Top 20 IELTS Vocabulary : Topic HEALTH

Top 20 IELTS Vocabulary : Topic HEALTH

1. to be prone to obesityMeaning: to be likely to become fat [in an unhealthy way]Example: Children who are addicted to watching television, instead of playing outdoor games, are more prone to obesity.

2. eating disordersMeaning: problems which occur when people are unhappy with their bodies, and therefore eat far too much or far too cinemaboxhd.orgple: Advertising tells women that they should have bodies like supermodel celebrities, and this sometimes leads to eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

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3. safe hygiene standardsMeaning: a safe level of keeping yourself, living areas or working areas clean in order to prevent illness and diseaseExample: Maintaining safe hygiene standards in hospitals, homes and workplaces is a simple and inexpensive way to combat the spread of diseases.

4. to keep their teeth healthyMeaning: to take care of their teeth by cleaning them regularly

Example: Advertisements encourage youngsters to brush their teeth several times a day in order to keep their teeth healthy.

5. to launch a full-scale investigation into sthMeaning: to start an investigation completely or using all available methods, equipment, money, cinemaboxhd.orgple: Scientists are about to launch a full-scale investigation into the cause of the outbreak of the disease.

6. the outbreak of an epidemicMeaning: a large number of diseases occurring at the same time in a particular communityExample: A lack of government programs for vaccination and regular health care may lead to the outbreak of an epidemic, particularly in developing countries.

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7. sedentary lifestyleMeaning: involving little exercise or physical activity

Example: A sedentary lifestyle is a major factor in health problems such asobesity and heart disease.

8. healthy eating habitsMeaning: eating healthy food at regular times of the dayExample: Health education involves teaching people about healthy eating habits, such as regular mealtimes and eating fruit and vegetables every day.

9. to take regular exerciseMeaning: to do some physical activity on a regular basisExample: Authorities should encourage people of all ages to take regular exercise by providing facilities in each community.

10.a fitness regimeMeaning: a method or routine of taking regular exerciseExample: Even elderly people can adopt a fitness regime by taking light exercise such as walking or jogging. awareness campaignsMeaning: publicity to encourage people to be concerned about looking after their cinemaboxhd.orgple: Public health awareness campaigns are essential if people are to accept that they have a personal responsibility to look after their own health.

12.preventive medicineMeaning: practices of healthcare intended to try to stop illnessesExample: An emphasis on preventive medicine will result in a healthier population and reduced costs for medical treatment.

13.alternative healthcareMeaning: this is a term used by many western countries to describe more traditional types of healthcare that do not involve operations and pharmaceutical cinemaboxhd.orgple: Naturopathy is a form of alternative healthcare which treats illness and diseases using natural foods, herbs and other techniques.

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14.public health services

Meaning: the agencies funded by the government to protect and promote the health of the populationExample: I would argue that funding for public health services should be the main priority of all governments. take out private health insuranceMeaning: to make regular payments to an insurance company, who will pay for medical or hospital treatment when you need itExample: In countries with poor public health services, many people have to take out private health insurance in order to receive adequate medical treatment.

16.primary health careMeaning: the medical treatment that you receive first when you are sick or ill, for example from your doctor or local cinemaboxhd.orgple: Developing countries must allocate resources to establish primary health care clinics in rural areas and overcrowded city districts.

17.medical practitionerMeaning: a person who works as a doctor or surgeonExample: It is essential to train more medical practitioners if public health is to be improved. build up one’s immune system/ immunityMeaning: to increase the ability of your body to fight diseasesExample: A healthy lifestyle and a diet rich in vitamins is a sure way to build up one’s immune system.

19.mental health problemsMeaning: related to illnesses of one’s mindExample: Overwork may sometimes result in mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. offer emotional supportMeaning: to give counselling to a person who is suffering from a mental health problemExample: Some schools in Europe now offer emotional support to pupils who are the victims of bullying.

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