IELTS Speaking Part 2 and 3 – New Questions and Topics in 2020


In January 2020, new topics and questions were added to the Speaking part. There are also new topics in the 2nd and 3rd parts. We have compiled a detailed list for you. Speaking part 2 card + Speaking part 3 questions related to the topic from the card.

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In January 2020, new topics and questions were added to the Speaking part. Here you can explore new topics in the first part of Speaking: There are also new topics in the 2nd and 3rd parts. We have compiled a detailed list for you. Speaking part 2 card + Speaking part 3 questions related to the topic from the card.

Part 2Describe a toy you liked in your childhood.

You should say:What it wasWho gave it to youWhat it looked likeExplain why it was a special toy for you

Part 3Do you think children learn something from toys?Do the parents spend too much on buying toys for their children?How do the media attract the children towards toys?What should be preferable toys for children?Do you think it is good for children to play many computer games?Do you think playing with electronic toys has a good influence on kids?How do you think a child can benefit from playing a child’s game?Which do you think is better, for children to play with toys alone or with other kids?

Part 2Describe an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a should say:what the game waswhere you played itwho played this game with youand explain why you enjoyed playing this game.

Part 3What sorts of games are popular in your country?How do games influence our life?Do people in your country prefer to play indoor games or outdoor games?What are the benefits of indoor games?What are the drawbacks of indoor games?

Part 2Describe a place where you read and write, apart from your homeYou should say:What kind of place it isWhere it isHow often you go thereExplain why you choose to go therePart 3At what age do children start reading and writing?Is it the sole responsibility of school to take care of reading and writing?Is home better for reading and writing? Or other places?What is more important, reading or writing?Who needs to have good writing skills?From what can people get more information – words or pictures?

Part 2Describe a small and successful company you know. You should say: the name of the companyhow you learnt about itwhat kind of business this company doesand explain why you think this company is successful.

Part 3BusinessDo most people in your country work for small or large businesses?What kind of businesses need the most help?Should the government help businesses or leave them alone?How important is regulation of large businesses?What rights do large companies have?What do you think can be considered as emerging industries?Is market research important for export business?In business, do companies need to be competitive?Should companies promote competition and why?What should be the government’s role in how small businesses are run?How can businesses benefit the community in which they are located?What kind of small businesses are most popular?

Careers What are the most common professions among young people today?What influences young people in their choice of career?Should young people follow their role models?Should the age of retirement be raised?How can people still contribute to society after retiring?

Part 2Describe a job you would not like to do in the futureYou should say:what the job ishow much training would be necessarywhat is so special about this joband explain why you are not attracted to this job.

Part 3Difficult JobsWhy do some people see their jobs as very difficult?Should jobs with high degrees of difficulty earn more money?How do people choose their jobs?Do companies do enough to train employees for difficult jobs?What incentives can governments offer for those taking on difficult jobs?

JobsWhat kind of jobs do young people prefer?What kinds of jobs are poorly-paid in your country?Which do young people generally prefer — boring jobs with a higher pay or interesting jobs with lower pay?Do people who have different levels of income feel happy about how much they earn?Which is better: physical work or work involving thinking?Do you think it is good to change jobs frequently?

Part 2Describe a goal that you hope to achieve in the future You should say:what this goal has to do with your lifewhen you started thinking about this goalhow you will achieve itand explain why this goal is important for you.

OR: Describe a goal that you set for yourselfPart 3Do you think people should talk to others about their goals?What is more rewarding, working towards the goal or achieving it?Do you think it’s important to have realistic goals?Is it always necessary to have something to aspire to in the future?Setting Goals How important is it for people to set goals?Do people set different goals at different stages of life?Are personal goals more important than professional goals?What sort of goals do young people today set?Are people becoming more pessimistic about their life goals?

Part 2Describe a product made in the region you come from or a popular product from your home should say:What it is, how it looks like, What is it used forHow is it madeExplain why your country makes it and why is it popular

OR: Describe a famous product from your region of your country

Part 3ShoppingDo people in your country shop at malls or street markets?Is online shopping common?Is it better to shop alone or with friends?Why is online shopping becoming more popular?Is shopping a waste of time?

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Part 2Describe a friend or a person who encouraged you to achieve a goalYou should say:Who this person isWhat this person encouraged you to doWhat this person helped you withAnd explain why this encouragement helped you to achieve this goal

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Part 3Is it important for teenagers to have goals?What do you think would encourage young children to learn more?Should children have clear goals?Do you think people should talk to others about their goals?Do people need to write down goals or simply memorize them?When do young people start setting goals for themselves?

