Importance of Computer Essay | Essay on Importance of Computer for Students and Children in English


Importance of Computer Essay: Computers are an essential part of the modern era, and they are beneficial in various fields for various purposes. From education to the technical sector, libraries to railways, all the organisations have computers to serve the essential needs and goals. However, as every coin has two faces, the computers also have both benefits and disadvantages. But the importance of computers overpowers its disadvantages and makes it an essential part of modern lives.

Importance of Computer essay is essential for the students and adults to prepare well for the study purposes, speech and debate preparations, essay generations, and other needs. Importance of Computer essay contains various usages of computers in different fields like defence, medical, entertainment, business, communication, and others.

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Long and Short Essays on Importance of Computer for Students and Kids in English

We have formulated the essays for different word ranges to help serve various purposes. Here are three articles of the Importance of Computer essay in 300 words, 500 words, and 800 words.

Short Essay on Importance of Computer 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Importance of Computer is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Computers are an essential element in modern lives as everything around us depends highly on them. From the prominent business owners and entrepreneurs to the working professionals, students, and adults, everyone uses computers for various purposes. Due to computers’ expanded service, they are also taught to students in school life as a compulsory subject and then in higher education as an optional one. Computers are useful in enhancing the efficiency of any work and are also crucial for offering the best results. Thus, computers are an essential part of modern lives globally, and it is impossible to work in various fields without them.

Computers are used in different purposes to serve various needs, and thus it is impossible to deny their importance in the modern era. As the corporate World’s dependence on the computers for accomplishing multiple tasks, students can also use the computers for learning development and different mechanics, complete their assignments, access notes and study materials, and as a recreational source for playing games. The banking sector also makes use of computers for handling accounts of their clients and regular customers. Thus, it is evident how computers have their usage in various fields and how it made its way and became an essential part of modern organisations.

Computers emerged in the industry as a fantastic technology that reduced the manual burden of the people for performing various tasks, including the calculations, data handling, etc., but also improved the overall quality of the work done. The demand for computers is rising at a tremendous rate in the modern world. These are the machines that are utilised to the fullest among various sectors and industries. Computers are also a more secure and reliable option for data collection and storing, thus becoming the World’s preferred option. Furthermore, after being connected with another fantastic technological advancement, the internet, the usage and utility of computer increases even more. Several organisations and office across the Globe work only on computers. Thus we can also say that all our lives are entirely surrounded and assisted by computers in one way or another.

Computers are an essential part of the modern era and lives. In today’s World of Science and technology, computers are used in almost all the fields and sectors, and across the people of all age groups for serving various needs and purposes. Computers play a crucial role in people’s day-to-day activities, studying, gathering information, doing research, or completing any work or task. For entertainment purpose too, computers are utilised widely across the Globe. From school children to office goers and adults doing work from home, computers serve an extensive range of purpose and help the users in fascinating ways.

Computers are used in one way or the other for completing various tasks efficiently and for achieving the best results. The usage of computers has rapidly grown, and it has become an essential part of human life, without which most of the modern-day tasks are impossible to be completed.

A computer is a complex and modern machine capable of performing various tasks in just a fraction of a few seconds. It also provides more efficient results, in contrast to the human brain. For the education field, computers are essential for teaching and learning purposes. They are used for preparing presentations to be given while teaching and during any seminar. Computer-based learning, also known as the smart classes, is highly preferred in the modern era to ensure that the students capture the gist of all the topics and understand them well and that they do not skip faster from their mind.

Across the Globe, several prominent software works on the computer for helping the students enhance their skills and be the expert of any concerned matter. Additionally, the teachers can also use the computers to connect with the students quickly and seamlessly and motivate them to use it to browse various topics and understand them.

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Computers are essential in the medical field too as it helps keep records, take the X rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and others. They are also used while monitoring the patients admitted to any hospital, and keeping a check on them quickly and efficiently. Computers help the experts for space exploration programs and design the satellites that support the World to track various outer space activities. To create the spacecraft, control any mission, or gather the records of multiple bodies of outer space, computers are widely preferred.

Furthermore, computers are also useful in serving various purposes in the defence sector. They help maintain the weapons like missiles and control them while attacking any target to lower the chances of misses and wrong actions. Computers are thus very crucial and helpful to serve the purposes of saving human lives. Apart from these, computers are useful in finance matters in keeping the records of various transactions and making them more secure and reliable. They help serve the purposes that humans alone cannot and thus automate multiple tasks of modern lives.

