How To Crack IELTS Exam In 15 days – IELTS Cracking Tips in 2022


What is an IELTS exam?

The IELTS examination is an English proficiency test that is conducted to ensure your eligibility to migrate to an English speaking country. This test is vital if you want to study or work abroad. The intention behind the test is to make sure that you can understand the lectures that are conducted in English and and blend in well with other people there. IELTS test is designed to evaluate your English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Preparing for this exam requires some amount of time and dedication. However, if you are a bit hard-pressed for time, then you simply need to strategize and prepare in a smart manner. It is an exam that you can actually crack in 15 days if you prepare smartly. Read on- how to crack IELTS in 15 days to get 7+ score.

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Study Plan to Crack IELTS Exam in 15 days

In order to achieve a good score, your IELTS preparation must be thorough. Take the following steps to increase your test scores:

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Understand the Structure

It is crucial for you to understand the structure of the exam. IELTS has 4 sections that include reading, writing, speaking and listening. Go over mock test papers to understand the type of questions asked. If you are familiar with the pattern, you will be able to tackle the questions more confidently when you take the IELTS exam yourself.

Pro Tip: For the first 2 days, read the structure, grading pattern, things-to-note and other relevant details so that the entire structure and format is clear in your mind.

Tackle Each Section Individually
  1. As stated, there are different sections in the test. Do not cram in all the studying in a single session.
  2. Devote about two days to each section. Begin with the reading section. Go over passages and answer the adjacent questions. Do this for the first couple of days.
  3. Keep aside the next two days for listening. Most people find this section quite challenging especially because of the difference in accent. Listen to various audio clips and get thorough with this section.
  4. The following couple of days could be use to prepare for the writing section. You would be expected to write two essays, so practice writing for an hour everyday and ask friends/family for feedback.
  5. And then, devote two days to speaking. When you segregate the work, it becomes more methodical and easier to manage.
Identify Reading Techniques

Anyone who has successfully cracked the IELTS exam will always tell you that there are reading techniques that help you pass this section. The main technique is to learn how to skim and scan the passage without reading every single word.

Pro Tip: You will not have time to read every word, so practice reading passages and scanning for keywords as this will help with time management.

Listen to Audio Clips

A very good tip to crack IELTS is to listen to various audio clips online. You need to be familiar with the different accents and tones.

Pro Tip: Listen to BBC news reports, interviews, commercials, etc and you will be very well-versed with varied accents and tones.

Speak to Someone Fluent in English

It is an excellent idea for you to speak to someone who is fluent in English, rather than just practice by yourself. Speaking in English every day with your friends and family will help you build confidence and make you comfortable with the language.

Pro Tip: Speak in front of someone who can give you realistic feedback and tell you where you need to improve.

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For getting good scores in IELTS speaking, you usually need a lot of practice and someone who can make you comfortable with the language. IELTS mentors has a big role to play to make you fluent with the language. Leap Scholar has mentored 1000+ students to crack 7+ band scores in IELTS. Check out their IELTS Programme now!

Take Mock Tests

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There are many websites that offer free mock IELTS tests which can help you crack IELTS easily. You can also get books that contain mock test papers. Get your hands on as many mock tests as possible and keep taking them.

Pro Tip: Aim to take at least two mock exams every day in the duration of these 15 days. The more you practice, the greater your chances will be of scoring a 7-plus score in the actual test.

Enroll For Leap Scholar’s Online IELTS Program

Sometimes, the self-study process gets hectic and directionless and you cannot take the stakes of keeping your study abroad dream at risk. For such situations, joining IELTS preparation course is a smart choice to crack IELTS at one go. Leap Scholar has proved successful for more than 1000+ students all-over India to make their study abroad come true.

They have their course designed that way which is guaranteed to give you success with 7+ band score. The one-to-one feedback on your strengths and weaknesses is something that boosted the confidence of thousands of students for IELTS speaking and writing levels.

You can enroll for their super amazing IELTS Plus Programme at just Rs. 499/-

What is a Good IELTS Score?

The IELTS score is influenced by the 4 sections of the test:

  1. Writing skills
  2. Reading skills
  3. Speaking skills
  4. Listening skills

The combined score is then represented on a scale of 1-9 which is referred to as the Band Score. Generally, a score of 7 is considered a good IELTS score.

IELTS Band Score

The table below expresses each score and the skill level it indicates:

BAND SCORE SKILL LEVEL WHAT IT INDICATES 9 Expert user Has a complete and thorough understanding of the language and all its components. 8 Very good user Has a thorough understanding of the language and its complexities. Possibilities or minimum errors. 7 Good user Has a functional understanding of the language and can communicate effortlessly. May experience some misunderstandings and inaccuracies. 6 Competent user Is capable of communicating with a little effort, especially in familiar situations. 5 Modest user Has a moderate understanding of the language. Makes several mistakes in communicating and understanding. 4 Limited user Is unable to use complex forms of the language especially in unfamiliar situations. Experiences problems in expressing themselves in writing or speaking. 3 Extremely limited user Can only comprehend familiar situations. Experiences frequent interruptions while speaking and understanding the language. 2 Intermittent user Experiences extreme difficulty in using the English language for speaking and writing 1 Non-user No knowledge of the language except for a few commonly used words. 0 Test not attempted The test taker has not provided any information for assessment.

You may also achieve a score with a .5, i.e., 6.5, 7.5, and so on. This means that your skill level is categorized between the two levels of the higher and lower limit.

For instance, if you score a 7.5. It indicates that you may not make mistakes while reading, writing, listening, or speaking. However, you may have some difficulty in unfamiliar situations.

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Follow these simple tips and you will surely be able to get a score of 7 or above in the IELTS exam. Enjoy the process and look to learn English as a whole and not simply for the sake of passing the exam!

Best Books for IELTS Preparation

You will need a good command over English and grammar rules. For this, we have prepared a list of books and other resources to go deep into your IELTS preparation.

IELTS Tutor Kit:

IELTS Tutor kit is prepared in a way to help non English speaking students as well. The kit comes with a 40 minute CD along with a booklet for students to make the most out of it. The visual format of the content is quite unique which helps the student to learn easily. IELTS tutor kit also provides with the tips and suggestions which proves as a success for students.

Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 1:

Cambridge Practice Test has 4 practice tests for the Academic module, along with reading and writing papers for the General Training. It also contains an different question types and its explanation with approach for these questions.

The Cambridge IELTS Course Workbook:

This book provides the students with insights and introduction to the pattern of the IELTS exam that the students must be prepared for. The workbook provides a practice material for the IELTS examination to prepare students for vocabulary, speaking test, writing task etc. It is an apt material for self-study.

Step Up to IELTS Personal Study Book with Answers:

This book will prepare you for all the skills required for the IELTS exam. The book is for the students who are at the intermediate level and find it challenging to prepare from high level books. This book will prepare you for the Academic Training modules to maximize your band score. Each unit has sample paper at the end for the practice of the students.

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How many times are you eligible for the IELTS examination?

There are no restrictions regarding the number of times you can apply for the IELTS examination. You are eligible to take the exam as many times as you want. So if you want to score better than you did, or if you missed your examination, you are eligible to register again.

What is the accepted IELTS score for eligibility in the top universities?

Most colleges and universities require a score of 7 or higher for admission in their college. Some universities also accept a score of 6.5. However it is preferable to score 7 or above for a wide range of options among the top colleges.

For how long is IELTS score valid?

The IELTS score is valid for 2 years. During this time, you can apply to colleges or jobs. You will be required to submit the test results in order to be eligible. The eligibility may vary from one university to another.

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