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In this article you are going to learn how to write a report on Educational Tour organize by your school. So with out much delay let’s jump in.

Report Writing on Educational Tour

Example 1

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Educational Tour From School

By Ashlyn Tony

February 23, 2018; Karnataka: A bright morning, our tutor came in and announced we are going for a field trip. We were excited but most of us didn’t know what was a field trip and what was the motive behind it. We packed ourselves and led ourselves to our school bus.

During the ride, our tutor explained to us what a field trip was and why it was conducted. We went to a zoological park. It was a different experience from classroom learning. We students grasped the concept much faster. The method of learning through experience was different. We could learn things outside textbooks.

This is done so that students can look into a particular topic from all possible perspectives enabling them to learn everything. It has also been proved that field trips are an excellent way for incorporating knowledge into young minds. This also helps students to learn and understand topics on their own without further explanations.

They help indirect learning and help students in finding things by themselves which is better than spoon-feeding information. This experience helps students to retain in their memories what they have learnt for a much longer period.

Example 2

Field Trip To A Butterfly Garden

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By Rachel Harris

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January 1, 2019; New Delhi: A field trip to a nearby butterfly garden was arranged for the kindergarten students. They were all excited about the idea of visiting a butterfly garden. We took the school bus to the garden. The students were so excited to see different types of butterflies.

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Students observed different varieties and their teachers helped them understand the different features. They studied the different stages of growth. They saw a huge variety of butterflies. The students were so excited. By the end, students started recognising the different varieties of butterflies. They learnt all they could about Butterflies.

Also, they used this experience for instilling in students the importance of nature. They understood that the reason behind why they could not see butterflies like before is because of the disturbances humans create in the environment.

They were also taught the importance of trees in nature. They pledged that they would not hurt mother nature and will prevent unnecessary cutting of trees. Thus, the field trip was successful.

Example 3

College Field Trip

By Saira Rajput

March 2, 2016; Bombay: We students were looking forward to the field trips. We were eagerly waiting for the days to come. We had pre-planned everything. Every single detail was planned and everything was set. We were visiting places with magnificent architectural designs.

The different varieties of ideas used made us think about the brilliance of the architecture. The designs, mural paintings, the statues, and the engraving on the walls. For some of us, this was the first experience. We learned about things that one should think about before planning and executing architectural designs.

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This trip also taught us about the importance of precision in planning a design. One should be able to foresee everything before starting the actual construction. The quality of the materials, the materials used and also how much is the design applicable in a particular place.

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Since some materials cannot be used in some climatic conditions, one should take utmost care in selecting materials for the construction. The trip made us realise our potential and also the importance of planning and precision in our field.

Example 4

Field Trip To A Cow Farm

By Mark Anthony

September 5, 2015; Gujarat: This field trip was planned so as to make students understand how a farm works. On reaching the farm, students saw a large number of cows, of different varieties. One could see the huge machines used for milking the cows. The farm had a large number of workers. There was a veterinarian for weekly checkups.

There were employees cleaning the farms. There were separate employees for each pair of cows. Cows at this farm were given high-protein foods. The sheds were cleaned regularly to control diseases that might affect the cows. One could see the care given to the cows by looking at them. After the milking process, they are sent to a nearby plant for pasteurization and packaging.

There are special sheds for pregnant cows so as to give them special care. The calves are very well taken care of. The students could understand the importance of cleanliness and regular checkups. This experience made the students realise something new and made them learn new things.

There You Have It

So you have seen the example reports on Educational Tour, I hope these examples indeed help you.

Do let me know if you have any other topic ideas that you want me to cover by leaving a quick comment just below the article.

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