Currently, imagining a world without computers and accomplishing any task without their assistance is impossible since they have marked their territories in almost all the fields and sectors to serve a wide range of purposes and satisfy an extensive array of needs.

Long Essay on Importance of Computer 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Importance of Computer is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Computers are an essential part of the modern lives that also serve as a useful information source for managing various organisations and accomplishing multiple tasks. This is a significant reason why a computer is a tool with a higher demand for almost all the businesses, including banking, entertainment, industry, education, and administration. It is also evident that even in governmental organisations and bodies, computers are beneficial for various tasks. The market of computer generation and delivery is rapidly thriving across the Globe. There are several larger computer systems present in all global organisations. There is no business or organisation that can function entirely independently without any support from the computers.

Computers are widely used in various sectors, and its usage can be subdivided according to the fields and sectors.

Usage of computer in businesses:

Computers are widely used machine for the businesses of both small and larger scale. Computers are often used in smaller businesses due to being a cheaper form of microcomputers. Since the companies every day have a lot of data to handle, computers ease the task for them more securely and reliably. Furthermore, it also gives a pace to the entire task, like the salary calculation, database management, and others. Computers also automate the task of assisting the staff and helping them to accomplish their daily tasks. Not only in the local businesses but the top MNCs across the Globe also make use of computers in an extensive rate, in fact, a few of them do not have any task that can be achieved without the use of the computers.

Usage of computers in finance and banking:

In the banking and finance sector, computers are used for data handling and processing for the customers’ savings accounts, loan-related matters, investments, interest collection, and various other factors. Banking sector effectively uses the computer systems to operate on the budges. Finance related matters are accomplished in lesser time with higher effectiveness using the computers. Furthermore, when using computers, transactions and other financial issues are handled more securely and reliably.

Usage of computers in education:

In the current era of science and technology becoming more advanced with each passing day, computers are even capable of replacing the books for knowledge gathering and learning. Smart classes are already a preferred mode of education in various institutions, and these are only possible because of the computers. The computers can completely change the way we study and are taught in the institutes and schools. Computers also help educational institutions handle various matters related to students’ fee, staff’s payments, and even in calculating results of the students quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, managing the books’ list in the libraries and other institutes’ records also gets easier using computers.

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Usage of computers in the medical sector:

Various medical organisations and institute use computers to handle the patients’ data and records, schedule the doctors and nurses, handle personal histories of the patients, etc. Computers are also used for monitoring the heart rate and blood pressure of the hospitalised patients, and while doing the X-rays, CT scan, MRI scan, and other tests. Use of computers in the medical field is also helpful in diagnosing some complex diseases and disorders. Most of the machines of medical purposes make use of computers in one way or the other.

Usage of computers in the legal sector:

Computers serve various purposes in the legislative processes. The most prominent use of the computers in preparing various legal documents, sending emails related to court hearings and court notices for any case, and others. Furthermore, the legislative sector’s computers also contain previous records of the criminals, thus helping the staff to use it whenever required and accessing it in no more than a second.

Usage of computers in government:

Computer usage is at a broader rate in the government sector for practising and implementing various administrative matters. Data collection and retrieval gets more comfortable using computers in this field. Computers also help the government in taxation matters and ease the entire task. Keeping a record of various things eases up too, utilising the machine in the sector. In various governmental organisations too, the role of the computer is rising rapidly for multiple purposes.

Usage of computers for entertainment:

Computers have become a fantastic source of recreation and entertainment in the modern-day. They are used to watch movies, play games, listen to music, or learn any matter if interest in an efficient manner. Computer parts are designed specially to coordinate with the required movements for all these purposes and serve the users best. Computers can now also analyse the images and help draw, do artwork, and other things of interest.

Computer usage in daily lives:

Computers are used in the daily lives for serving various needs. It also makes people’s lives more modern and fascinating and eases the day-to-day activities for them.

Importance of Computer Essay Conclusion

The rapid development of technology and various advancements in modern lives have made the computers an essential part of the daily lives. None of the sector present across the Globe can work and function seamlessly and effectively without using computers, and computers are the most vital aspects for various industries.

Importance of Computer essay contains a brief description of the facts, including computers in various fields. They help the people prepare a speech, debates, and other matters, or for the students to compose the essay for academic purposes.

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