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IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Sample Answer: Talking About The Weather


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English Weather Vocabulary Rephrasing Exercise

(If you are a DailyStep Subscriber, you can hear and download this exercise)Here is Audio Word Study #086 on In my sample IELTS Speaking Part 2 answer above, I have highlighted some important phrases for talking about weather and the seasons (in purple font), and for saying how you feel about them (in bold black font). In this Audio Word Study, you can read these again, and hear them if you are a DailyStep subscriber, and you can also learn some other ways of saying the same thing, so that you can vary your speaking style. Make sure you remember this language as you may need to use it in an English examination – in IELTS, Cambridge Examinations or others!

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1. I think the best word to describe the weather in my country would be changeable = The best way that I can think of for describing the weather in my country is that it changes a lot .

2. The British weather is very unpredictable = The weather in my country is very difficult to forecast / hard to predict .

3. One day you can get glorious sunshine = On a particular day you might have very bright and pleasant light from the sun.

4. then the next day you might get hailstones and freezing wind = then the following day you might have drops of ice falling like rain and very cold winds.

5. Even in the middle of summer, you can never rely on getting good weather = Even in high summer you cannot depend on the weather being good / You can’t even assume that the weather will be good in the middle of summer.

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6. muddy swamps = areas of waterlogged boggy land .

7. heavy rain = large amounts of falling rain.

8. ruined by terrible weather = spoiled and disrupted by awful weather .

9. But having said that, when the sun does decide to shine I can’t think of a better place to be. =But despite that, when the sun does come out, I think it is the best place to be. .

10. One thing that I like about the British weather is that we don’t really get extremes of temperature. = Something that I think is good about the weather in my country is that we don’t tend tohave great differences in temperature, from very hot to extremely cold..

11. The rain does sometimes get me down especially if it continues for weeks without stopping = The rain does sometimes depress me particularly when it pours with rain for weeks on end..

12. I’d say that my favourite season of the year is spring. = I would say that I like the spring the most out of all the seasons. (note: we can say ‘spring’, or ‘the spring’. Both are correct. We also say ‘in summer’ or ‘in the summer’, and so on with winter and the autumn too!).


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13. after a long cold winter the first signs of spring really lift your spirits = at the end of a long cold winter, it makes me feel so much better when I see the first indications that spring is coming, such as buds on the trees or snowdrops coming up through the soil.

14. When we have a heatwave in the summer, which sometimes can be for weeks on end = When we have a prolonged period of very hot, dry weather in summer, which sometimes continues for many weeks.

15. the cool breeze coming off the sea = the pleasant, cooling, light wind which comes from the sea to the land / the cooling onshore breeze.

16. In the winter I tend to = In winter I usually .

17. I think having four very different seasons … is a good thing because it’s amazing to see how the countryside changes with the seasons.= I like the fact that we have four distinct seasonsbecause I love seeing how different the countryside is from one season to the next.

.18. I think I would find it very strange to live near the equator where the weather is pretty much the same all year round. = I think I would find living near the equator pretty weird because it doesn’thave changing seasons and the weather is similar all year.

. .

Now, read and listen to this Audio Word Study again, and try speaking along with the audio file to improve your pronunciation, rhythm and tone. Then try to describe the weather in your country. That’s all for Audio Word Study #086 on

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