Cambridge IELTS Writing Task 2 with Band 9 Sample Essay – Topic: Advertising

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In their advertising, businesses nowadays usually emphasize that their products are new in some way. Why is this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Band 9 Sample Essay

In recent years, marketers have been inclined to feature the freshness of their products in advertisements, making them much more tempting to the public. This trend is principally attributable to the companies’ sales target and, in my opinion, may bring about various adverse impacts.

In essence, advertisers opt to portray their products as novel to lure the audience and provoke false expectations, directly boosting the companies’ profits. For instance, it is reported that consumer-centered ads for nutritional supplements are the main contributing factor to the overestimation of the medicines’ efficacy and the ignorance about their after-effects. While the voice-overs on TV reveal that they barely possess the treating functions, the visual presentations and videos depict the opposite, showing the glamorous rejuvenation of ill-stricken patients. Consequently, business owners may earn much more than those who do not adopt this approach in misleading the viewers.

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Notwithstanding the monetary benefit of these marketing schemes, they can spur excessive consumption, posing numerous insidious threats to society and the Earth’s environment. Take the mobile industry as a prime example, where large enterprises, including Samsung and Apple, annually apply manipulative copywriting lines and alluring words describing groundbreaking innovations, all-new versions, and exclusive applications to induce consumers to purchase the latest iPhones or GalaxyS. Such tactics drive malleable watchers like teenagers and young adults to desperately ask their parents for new phones and possessions, a significant catalyst for a more materialistic worldview. Besides, it has become the norm that consumers tend to abandon the obsolete when acquiring new products. For this reason, this inclination, without a doubt, generates an incredible amount of waste and has severe repercussions for the environment. In conclusion, even though psychological strategies are skillfully used to intensify corporations’ turnovers by promoting novel goods, corporate leaders should seriously consider the detrimental influences on people and the world. From my perspective, for a brighter future and a more sustainable economy, multinational companies should develop healthier ways of doing business based on ethical values.

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Improve your Vocabulary for IELTS Writing

inclined to do something (adj) feeling that you want to do something tempting (adj) feeling you would like to have it or to do it attributable (adj): caused by a particular situation, activity, or person In essence (phrase) basically, essentially adverse (adj): negative, or harmful portray (verb): illustrate, describe novel (adj): new, unusual lure (verb): persuade, convince provoke (verb): to cause a reaction consumer-centered (adj) voice-over: a recorded explanation or summary in advertisement etc by someone who is not seen on the screen

rejuvenate (verb): make someone feel or look younger or have more energy

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catalyst (noun): someone or something that causes something to change or happen

repercussion (noun): a bad effect that something has, usually lasting for a long time

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