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IELTS Listening 1 – Section 1


Listening Tip

In the IELTS Listening paper, Sections 1 and 3 are conversations between two or three people. Sections 2 and 4 are monologues with only one main speaker. Sometimes, you may hear another speaker introducing the talk or asking questions. Related Topic: Listening Preparation

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Questions 1-7

Complete the form below, using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

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Travel Safe

INSURANCE PLC Department: Motor Insurance

Client details:

Name: Elisabeth Date of birth: 8.10.1975 Address: (street) Callington (town) Policy number:

Accident details:

Date: Time: Approx. Supporting evidence: Medical problems (if any): injuries

Listening Tip

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In the IELTS Listening exam, you may be asked to label a map or plan. In such questions, think of ways you can describe where places are before you listen. You will need to think of vocabulary for directions, for example: on the left, first right, along the road and vocabulary for places or position, such as opposite, next to, behind, at the end of the street.

Questions 8-10

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Label the diagram/plan below.

Write the correct letter, A-G, next to questions 8-10.

IELTS Listening Test

8traffic lights

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9petrol station

10blue van


Audio Script

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Assistant 1:Rawlings Insurance. Good morning. Can I help you? Elisabeth:Oh, hello. I’m ringing to report an accident. Assistant 1:A car accident? Elisabeth:Yes. Assistant 1:Just hold the line a moment please. I’m putting you through to our motor insurance department. Assistant 2:Hello? Elisabeth:Hello. Assistant 2:I understand you want to report an accident? Elisabeth:Yes. My car’s been damaged – someone came out in front of me … Assistant 2:Could I just check a few personal details before we go any further? Assistant:Oh yes, sorry. Assistant 2:Your name, first of all. Elisabeth:It’s ELISABETH Ricard. Assistant 2:Is that R-I-K-A-R-D? Elisabeth:It’s spelt with a C not a K. Assistant 2:Oh, OK … And your date of birth please? Elisabeth:It’s the eighth of October, 1975. Assistant 2:… And lastly, I just need to check your address. Elisabeth:Oh, actually I moved house last month so the street name’s different. It’s 60 Forest Road. I think you’ve got 22 Ash Avenue on your records? Assistant 2:I have. So, I’ll just make a note of that … That’s fine … And is that in the same town still? Callington? Elisabeth:That’s right. Assistant 2:Right, now … do you have your insurance policy in front of you? Elisabeth:Yes, I do. Assistant 2:Can you give me the policy number please? It’s at the top. Elisabeth:Oh yes. Five-oh-nine-two-four? Assistant 2:It’s in a box – it should start with letters … Elisabeth:Oh, C-Z- double eight-oh-nine? Assistant 2:That’s the one. And now I want to ask you about the accident itself. Is that OK? Elisabeth:Yes, that’s fine. Assistant 2:First of all, did it happen today? Elisabeth:No, it happened yesterday evening, but by the time I got home it was late, so I didn’t call. Assistant 2:That’s not a problem. So … let’s see … today’s the thirteenth of September, so it happened on the twelfth. Is that right? Elisabeth:It is. Assistant 2:Do you know approximately what time the accident occurred? Elisabeth:Er … oh dear … I wasn’t wearing a watch, and I was a bit shocked. But I’d say it was between 8.15 and 8.45. Assistant 2:That’s OK. I’ll just record that it happened at about 8.30. It doesn’t matter exactly … And I don’t suppose you’ve got any supporting evidence have you? I mean witness statements, that kind of thing? Elisabeth:I don’t have witness statements I’m afraid, but I’ve got a police report. They came and measured up and checked the marks on the road. But unfortunately nobody else was around at the time of the accident. Assistant 2:Any hospital report? Elisabeth:No. Assistant 2:So I take it you don’t have any medical problems then? Any injuries? Elisabeth:Only minor ones. It was mainly the car that got damaged luckily. Assistant 2:Absolutely. But we do recommend that you have a check up anyway. Within twenty-four hours if possible. Elisabeth:Yes, OK. I’ll make an appointment today. Assistant 2:Fine. And now, can you tell me what happened exactly? I’m going to make a few notes. Elisabeth:I was driving home from the swimming pool and … Assistant 2:I don’t know Callington at all, so could you describe it for me? Where did the accident happen? Elisabeth:On the road between New Town and Callington. I was driving from New Town, heading towards Callington, and … Assistant 2:OK, just let me draw the road layout … Right. OK? Elisabeth:When you leave New Town there’s a sharp bend in the road and then there’s a railway bridge. Assistant 2:OK. Elisabeth:And then about half a kilometre further on there’s a crossroads with traffic lights. And I was just in between the two when it happened. I wasn’t going very fast, in fact I definitely … Assistant 2:So you’d already gone over the bridge? Elisabeth:Yes. And I’d passed the park – that’s on the right hand side. And I was just approaching the petrol station … Assistant 2:Where’s that then? Elisabeth:It’s a bit further along, on the opposite side. Assistant 2:So, on your near side then? Elisabeth:Yes. As I was approaching it I saw a blue van coming towards me. The driver had stopped in the middle of the road. Assistant 2:Was he indicating? Elisabeth:Yes. He was waiting to turn into the petrol station. But then at the last minute he decided to turn right in front of me. He must have thought he had enough time, but I had to swerve to avoid him. And I came off the road and landed in a ditch on the opposite side. Assistant 2:Mmm. I don’t suppose he stopped did he? Elisabeth:Oh yes. He came over to see if I was OK, but he tried to say it was my fault. And there wasn’t …

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