Decoding IELTS Average Scores


The International English Language Testing System popularly known as IELTS was introduced in the year 1989, it is an English language proficiency test among non-native speakers who want to study, work or migrate to countries where English is mostly spoken. The IELTS average score varies between 6.5-8 approximately. The average IELTS band score is calculated on the basis of evaluating all four sections, namely Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. The score in each section gets equal weightage. The average score is what determines knowledge and proficiency of the English language in candidates. Aspirants should be clear about the calculation framework behind their IELTS average test scores. This will help them carefully evaluate their preparation levels.

IELTS Average Scores- A Handy Guide

This table will help you understand IELTS average scores-

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Particular Modules The Average Score Threshold

IELTS Band Score

The overall band score is calculated between 0-9. The average IELTS score is rounded upwards or downwards to the upcoming half/whole band. Here’s taking a closer look at the band scores and what they mean:

Band Score FigureThe Level of SkillsWhat It Basically Means

In this case, the aspirant has good operational command over English although there are occasional usage, accuracy and understanding deficiencies in some situations.

He/she can generally tackle complex language nicely and suitably understand the reasoning of a detailed nature.

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Country-Wise IELTS Average Score

IELTS average scores are given below in this table-

Country Name Score for Reading Score for ListeningScore for WritingScore for SpeakingTotal Score

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General Training mean performance

Here is a mean performance table for General Training:

NationalityReading band scoreListening band scoreWriting band scoreSpeaking band scoreOverall

Average IELTS Score for India

The average score band in India ranges between 5.5-6. Here is a table that shows the average scores.

Nationality India

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Listening Scores for IELTS

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This is the very first module with 40 minutes’ duration and 30 minutes are given for appearing in it. There are four recorded dialogues, monologues and conversations. Multiple choice and short answer type questions have to be answered on the basis of the recordings. Here is a table that shows the marking of Listening scores:

Basic Score Band Score Threshold

Reading Scores for IELTS

This module contains three lengthy passages that require approximately 60 minutes for completion. This table will demonstrate marking for both the IELTS General Training and Academic Training sections.

IELTS Academic Reading-

These tests are marked out of 40 and the raw score will be converted into a suitable band score.

Basic Score Band Score Threshold

IELTS General Reading-

This section also has 40 questions with every question containing a single mark each. The band scores are usually reported in increments of half and one point each.

Basic Score Band Score Threshold

Writing Scores for IELTS

The average writing score is 6.0 for IELTS. Task 1 will ask candidates for summarizing or explain any graph, table or chart within 150 words. Task 2 will need you to write a short essay within 250 words.

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