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How To Write an IELTS Bar Chart Essay

09/04/2022 03:36 127

There are 5 steps to writing a good IELTS bar chart essay: 1) Analyse the question 2) Identify the main features 3) Write an introduction 4) Write an overview 5) Write the details paragraphs Use this simple planning process as you practice writing IELTS bar chart essays and you’ll have no problem remembering it in […]

IELTS Academic vs General Training: Whats the Difference?

08/04/2022 20:45 101

There are many things I suggest that test-takers do before taking the IELTS exam, including doing research on the format and content of the exam, talking to others who have taken the exam, taking an online or face-to-face prep course, and more. Another thing to consider is which version of the exam you’ll take – […]

IELTS Exam and Fees in USA

08/04/2022 17:23 117

The IELTS exam fee in USA ranges between $245-255 USD. It’s based and paid for in the local currency so there are no currency exchange issues. There are over 50 test venues and centres in the USA, found in universities, language schools and community colleges. Checking IELTS Exam Fee in USA To check what the […]

200 Exam Wishes – Best Wishes For Exam

08/04/2022 15:35 113

Exam Wishes: It’s a special day when our beloved someone like any of our family members, students, lover, friends, or relatives have to sit for their exams. Whether it is a final exam for school, college or job, skills, or any test, just tell them to believe in themselves and want their success and good […]

IELTS Writing 3 – Task 1

08/04/2022 13:15 96

IELTS Tip Do NOT copy information from the question paper into your answer, you will lose marks. Remember to select and compare, but do NOT challenge the data or introduce new information. You don’t gain extra marks for writing more than 150 words, but you will lose marks if you write less. You should spend […]

How to Register for IELTS exam?

08/04/2022 10:17 87

There are there ways in which you can register for your IELTS. Register online and pay the test fee using a credit card Register in person at any IDP branch or Input Node Register by courier and pay the test fee by Demand Draft or ICICI deposit/HDFC deposit slip Option 1: Register online and pay […]

IELTS Essay Topics for 2021

08/04/2022 09:37 76

Below is a list of predicted IELTS essay topics for Writing Task 2 based on topics that have appeared recently, current world events and common topics that frequently appear in IELTS essays. Both GT and Academic IELTS candidates should prepare all topics from this list. On this page, you will find: Tips for Preparing Essays […]

7 Stress Management Tips For Students Writing Exams

08/04/2022 08:16 63

Exam season is the most stressful time of year for university and college students. While some students excel at this type of test format, many do not and it’s not hard to see why. Studies have shown exams are not an efficient way to test a student’s knowledge. Unfortunately, exams are still used to determine […]

Writing Task 1 Bar Chart Sample

08/04/2022 06:29 118

In this writing task 1 bar chart sample you have to make comparisons of house prices over three time periods. Organisation Having a well-organised answer is a key factor in scoring well on the Task 1 as an answer that is not well planned will be difficult to follow and confuse the examiner. So ensure […]

August 2019 task 2 questions

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Home » IELTS writing task 2 questions » August 2019 task 2 questions Take a look at our IELTS vocabulary to help you prepare for task 2. 1. Some people believe that to be successful at a sport you need a natural ability and others think that hard work and practice can make you successful. […]

IELTS Writing 1 – Task 1

08/04/2022 03:07 87

Writing Tip Do not write a rough draft, then re-write it. You will waste valuable time. Use time at the end to check for small errors: verb agreements, plurals, punctuation, verb tense. These things are easily corrected and effect what mark your work will receive. You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. The […]


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IELTS PRACTICE TEST FREE DOWNLOAD IELTS complete guide / IELTS step by step introduction IELTS BAND SCORE IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a set of tests meant to assist you in working, studying, or migrating to a country where English is the primary language. […]