Part 2Describe a performance you recently watchedYou should say:what the performance waswhere and when you watched the performancewho was performingand explain why you enjoyed the performance

OR: Describe a colorful play that you visitedPart 3Do you think traditional performances are important?Do you think people generally prefer to go to a concert or to listen to recordings of music?What do you think is the difference between watching a live performance and watching it on TV?How do you think watching a dance performance or a stage play influences children?Do you think art forms such as ballet and drama are important in life?Do you think the theatre should be run as a business or as a public service?Do you believe the government has a responsibility to support cultural activities in society?

Part 2Describe a person in the news that you want to should say:Who he or she isWhy this person showed up on TV for?What you know about this person?and say why you want to meet him.

Part 3News/CelebritiesWhat type of people can be seen on TV? Do you think there is too much news about celebrities? Are the stories about celebrities in the news always true? Is the news on celebrities mostly positive?Do you think negative information in the news can have negative influence?Why do people like negative news?What is usually in the news in your country? Is that information always true?What’s the difference between broadcasting news in the past and in the present?Looking up to PeopleDo you think kids today grow up differently than in the past?Are famous people good examples for children?What can children learn from bad examples?Should companies use celebrities to advertise their products?Do people really trust celebrity endorsements? Why do you think many young people tend to copy their favourite celebrities?Do you think that celebrities can be good role models?Why do you think the media in most countries often carry stories about celebrities?

WebsitesWhat Internet sites do people in your country use for entertainment?Why is more and more news now published on social media websites?What can we do to stop the spread of unreliable news?How have websites changed in the last decade?Should there be tighter regulation on websites?Online InformationIs online information reliable?Do you think there is too much information online?How can people consume online news responsibly?Is the information provided on television useful?What’s the difference between news in newspapers and online news?

Part 2Describe a uniform you wear (at your school or company)You should say:what does it look likewhen you wear itwho bought it for youand explain how you felt about it

Part 3What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?What kinds of clothes should people wear at work?Do you think it is necessary for children to wear school uniforms?Where do people in your country buy clothes?When do people wear formal clothes?Do people wear formal clothes more often or less often than the past?Will the way we dress influence the way we behave?

Part 2Describe the happiest day you hadYou should say:where you werewho were with youwhat you didand explain why you think it was the happiest day.

Part 3What makes people happy?What is the relationship between money and happiness?Do most people in your country think that money is important?Why are children generally happier than adultsWhat do people do make themselves happy?

Part 2Describe a situation or a time when you helped someoneYou should say:who you helped and whyhow you helped this personwhat the result wasand explain how you felt about helping this person.

Part 3Helping Should developed countries help developing countries?What kind of help is best to provide?Can help be harmful in some cases?How should parents help their children?Are there any advantages to not helping someone?Should children be taught to help others?Do you think people are less willing to help others these days compared to the past?Do people trust others as much as they used to in the past?How do people in your community help one another?How do students such as high school students help each other?How can charitable organizations help people?What do you think are the benefits of having unpaid volunteer workers?How do you think the volunteers benefit themselves?

Part 2Describe a beautiful sky/sunset you observed (saw). You should say: where you werewhat you were doing who you were with and say how you felt about it

Part 2Stars/Space Do people in your country often look at the stars?Why is it important to explore space?How can learning about space impact the daily lives of people?Will we find life on other planets?When will humans live on other planets?

Part 2Describe a time when someone apologized to should say:who apologized to youwhy they apologizedwhere it happenedand explain how you felt (or what you said) after this person apologized.

OR: A time you apologised to someone

Part 3Is it important to say sorry?In what situations do people say sorry?Why do some people hate to say sorry?In what situations should we apologize immediately?When do people say thank you?

Part 2

Describe an occasion when you lost something and then got it backYou should say:what it washow you lost itwhy it was important to youand explain how you felt when you lost it

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Part 3Why do people always forget things?How can people avoid forgetting things?What is the best action to take if you find something or lost something?In our modern world, people tend to forget their culture. What are the reasons for that?Losing ThingsWhy do people lose things?Which things do people usually lose?What should parents do when children bring home something they found?How can people better remember things?How important is memory?

Part 2Describe an event that you attended recently that you should say:What the purpose of the event wasWho you attended the event withWhat was unique or enjoyable about the event

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Part 3Celebrations What kind of celebrations are common in your country?How much do people typically spend on their wedding?Are there big differences between the way that young and old people celebrate their birthdays?Do all people in your country take part in the same celebrations?What is the importance of national holidays?

