How To Draw Life Cycle Of Silkworm Step By Step

19/05/2022 08:01 192

How do you draw a silkworm step by step? You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below Start by drawing the head in an irregular oval. Draw eyes and mouth by creating a dot at the bottom and a dot at the top right. Draw the body of the worm part at a […]

Thank Your Family and Friends for Food

18/05/2022 05:43 146

How to Say “Thanks for the food!” Thank you For the Food You Brought Maybe households are locked down these days for covid-19 reasons. Other people are stuck inside without a vehicle or access to a garden or store nearby, and rely on others to deliver groceries. How do you thank someone for saving your […]

Cricket Writer

18/05/2022 02:55 117

Welcome to my world dear reader, and thank you for dropping by. I am the Cricket Writer. I live Cricket. I breathe Cricket. I dream Cricket. You can call me a Cricket Fan, you can call me a Cricket Tragic, or you can dump me with the Cricket Obsessed, all of which will be true. […]

Step by Step Process of Manufacturing Bricks

18/05/2022 02:47 121

Bricks play a primary role in construction at all levels beginning from thatched roofs to multi-storeyed buildings. Over many years, the process of brick making has not changed except for minor refinements. Bricks are the oldest construction material which has been broadly used at present due to its durability, availability and low cost. Refined brick […]

How To Plan & Write IELTS Discussion Essays

18/05/2022 02:02 110

Students can find it difficult to identify IELTS discussion essays and often confuse them with either opinion essays or advantage and disadvantage essays. This is one of the issues I’ll be covering in this lesson. I’m also going to show you how to plan and write discussion essays step-by-step. Here’s what we’ll be covering: Click […]

Food Poisoning Complaint Response Letter

18/05/2022 01:47 120

A food poisoning complaint response letter is a formal letter, that is prepared by a restaurant, hotel, cafe, or any eating place, and is addressed to the customer, who has filed a complaint about getting food poisoning by eating the restaurant’s food. In this letter, the restaurant tries to respond to the customer’s complaint and […]

Letter to Municipal Corporation for Road Repair

18/05/2022 00:08 79

Sample format of letter to send to municipality commission to complaint to them about the condition of roads in your society, and how it is causing great discomfort to the citizens. Letter to Municipal Corporation for Road Repair To, The Municipal Corporation, XYZ Society. Dear Sir, It is stated that I am a resident in […]

Request Letter for Admission to School Principal

17/05/2022 21:13 124

Sample Request Letter for Admission to School Principal for a pre-school, special school, Prep school, and nursery school. You can use this request letter to the college principal or admission to the university. Samples are available written by parents and by the students themselves. Request Letter to School Principal for Admission After You Failed in […]

The ideal parent

17/05/2022 20:43 70

Parents play an important role in the life of a child. Advanced technology and the influence of peers have greatly affected children’s behavior of modern time. Therefore, the parent endowed with traits will know how to educate their children so they have an exceptional personality and behaviour . I do not think that there are […]

A visit to a library

17/05/2022 16:05 70

I visited a public library recently. It was not in my constituency. It was housed in a great new building, in a large and well appointed room. I was told it was not about to close. It was run by friendly Council staff. Money had been found to set it up and keep it going. […]

Sports In India Essay | Essay on Sports In India for Students and Children in English

17/05/2022 15:17 63

Sports In India Essay: India is a country with a billion-plus population but in the field of games and sports it is not able to show up even against countries that are as small as one of the country’s states. At the recently held world cup Hockey at Kuala Lumpur India lost against South Korea […]

Essay on Bicycle for Students and Children | 10 lines on Bicycle

17/05/2022 14:10 79

A bicycle is a type of vehicle with two wheels and works without external power. It moves on by paddling on its paddles sitting on it. It is a convenient mode of transport for short-distance travel and has no cost to travel. Have you used a bicycle? In this essay, I would discuss the bicycle […]