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IELTS Exam Dates for Academic and General Training 2022

Exam dates are available throughout the year, and students have the utmost liberty to choose the IELTS Exam dates as per his/her convenience. On average, there are around three IELTS dates when a student can opt for the test. There are time slots dedicated to both the Academic and General Training, and then we have exclusive dates solely available for IELTS Academic test. This gives students a sense of freedom to choose an exam date when they are comfortable taking the test. IELTS test dates 2022 are available on the British Council and IDP IELTS websites, wherein students can choose the IELTS dates.

Although IELTS test dates are available worldwide, students should always book the exam dates well in advance to avoid last time hassle. There are instances when students aren’t able to secure the exam dates even one month prior to the date of their choice, and it can have serious ramifications on the preparation. Computer-based tests have a broader timeframe to choose from since they are conducted thrice a day on all the days of the week barring public holidays. Students taking the IELTS test can expect the result within 2-3 days, which helps them in assessing their future course of action.

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As far as the paper-based IELTS Exam dates are concerned, they are available four times a month, and students can choose a date of their convenience. So that gives students 48 days in a year to appear for the test in the paper-based test. There is a difference in the dates when it comes to Academic and General Training since the Academic test is available on all the dates. At the same time, General Training is available on a select few dates. The majority of IELTS test dates 2022 are available on the weekend. The IELTS test date for listening, writing, reading is on the test day itself, but the speaking test is usually on some other date. The speaking test is conducted seven days before or seven days after the IELTS date chosen by the applicant. Another noteworthy aspect about the change of location can happen in some instances for the speaking test. So students should factor in all the scenarios before choosing the IELTS test dates 2022.

IELTS Exam Dates For Academic Test 2022

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Since the IELTS test dates are available throughout the year, certain dates are reserved exclusively for Academic tests. These dates are usually twice a week, and there are certain weeks wherein there is only one date available in a week. So students appearing for the Academic test should select the dates by going through all the available IELTS test dates 2022 reserved solely for it. Since there are more dates for Academic tests, it gives the student a broader window to structure their preparation in a way to escape those dates wherein both academic and general tests are to be conducted.

Those students going for the paper-based exam should see the IELTS dates on the IDP website. There are relatively fewer IELTS Exam dates for the paper-based test so that a student can visit the official IDP IELTS website for further details. To avoid the rush, those students opting for Academic Test should select the dates reserved solely for them. It helps students get suitable dates quickly for the test and saves them from unnecessary crowding in the midst of a pandemic.

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