IELTS Test Dates 2021


These IELTS test dates 2021 are at the same time around the world, though the time obviously varies according to the country.

The Academic Module is held at every session, but the General Training Module is not available every time.

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If you prefer you can look at dates for only the general test.

IELTS Test Dates 2021

IELTS Test Dates Module January 2021 Saturday 9 Academic Saturday 16 Academic & General Thursday 21 Academic & General Saturday 23 Academic February 2021 Saturday 6 Academic & General Saturday 20 Academic Thursday 25 Academic & General Saturday 27 Academic March 2021 Thursday 6 Academic & General Saturday 20 Academic Saturday 25 Academic & General Saturday 27 Academic April 2021 Saturday 10 Academic & General Saturday 17 Academic Saturday 24 Academic Thursday 29 Academic & General May 2021 Saturday 8 Academic & General Thursday 20 Academic Saturday 22 Academic & General Saturday 29 Academic June 2021 Saturday 5 Academic & General Saturday 12 Academic Thursday 17 Academic & General Saturday 19 Academic July 2021 Thursday 1 Academic & General Saturday 10 Academic Saturday 17 Academic & General Saturday 24 Academic August 2021 Saturday 7 Academic & General Thursday 12 Academic Saturday 21 Academic Saturday 28 Academic & General September 2021 Saturday 4 Academic Saturday 11 Academic & General Thursday 16 Academic & General Saturday 25 Academic October 2021 Saturday 9 Academic & General Thursday 14 Academic & General Saturday 23 Academic Saturday 30 Academic November 2021 Saturday 6 Academic & General Thursday 11 Academic Saturday 20 Academic Saturday 27 Academic & General December 2021 Thursday 2 Academic & General Saturday 4 Academic Saturday 11 Academic & General Saturday 18 Academic

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These are global test dates and the British Council IELTS test dates and IDP IELTS test dates are the same. They will also be the same for the tests held at other centres, such as International House.

However, some centres may not hold all the tests if test demand is lower. Speaking tests may also sometimes be held on a different day to the rest of the test if they cannot all be done on the same day.

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So you should contact your local test centre to check and check carefully any correspondence you get from the test centre after booking your IELTS test to be sure you know what dates you have been given.

There are dates for the paper-based test. The computer-based test is held on most days on those test centres that have this test.

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IELTS Test Dates 2021 IELTS Test Dates 2021 IELTS Test Dates 2021 IELTS Test Dates 2021

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IELTS Test Dates 2021

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