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Sports have been an integral part of human lives for a long time and it is very much possible that you have read or played any of the games. Keeping this in mind, IELTS speaking section consist of questions related to games. Let us have a look at some of them. Speaking question 1: Do you like sports? / Do you enjoy playing any games? Answer A: Undoubtedly yes! There are many sports that I find interesting and fun. The reason behind this is their endless benefits. It is well-known that different types of sports contribute to good health and keep us fit and active. Answer B: Definitely yes. I really enjoy playing both outdoor and indoor games, with cricket and chess being my favorite. I like them because they help me to relax and ease out the daily stress. Question 2: Do you enjoy watching sports? Answer A: It’s really entertaining to watch sports. In fact, I have subscribed to various sports television channels like Zee sports and CNBC etc. at my home. Moreover, I am a great admirer of cricket as my country has given many world-class cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Viral Kohli. Answer B: Frankly speaking, I don’t like watching sports much. Basically, I don’t understand the rules and regulations associated with various sports which makes me a novice in this particular field. Question 3: What kind of games do you play? / Do you enjoy participating in any sport? Answer A: I really love playing cricket and chess. But I also enjoy kho-kho, table tennis, ludo and monopoly. I think playing monopoly or cricket with your family members is the best retreat. Answer B: Yes! I love to participate in sports. In my school days, I even had the privilege of representing my state in National Badminton Championship. Apart from that, I enjoy team games like Volleyball and Basketball. Answer C: To be very honest, I don’t have a keen interest in sports. Instead of participating in outdoor games, I prefer to sit at home and watch some music channels like MTV or VH. Question 4: Do you think grown ups should play games? Answer: I believe games and age have no connection. One can play any game whenever they like. It is the best way to do a physical exercise with some emotional advantages as well. Question 5: What kind of games did you play as a child? Answer: As a child, I used to play outdoor games more often than indoor games. We were a group of ten to twelve people and loved playing either hide and seek or kho-kho or go cycling. We even played badminton, football and sometimes dumb sharads. Question 6: When did you first become interested in sports? Answer: As far as I remember, there was a cricket match between India and Pakistan and my entire family was watching that on television. After sometime, the match became dicey and I also started participating in the conversation. That match fueled my interest in sports and I found myself close to the fields after that day. Question 7: What games are popular in your country? / Which sports are most popular in your country? Answer A: People in my country are crazy about cricket. You can see almost everyone playing and enjoying it. Apart from cricket, tennis and badminton have been some of the most watched games. However, with time, games such as football, hockey , boxing are also being watched and liked by people. Answer B: Well, my country has witnessed the love for various sports. Athletics, cricket, hockey and chess etc. all have gotten the same respect in my country and people appreciate the hard work of sportsmen. But, I have noticed that most of the people are crazy about cricket. Question 8: What according to you is the importance of mental games? Answer: Mental games help and individual to enhance his memory and keep him mentally fit. Our brain has different sub parts and playing games such as chess, monopoly or vocab-builder allows the individual to keep all parts of the brain active. Question 9: What do children learn from games? Answer: I think it depends on what they want to learn. For instance, children playing cricket or football learn team work, time management, stress handling. Those who play chess or monopoly improve on their mental skills.

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