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Ielts listening practice test 11 with answers

01/04/2022 02:22 16

Let’s start:- #0083 Latest Listening Practice Test for IELTS Ielts listening practice test 11 PART-1 Questions 1-5 Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer. Equipment Hire! Day and date of event: (1)………… November Number attending event: (2)………… Rental: 5 dozen dinner plates, bowls 5 dozen […]

IELTS computer based listening test

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Home » IELTS listening test » IELTS computer based listening test In this tutorial, you will find out: Exactly what to expect when you take the IELTS listening test How the scoring converts to IELTS band scores How the computer-based and paper-based tests compare If it is a good idea to take your IELTS test […]

Audio Script Cambridge IELTS 10 Listening Test 01

31/03/2022 15:25 22

SECTION 1 TRAVEL AGENT: Good morning. World Tours. My name is Jamie. How can I help you? ANDREA: Good morning. I want some information on self-drive tours in the USA. Could you send me a brochure? TRAVEL AGENT: Of course. Could you I have your name please? ANDREA: Andrea Brown. (Example) TRAVEL AGENT: Thank you. […]

Listening Full Test 6 – Section 1

31/03/2022 10:51 18

SECTION 1 Questions 1-10 Play Audio: Questions 1-5 Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer Questions 6-10 Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer. Answers [bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Show Answer” collapse_text=”Hide Answer” ] 1. cream2. brass3. 65 […]

Top 10 IELTS Listening Tips

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Subscribe for free IELTS lessons Getting band 9 for IELTS Listening is possible? The answer is Yes! There are some things you need to do before the exam, and some things you need to pay attention to on the exam. By following these tips, you can considerably improve your score and even get a band […]

IELTS Listening Test Tips and Advice

30/03/2022 23:55 18

Helpful Tips for IELTS Listening Test Before the recording begins for any section, do read all the questions carefully. This will help follow the recordings and identify the answers easily. Once a section is complete, you can move ahead and read up the questions for the next section. At times, there will be a list of […]

IELTS Listening 6 – Section 2

30/03/2022 14:22 18

Listening Tips You only have a few seconds to read each section before you listen, but you will have ten minutes at the end to put your answers on the answer sheet. You only hear each listening text once. Read the questions before you start listening and look for key words and phrases. The questions […]

IELTS Simulation Test With Answers Volume 1

30/03/2022 10:15 14

Presenter: Welcome everyone. My name is Pamela Stark and I’m here to tell you about international students and employment in this country. Let me start by stating the most important thing first-your your ability to work in this country while you’re here as an international student depends on whether you are: an EEA national, that […]

Transcript Cambridge IELTS 14 Listening Test 01

30/03/2022 05:12 21

SECTION 1 OFFICER: Good morning. What can I do for you? LOUISE: I want to report a theft. I had some things stolen out of my bag yesterday. OFFICER: I’m sorry to hear that. Right, so I’ll need to take a few details. Can I start with your name? LOUISE: Louise Taylor. (Example) OFFICER: OK, […]

IELTS Listening 1 – Section 4

30/03/2022 04:01 17

Listening Test Tip As the listening module of the exam involves listening, reading, hearing and writing skills, learn to use them simultaneously. Concentrate on the questions one at a time, but be prepared for the next question. Look ahead if you have time. Listen to the instructions on the tape as well. A general clue […]

Free IELTS Listening Practice Test

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IELTS Listening Practice Test Section 1 Questions 1-4 Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer. City Bank Customer Service Log Example Answer Type of query: Term deposits Customer name: David 1 Phone: 023 – 561 – 055 D.O.B.: 18 / 02 / 1968 Customer’s Term Deposit […]

IELTS Listening Exercise 6

30/03/2022 02:19 17

Listening Tip Before listening, make sure you have an idea of what the context is, and what information is needed to complete the table. Underline any key words in the table (e.g. receive, young adults, use, etc.). Listen and follow the table from left to right. Listen for the key words, and try to fill […]