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2021 IELTS Speaking Topics Checklist PDF


Use this checklist with current IELTS topics to prepare for your speaking test and you won’t be surprised by an unknown topic in your exam.

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Work or studies (always in use) Rest Farming Your Hometown (always in use) Maths Museums Your Country (always in use) Concentrating on work/studies TV programs Your flat/house (always in use) Home decoration Furniture in your home Making lists New activities Doing things in a hurry Clothes you like Text/SMS messages Singing Handwriting Different kinds of change Sport Picnics Recycling things Weekends Happiness Reading Scenery (window views) Getting up early Names Trees New Year Writing by hand Street Markets


Someone you know who likes helping people Prize you received for smth you did well A time you saw a child behaving badly in public A film you saw that made you laugh Occasion when you forgot to do something important A time you changed your opinion about smth important An old object which your family has kept for a long time A book you’ve read that you found useful An area of science that interests you Ambition you’ve had for a long time A time you had to listen to smb talking but youweren’t interested Old friend you made contact with again after a longtime An interesting tradition in your country An event when you didn’t enjoy the music played An expensive activity you enjoy doing occasionally A photo of yourself that you like The 1st time you had to use a foreign language A family (not your own) that you know and like A time you worked with other people in a group A person who shows their feelings openly A person you know who is very intelligent A time you got very good news An active person who has lots of energy A good decision you made recently A place in another country where you’d like to workfor a short time A time when it was important to tell your friendthe truth A time you used your imagination A famous person you are interested in Trip you often take, but dislike Your favourite weather (weather you like) A wild animal you have seen An ideal job you’d like to do in the future A time you were pleased with your purchase. A time when you advise someone An interesting conversation you had A polite person A time you learnt words of poem/song and said/sangit from memory A toy which you enjoyed the most in yourchildhood A skill you can teach others A time when you tried a new food for the first time A time you made a promise to someone. A time when you waited in a line for a long time Live sports event Person who wears unusual clothes A home you liked/visited but did not want to live in A time when you got lost An experience when you got bored when you werewith others A time when you encouraged smb to do smth theydidn’t want to do A time when your computer broke down A part of a city or town you enjoy spending time in


– Children and opinions

– Opinions in everyday life

– Opinions in today’s world

Talking to people

Being a good listener

Changes in communication

Reading books

The role of libraries

The importance of reading

Learning and young children

Learning in school

The value of knowledge

Forgetting things

Ways of remembering things

Organisational skills

Watching comedy films/movies

Laughter in daily life

The value of humour

Giving people good news

Giving information to the public

Communications in business

Decisions in daily life

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Decisions about the future

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Life changing decisions

How people show feelings

Expressing emotions openly

Emotions and decision making

Intelligence in children

Intelligence at work

Artificial Intelligence

Jobs that require physical energy

Physical energy at all ages

Mental energy in modern life

New friends and old friends

Friendship at different ages

The future of friendship

Taking photographs

Keeping photographs

Using photographs

Ambitions and young people

Being ambitious at work

The need for ambitious people

Music events in general

Music in everyday life

The arts and society

Things which are expensive

Money and the individual

Wealth and society

Children behaving badly

Changing people’s behaviour

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Behaviour in today’s world

Children and groups

Leading a group

International projects

Giving help

Receiving help

Reasons for giving help

Learning about science

Science in daily life

Science and the future

Using a foreign language

Learning languages at school

Benefits of speaking more than 1 language

Working in another country

Working for an internationalcompany

International companies in thefuture



Media, changing work patternsinfluences on the family

Prizes and awards at school

Competitions for adults

National and international awards


Traditional festivals Truth and lies Animals Travelling Careers Politeness Weather Advice Famous people/Celebrities Imagination Toys, children and ads (adverts) Shopping Important things Food and cooking Conversations Waiting Promises Clothes Sports events, competitions Getting lost, maps Boredom/Being bored Computers Visiting others, accommodation Public places

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