1. Detailed employment contract2. Superficial2. Comprehensive3. Offered after interviews3. Offered after probationary period

FAQ’s On Joining Letter

Question 1. What is the joining letter?

Answer: Joining letter is a letter from the candidate showing his willingness to take the job is offered by an organization. It may comprise an acknowledgment of having an appointment letter also.

Question 2. Is joining letter and appointment letter the same?

Answer: Joining letter and appointment letter are the same, both the means that the person who received the offer has accepted it. When the applicant accepts the offer, an mail is sent to the new candidate for confirming the date of joining.

Question 3. How to write Transfer joining letter Format for a teaching job?

Answer: List of things while writing a Joining letter for the position of a teacher:

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  1. Address of the school
  2. Position and salutation
  3. Date and subject
  4. Body of letter
  5. Conclusion

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