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Great news! IELTS has set up a new method of taking the IELTS test in your own home. The test is called IELTS Indicator. It is an IELTS test online which you can take at home on your laptop or desktop. Please read all information on this page carefully to get an idea if this is for you or not.

This online test from your home has been designed by IELTS to help people in countries where the Coronavirus has delayed tests. The IELTS Indicator test is an Official IELTS Test. At the moment, it is only for Academic IELTS, not GT. However, this is early days. All organisations world wide are adapting to this new situation and possibly the GT test might be available at some point.

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This page will give you information and answer the following about the new IELTS Indicator test.

  1. Which countries and how much?
  2. Does this test have four skills?
  3. Difference between IELTS and Indicator IELTS tests
  4. Can it be used for immigration?
  5. What you need at home to take the test – technology & conditions
  6. Speaking Test Info
  7. How to Book IELTS Indicator test


Read this page very very carefully before you jump at this new test. You need to check that it is suitable for you.

1) Which Countries and How Much?

This new IELTS test is only available in some countries where the Coronavirus has caused tests to be suspended. The countries where this test will be available will be released on April 22nd when booking opens. It is only available for a limited time!! FEES: IELTS will release information about the fees on April 22nd as well.

2) Does this Test have all Four Skills?

Yes, it does. It will be the same as the Computer Based IELTS test and will cover all 4 skills. If you are unfamiliar with the computer based test, read this page: IELTS Computer Test Pros and Cons. You can also find practice questions to get used to using a computer for your test on the IELTS BC website for free.

The results for the IELTS Indicator test will arrive within 7 days.

As with a normal IELTS test, each section of the test will be strictly timed. For example, you will have one hour for reading, not more and not less.

Official IELTS examiners will mark the IELTS Indicator test in the same way and with the same marking criteria as the normal IELTS test.

3) Difference between an IELTS Test and an IELTS Indicator Test?

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For the test format and difficulty level, IELTS Indicator is the same as any other IELTS test.

However, there is a difference. The IELTS test is well known and accepted by organisation and educational institutions around the world. The IELTS Indicator Test has been created only for this current period of global difficulties. Not all organisations or institutions will accept it.

This means you must contact the university or organisation that you are applying to before you book the test. You must get confirmation from them (in writing preferably) that they will accept these results.

4) Can I use it for Immigration?

No, you can’t. This new Indicator IELTS test is for those wishing to enter Higher Education, according to IELTS Official. However, as I mentioned above, we need to keep checking this information as things might change later this month or next month.

5) What you Need at Home to Take the Test

You need to have:

  • a guaranteed quiet space for the length of the test. Once the LR&W sections begin, you can’t take a break. The test will run and you can’t stop it or pause it. Any unwanted interruption in your home and you will lose time and lose marks.
  • Laptop or Desktop (Mac or PC). Not a tablet or phone.
  • Strong, reliable internet connection. If your internet connection is not stable, you shouldn’t take this test.
  • Good quality headphones to listen to the listening test. Do a volume check before you start your test. Make sure it’s all working properly.
  • Download SEB (Safe Exam Browser) on your laptop successfully. You can find out details of install it here: SEB from IELTS
  • Computer with a web cam.
  • Zoom application should also be downloaded on your laptop.
  • Computer with microphone for your speaking test.

6) IELTS Speaking Test Online

The IELTS Indicator test does have all four sections including IELTS Speaking. You will do the IELTS Speaking test with an examiner over your computer using a microphone and with video call. This means it is still face to face, but over the internet using a video call. Make sure it is a good microphone and that you have previously checked that the volume controls. Have your pen and paper ready for when you need to make notes in part 2.

7) How Can I Book IELTS Indicator?

As long as you are sure that this test will be accepted by the university or organisation you are applying to and you are sure you have everything you need for the test at home (see the above list), you can plan to book this test.

Bookings for this new test are now open. Click below:

CLICK HERE TO BOOK: IELTS Indicator Official Test.

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You will also find the above information confirmed and more FAQs to help you understand more. Check to see if this test is available in your country.


Please read this page again carefully. Do not make the mistake to pay for this test until you are 100% sure it is for you.

Will this be the Future of IELTS?

Who knows. It is a great way for IELTS to see how well it works. We might see more similar test options in the future. It would certainly make things easier for many candidates if this option would remain open after the Coronavirus situation has been resolved.

All the best



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