Part 2Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone else .You should say:who this person waswhere you met this personwhat you talked aboutwhy it was interesting

OR: Describe an important conversation you had with someone

Part 3Speaking and ListeningWhat is the difference between a good speaker and listener?How can someone be a good listener?Is it more important to be good at listening or speaking?Why are some people not good listeners?How important is listening to political leaders?Public Speaking Why is public speaking important?What qualities make someone a good public speaker?What kind of people are usually asked to do public speaking?Has the way people speak in public changed much?Why are people so scared of public speaking?

Part 2Describe a person who often travels by planeYou should say:Who he or she isWhere he or she goesWhy he or she travels by planeAnd explain how he or she feels about it

Part 3Airports Is it a difficult job to work at an airport?Why do airports tend to get larger in size?What makes travelling by air such a popular form of transport?What are the advantages of travelling by plane?What are the disadvantages of plane travel?What are the disadvantages of living near an airport?Would you prefer the airport to be built inside the city or in the outskirts?What do people consider when they buy a plane ticket, the cost or comfort?

Part 2Describe a gift you gave that took a long time to should say:What it wasWho you gave it toHow you chose itAnd explain why you spent a long time choosing it or explain how the receiver of the gift reacted

Part 3Money and GiftsIs money a good gift?What is the difference between buying with cash and a credit card?What are the advantages of buying with cash?Should people include receipts when they give gifts?Is it common to return gifts in your country?Arts and CraftsWhy do people undervalue art?Are artistic skills innate?Should cities have more art in public spaces?Why do people admire art and artists so much?What is the difference between good and bad art?

Part 2Describe a time when you did not tell the truth to a friendYou should say:When it wasWhere it happenedWhy you did not tell the truthAnd explain how you felt about it

Part 3Lying In which situations is it ok to lie to friends?Why do some people feel comfortable telling strangers the truth but not friends?Do politicians have to lie? Why?How should politicians who have been caught lying be punished?Is lying common in your country?Do you think people need to tell the truth all the time?What should parents do if their children tell lies?Why is it easier for people to tell the truth to strangers than family or friends? Truth in CrimeWhy do witnesses of crimes sometimes disagree in their accounts?How can modern technology help solve crimes?Will teaching children to be honest reduce crime in the future?Should there be more severe penalties for crimes like libel?How will the detection of lies change in the future?

Part 2Describe a photograph that you have hanging up in your home You should say:What it is and where it is in your homeWhere it was takenHow you got itAnd explain why you like itWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of taking photos using a smartphone?Do you think photographers are artists?Do you think art should be sold or preserved?Why do you think some artworks like paintings or sculptures are expensive?Part 3Art Should kids be taught art from a young age?Is it important for all people to get the opportunity to make art?Should art be sold or kept in museums for the public to see?Why is art sold for such large sums of money?What is the attitude to art in your country?

Part 2Describe a time when you used the internet to solve a problem You should say:What the problem wasHow you solved that problemHow long it took you to solve itAnd how you felt about it

Part 3The InternetHow often do most people use the internet?Do you think many people waste their time online?Are there drawbacks to its overuse?What kind of information can people find online?How has this changed the way that people get their information?What impacts does the internet have on students?How will the internet change society in the future?

Part 2Describe a film you would recommend to your friends You should say:Where you watched itWhat it was aboutWho you watched it withand explain why you want to share with your friends.Part 3The Film Industry Do you think actors should make as much money as they do?What makes a good actor?How can a film benefit the country where it is made?Should countries invest more in their film industry?How has the film industry changed in recent decades?

Part 2Describe an occasion when you borrowed something from someoneYou should say:What it wasWhen it happenedWho you borrowed it fromWhat you did with itAnd explain why borrowed that thing

Part 3Borrowing What kind of celebrations are common in your country?Is patriotism a kind of celebration?Why do people care so much about national sports teams?Do all people in your country take part in the same celebrations?How has the ways people celebrate changed?Borrowing and LendingHave you ever borrowed a book from someone else?Do you like to lend to others?Would you ever lend a friend money?Would you lend someone your phone to make a phone call?

Other topics of Part 2

Describe something that technology has helped you to achieve Describe a trip with your friends that you enjoyed a lot Describe a famous person from another country you would like to meet Describe a quiz or game show Describe a time you received advice regarding a profession or field of study Describe a time when you met someone again after a long time not seeing them

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