Story of a Brazilian shepherd boy dramatized in Bangla

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Paulo Coelho in a note on his 1987-Novel The Alchemist, wrote—before the novel was translated from Portuguese to English—that he one day received a letter from HarperCollins that read, ‘reading The Alchemist was like getting up at dawn and seeing the sun rise while the rest of the world still slept.’ He then went on […]

Describe a Polite Person

24/04/2022 03:25 1007

In part 2 of the IELTS speaking test, you could be asked to describe a person. There are many different types of people you could be asked to talk about – a kind person, an interesting person, a helpful person, someone you admire, a famous person, a sportsperson, a family member, and so on. One […]

Music to die for archive

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APRIL 2008 Here’s my choices, I hope that you find them interesting. As usual, just one song per artist, and each song title is a link to a youtube video. For those of you expecting to find certain songs that I’ve included in other lists on this site, I’ve decided to self-impose another rule : […]

Describe an advertisement you remember well

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Describe an advertisement you remember well. You should say: Where you saw it What it was about What it was like and explain why you remember it well Model Answer: Alright I am going to talk about a memorable ad that I remember well, although it was aired quite a while ago. The advertisement is […]

Art or Craft IELTS Reading Answers: How to Achieve 8 Band Score in IELTS Reading?

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A lot of applicants argue that the IELTS reading segment is difficult to master. This is not the case. If you prepare well, you will be able to quickly answer the 40 questions that will be questioned. There are several strategies given on IELTS Ninja, to tackle these difficult passages. Today in this article we […]

The Happiest Moment of My Life Essay

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Life is full of good and bad moments. Each day in itself brings various moments in life. Every day we go through mixed feelings. Sometimes, only we have experienced a pure jovial moment or a pure sad moment. Everyone also has the special moment in life. It is just a day when someones dreams are […]

16 Habits Polite People Have in Common

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They say “Please” and “Thank you” Your mother was right: The golden rule of good manners is golden for a reason—saying “please” and “thank you” is the oil that keeps polite society running smoothly, says Bonnie Tsai, etiquette expert and founder and director of Beyond Etiquette. They’re often the first rule we teach children yet […]

My Favourite Flower Essay for Class 1

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There are many species of flower in the world. According to the study, the count is almost 400,000. Many of them have different colours and smells. They are different too. Flowers are used in various cultural festivals. Many people have flower plants in their house, normally in an open space. We are providing two essay […]

My Dream House Essay | Essay on My Dream House for Students and Children in English

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My Dream House Essay: Having an idea about a dream house sets up a goal for an individual to achieve. Having a dream is essential for triggering that spark within a person that he or she needs to work hard towards making this dream into reality. We have some long and short essays about one’s […]

Describe a day when you thought the weather was perfect

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You should say: where you were on this day what the weather was like on this day what you did during the day and explain why you thought the weather was perfect on this day. [You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about […]


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IELTS Speaking Part 1 The Sky: Study the sample answers below talking about the sky and the stars. Study this post and get ideas so you can surely express your thoughts clearly. Practice and be natural when expressing your ideas about the sky and the stars. Good luck and aim for a band 9.0! PART […]

Beautiful Small Houses That Will Make You Reconsider Your Home

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Smaller homes or tiny houses are not only about being cute on the outside and practical on the inside, they are actually becoming a growing trend that promotes sustainable living. The idea is to minimize the size of the home while still having everything you need just at a more modest size. Many structural designers […]