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Free IELTS Writing Sample Letters

In Task 1 of the IELTS General Writing section, you must write a letter about a given situation. This letter will be one of the following types:

Style Characteristics Opening Ending Formal To someone you have not met, whose name you don’t know Dear Sir / Madam Yours faithfully Semi-formal To someone you may or may not have met, whose last name you know & use Dear Mr Brown, Dear Ms Stone Yours sincerely Informal To someone you know well, whose first name you know and use Dear John Dear Anita Best regards Warm wishes

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Each kind of letter requires a different style of writing, a specific beginning and ending salutation, formal or informal expressions and varying types of grammatical forms. As you read through the sample IELTS letters below, take note of how they vary depending on the level of familiarity with the person being written to. Practice writing your own letters from sample letter topics, until you can produce all three kinds of letters easily and quickly. Then, you will be able to complete this task effectively and easily on the day of your IELTS exam.

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Also, every General IELTS Writing Task 1 includes three bulleted points which you need to mention in your letter. Make sure you include these three points or else you will not get high marks, no matter how well you write.


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Sample Formal Letters

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  • Sample IELTS Letter 001 – Complaining to a Hotel
  • Sample IELTS Letter 002 – Explaining to a Bank
  • Sample IELTS Letter 003 – Writing to a Magazine

Sample Semi-formal Letters

  • Sample IELTS Letter 004 – Requesting a Letter of Reference
  • Sample IELTS Letter 005 – Requesting Accommodation
  • Sample IELTS Letter 006 – Complaining to a Landlord

Sample Informal Letters

  • Sample IELTS Letter 007 – Thanking & Inviting a Friend
  • Sample IELTS Letter 008 – Describing a New Job?
  • Sample IELTS Letter 009 – Advising a Friend


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