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IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 70 Answer Key


IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 70 Answer Key

IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 70 Answer KeyIELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 70 Answer Key
The birds of London
Answer Table
An earth -shaking discovery

Questions 14—17

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14 D

Note 2nd paragraph: In this paragraph, the writer says that their work has not only been important in connection with the movement of continents, it has also had a variety of other results in connection with looking for oil and minerals, learning about volcanoes and earthquakes, and understanding climate changes.

15 E

Note 3rd paragraph: People had observed that South America and Africa appeared to fit together very well if they were put together, and Wegener explained that they had once been joined together, using fossil evidence he had found to demonstrate this.

16 B

Note 3rd paragraph: We are told that he was ‘ridiculed’ (laughed at) because of his theories because he was an ‘outsider’ and because he couldn’t prove that continents actually moved. His theories were therefore not considered believable.

17 F

Note 4th paragraph; Their theory is described as ‘just a hunch’ (a feeling that something is true, but without any evidence to prove that it is true). They felt that their theory must be correct, but they couldn’t show that it was.

Questions 18-22

18 mid(-)ocean ridge(s) / ridge crest(s)

Note 5th paragraph: ‘He found what… each side of the ridge.’ All the activity described here happened on both sides of the mid-ocean ridge (a raised part in the middle of the ocean

floor), particularly on each side of the ridge crests (the very top of the ridges) where the stripes appeared.

19 molten rock rose

Note 5th paragraph, last sentence: They decided that molten (hot and in liquid form) rock rose, with the result that new ocean floor was formed, which created the stripes.

20 (Earth’s) magnetic field

Note 6 paragraph: When the rock became solid again, the magnetic field changed around, so that north became south and south became north. ‘Flips’ are changes from one side to the other.

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21 parallel/symmetrical/magnetic (zebra) stripes

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Note 5: paragraph: The stripes formed have described firstly as ‘parallel zebra stripes’ and they are then described as being ‘symmetrical’ and ‘magnetic’.

22 pushed aside/{further) apart

Note 6th paragraph: ‘As the new sea floor…’ the creation of new sea floor meant that the continents on either side of the ocean moved further away from each other.

Questions 23-26

IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 70 Answer Key

23 plate tectonics

Note 7th paragraph,1st sentence: This term has given to the theory that resulted from proof that the sea floor spreads.

24 climates

Note Last paragraph: ‘The distribution of Vine says that the movement of continents has had ‘a profound effect’ (an enormous influence) on climates and has caused some huge climate changes.

25 Earth Systems Science

Note Last paragraph: ‘The recognition that….’. Their work led to an understanding that there was a link between the movement of continents and the other things listed, and this ‘spawned’ (led to the birth of) this new branch of science.

26 integrated

Note Last paragraph: He thinks there should be an ‘integrated approach’ and is quoted as saying that ‘the whole of environmental science should be integrated’. He says that he really disliked (it was ‘anathema’ to him) the idea that science was separated into completely separate areas (the ‘polarisation’}.

Think Happy

Question 27-30

27 science of wellbeing

Note Paragraph B, first sentence: The use of inverted commas means that the writer is quoting the term used for the subject of the conference.

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28 scientifically rigorous methods

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Note Paragraph C, second sentence: They want to ‘deploy’ (use) such methods to find out why some people are happy all the time and others are often miserable.

29 positive psychology

Note Paragraph D, first sentence: He is a lecturer in this subject. Again, the inverted commas mean that this is the actual term used for his subject when he is teaching it.

30 self-help gurus

Note Paragraph D, first sentence: He accepts that this area of research may sound ‘woolly’ (imprecise) and ‘is at pains to distance himself from’ (is very keen not to be included among) the groups of people who consider themselves experts on how people can help themselves, but who have no academic background for this.

Questions 31-36
31 entertainment

Note One of the things that causes his first type of happiness is ‘watching a good film’, which is a form of entertainment.

32 illusion

Note He thinks that people have given the false belief that these things lead to ‘lasting happiness’. If you are ‘under the illusion’ that something is true, you have a false belief that something, usually something good, is true.

33 ability

Note His second type of happiness comes from being good or talented at’ something, which means that it is connected with your ability at something.

34 participation

Note He believes that this type of happiness comes from identifying what you are good at and ‘taking part in’ things that use your abilities. ‘Participation’ means ‘taking part’.

35 conviction

Note His third type of happiness involves finding something you ‘believe in’ and then taking action to help others in connection with this belief. A conviction is a strong belief, especially a moral one.

36 permanence

Note Involvement in things you strongly believe in can lead to ‘long-lasting happiness’, according to Seligman. If something is long-lasting, it has permanence, rather than being only temporary.

Questions 37-40

IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 70 Answer Key

27 H

Note Lewis Wolpert says that he would not trust someone who was ‘totally happy’, and he would regard them as being incapable of doing anything. He thinks that people need some ‘discomfort’ in order for them to do anything.

38 C

Note Baylis and his colleagues want to find out what makes people happy and then use this information to make people happier. They think this may affect people’s social lives, their health, how long they live and how good they are at work.

39 B

Note The fact that the conference is being held at such an important place as the Royal Society indicates that the subject ‘is being taken very seriously indeed’.

40 E

Note Seligman asked why science investigated unhappiness but not happiness. This shocked people who heard him and, if he had not been so well-known, it ‘could have spelt the end of his career’. People would have found his words unacceptable, and he would have been unable to find work as a result.

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